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Should I Wash My Hair Before Dying It Semi-Permanent?

Dying hair can make you feel like a new person. You might want to try out a new fun hair color on yourself. However, you may have some concerns that need addressing before breaking out the color.

Hair dye kits usually outline the steps you should follow to achieve great results. However, you might still have questions that the instructions don’t cover.

If you’re using semi-permanent dye, a major concern may be whether to wash your hair before using the dye.

Should I Wash Hair Before Dying It Semi-Permanent?

No. Avoid shampooing your hair 24 hours before dying it semi-permanent. If you must wash it because of excess build-up, do it 24 hours before coloring your hair. 

There are some great reasons to avoid washing hair immediately before using semi-permanent dye. When you clean your hair, it becomes slippery. Thus, the dye may slide off, causing poor results.

When you avoid washing hair a day before dying, there’s usually an oil build-up. The build-up protects your scalp from irritation brought about by the dye.

When Not To Wash Hair Before Dying It Semi-Permanent?

When Not To Wash Hair Before Dying It Semi-Permanent?

Sometimes, you may wash your hair a day before your color appointment. If that’s the case and you don’t use any hair products, there’s no need to rewash it before using semi-permanent dye.

Almost all hair products keep the semi-permanent dye from adhering well to your hair. So, if you have none in your hair, you’re good to go.

When To Wash Hair Before Dying It Semi-Permanent?

Many hair products leave behind a residue on your locks, impeding the adherence of semi-permanent dye to your hair. Examples include:

  • Leave-in conditioner
  • Products with plasticizing components
  • Moisturizing oils (rose, almond, coconut oil, etc.)

Anti-frizz products also make it challenging to use semi-permanent hair dye. They make hair stiff and heavy.

You might not get the intended results if you have any of the products above in your hair while dying it semi-permanent. Try to wash your hair at least 24 hours before using semi-permanent dye to avoid such an outcome.

How To Wash Your Hair Before Applying Semi-Permanent Dye

How To Wash Your Hair Before You Apply Semi-Permanent Dye

First, rinse your hair with a lot of water. You might find that it becomes clean without having to use shampoo. However, after rinsing, you might discover that you still need to use shampoo.

Use a moisturizing shampoo without sulfate. Also, avoid clarifying shampoos. Sulfate and clarifying shampoos strip your hair excessively.

Thus, you might feel some irritation during the dying process. Also, ensure you use just a small amount of shampoo.

How Long After Dying Hair Semi-Permanent Should You Wash It?

Wait at least 72 hours before washing your hair after applying semi-permanent dye. It will help the color last longer. For details, check our article on shampooing hair after semi-permanent hair color.

You might also wonder, “Does semi-permanent hair dye wash out completely?” The answer is yes. However, it’ll take a few washes before it’s completely gone.

Can You Put Semi-Permanent Dye on Greasy Hair?

putting semi-permanent dye on greasy hair

You definitely can use due on greasy hair, but it depends on the level of greasiness. You should use dye when the hair is slightly greasy. Doing so protects your hair and scalp from the dye chemicals.

However, don’t put the semi-permanent dye on hair that’s too greasy. It won’t work well.

Can You Dye Your Hair After Not Washing It for A Week?

You’ll need to rinse the hair out with water only first. The water will eliminate the one week’s worth of build-up in your hair. Your hair might have build-up from grease, hair products, and dust.

If you don’t rinse them out before dying, you may have unevenly colored hair. To avoid this issue, wash your hair 24 hours before your dyeing schedule.

Wrap Up

Many questions come up before using semi-permanent dye. They include, “Does it wash out?” or “Should I wash my hair before dying it semi-permanent?”

Familiarize yourself with the best practices of using semi-permanent colors to achieve great results. When you wash your hair in the appropriate window of time, you’ll get long-lasting and good-looking colored hair.