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21 Chic Double French Braids That Are Popular for 2024

The double French braid, sometimes also called the ‘boxer braid’, is having something of a style resurgence, and it’s easy to see why.

Double French braids are ideal if you have medium length hair that you want to create a fun and elegant pattern from you can create a double French braid from hair that is shorter than a single French braid.

Love the style but not sure how to create it at home? Follow these simple steps to create the perfect classic double French braid:


How to Style Double French Braid

double french braid

Double French Braid

  1. The first step to creating the perfect double French braid is to divide your hair down the center of your head. To make your braids look as sleek and perfect as possible, ensure that your parting is as neat and straight as possible.
  2. Working on one-half of your head at a time, divide the top layer of your hair into three even segments, then begin to weave it into a plait by bringing each hand over the other in an even pattern.
  3. With each fold that you create, add more hair into the plait from the side of your head, creating an instant French braid effect. Try to make sure that each section you add is even in size so that your finished style looks as uniform as possible.
  4. Continue this pattern to the end of your head and when you run out of hair to add into your braid, simply continue with a simple and traditional three-segment braid system. Once you’ve braided all your hair, secure it in place with a slender hair elastic.
  5. Repeat the entire process from step 2- step 4 on the other side of your head and voila! You will have a perfect double French braids ideal for wearing for any occasion.


Double French Braids

Their simple and sporty nature means that double French braids are ideal for wearing to the gym, when heading out for a run or hike, and even for a day on the beach.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t also wear double French braids for more feminine and formal occasions. Here are some of the best double French braids styles to inspire you, and to prove this style really can be worn for every occasion:

1. Double French Braid Pulled into a Single Ponytail

Double French Braid with Single Ponytail

The double French braided ponytail allows you to explore two styles in one! Pull your two pleats together above the nape of your neck and then secure it into a healthy and swishy ponytail. This is a great way to show off the length of your hair whilst still keeping it out of your face.

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2. Twisted Double French Braid Half Updo

Double French Braid

If you like to wear your hair loose but still want to inject style and interest, why not use double braids to create a feminine half- up do? Simply use the same double braiding technique, but with smaller sections of your hair, leaving the hair that you want to wear long out of the braid. This will pull your hair off your face, but still, show off its length.


3. Double French Braid With Ribbon Corset Detail

Double French Braid with Ribbon knot hairstyle

If you love to accessorize your hair and want to create an incredible and show-stopping look for a special occasion then adding a ribbon corset to your double French braid is surprisingly simple. Just weave a ribbon through your braids and then secure it with a bow. It takes just seconds but has a big visual impact.


4. Double French Braids with Loose Curled Ends

Double French Braid with curly hairstyle

Love the look of double braids but want to show off the length and texture of your hair? No worries! Simply end your double braids at the nape of your neck and then secure them in place with two hair ties before letting your hair hand loosely across your back.


5. Double French Braid Updo

Up Do Double French Braid hairstyle for girl

Double French braids look fantastic for formal occasions, as well as for informal ones. The double French braid up do is surprisingly easy to achieve: just twist your two braids together to create a twisted bun at the back of your head and then secure in place with bobby pins. Browse the trendiest updos for medium hair.


6. Side Swept Double French Braids With Side Ponytail

Whilst double French braids traditional separate at your natural central parting, you could always turn the style around by 90 degrees to create an unusual statement look! Part your hair from ear to ear and then create two French braids, securing them in place behind one ear with a retro side ponytail.

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7. Loose and Bohemian Double French Braids

Loose and feminine bohemian hair is incredibly on trend, and it’s easy to inject this feel into your double braids. Simply ensure that you weave your hair as loosely as possible when braiding to replicate this style. To help hold your hair in place, spritz it liberally with hairspray to hold it in place.


8. Pink and Blue Double French Braids

Pink and Blue Double French Braids hairstyle

Double French braids are a great way to show off a vibrant injection of color in your hair, particularly if your hair is two tone like this pink and blue example. Love the look but not brave enough to color your hair? You can recreate this style by adding a clip in hair extension in your hair in your favorite vibrant shade.

9. Classic Double French Braids

Classic Double French Braid for girl

The classic double French braid is easy to achieve and looks fantastic in hair of all lengths, colors, and textures. To keep your braids looking as neat as possible, pull your hair into your braids tightly, and use a texturing spray and a gloss hair spray to hold your style in place all day.


10. Underbraided Double French Braids

beautiful Double French Braid hair for girl

Want to create a smooth finish to your double braids? Then simply reverse your hands when creating your braided style and pull them under each other to create flatter underbraids and give your hairstyle a whole new dimension with minimal effort!


reverse double french braids





dyed double french braids






double french braids


rainbow double french braids