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10 Showiest Emo Hairstyles for Black Women in 2024

Emo hairstyles look stunning on black women because they usually feature choppy cuts, mixes of a black base color, and thick vivid highlights and pieces that pop out and create contrast. Also, asymmetrical bangs and layers are usually encountered for these types of hairdos.

Building more dimension, teasing your roots, or creating spikes will help you get a stylish emo look that won’t pass unnoticed.

Fresh Emo Hairstyles for Black Women

Emo hairstyles are definitely an attention grabber. If you are looking for emo hairstyle ideas for black women, we have listed some great examples below!

1. V-Shaped Bangs

emo haircut for black women

This emo look with gothic influences features a full black outfit that needs a pop of color.

In this case, you can opt for dark hair with V-shaped bangs and thick highlights. Choose a contrasting color like a blue indigo shade. 

2. Messy Black Spikes

short hairstyle for black emo girls

Opt for a long pixie cut that you can style in an unconformist and rebellious way. Bring all the hair from the nape area to the apex and define strands, making them look like spikes. 

Moreover, if you don’t want to cut your hair this short, you can always use a wig that you can style however you please. 

3. Half Teal Half Green

emo hair color for black women

Looking for a unique and colorful emo hairstyle for dark-skinned ladies? Go for this long hair look!

Section your hair with a side part. On one side, dye your long locks in an electric green, while the other should have nuances of blue and teal.

This emo hairstyle is ideal for black women who love full black outfits and crave spectacular hair.

4. Thin Dreadlocks with Skull Beads

dreadlocks for black emo girls

Dreadlocks that are cropped in the shape of a bob haircut are low maintenance and will look spectacular if you decorate them with emo beads.

Colored skull-shaped beads should be applied in the front, decorating the side part. For a more spectacular effect, slightly curl the ends.

5. Burgundy Highlights

long hairstyle for black emo girls

If you have long, gorgeous hair, give it some depth and color by styling a few dark red highlights. Part your hair in the middle and spare two strands from the bangs.

On each side, create two ponytails on the laterals to get that young sexy look.

6. Romantic Emo Look

emo bangs for black women

Emo hairstyles for black women can also channel your romantic side. Go for short rounded bangs and a shoulder-length cut.

Create a few braids in the front and decorate them with butterfly hair clips.

7. Jet Black Curls

curly hairstyle for black emo girls

If your hair is very curly and has a lot of volume, you might want to consider a layered haircut that cuts off that dimension.

Go for long bangs with a side part and use a curling mousse to make those coils look tighter and better defined. 

8. Faux Locs Twists

black emo girl hairstyle

For this long faux locs hairstyle, you might need to use hair extensions. Attach them close to the scalp and twist the hair to build your braids.

If you don’t have the patience, time, or skills to create them, you can just get pre-braided hair extensions.  

9. Emo Braids

braided hairstyle for black emo girls

Box braids are among the most versatile plaits for black women out there, so you might use them to recreate any lovely emo hairstyle. Get black and green hair extensions and part your hair in the middle. 

Use green bundles on one side and black for the other. Cut the braids to get blunt bangs and do a half up half down hairdo.

10. Dark Red Long Hair

hair color for black emo girls

If you want an emo look with dark influences and pink vibrant shades, you must construct your outfit carefully. Go for long red hair with bangs that you will spread on the forehead. 

Layer your tresses and beautifully wave them to gain some texture. Opt for a crown built from dark gothic roses that gives you that emo vibe. Spice things up with a pale pink outfit.

Emo hairstyles are incredibly suitable for black girls who want a statement look that really makes an impression and gains a lot of attention. Combine eye-popping colors, waves, layers, braids, and spikes, and get a unique and edgy look that will definitely turn all heads!