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25 Bold Bangs and Layers for Black Women to Try in 2024

You can never go wrong with bangs and layers for black women. This always-on-trend combination is the perfect way to elevate your look, regardless if you have relaxed hair, a straight hairstyle, or you have naturally curly/ coily/ kinky hair.

But with all the amount of layers involved, isn’t this duo difficult to style? Not really.

On the contrary, the layers and fringe pave the way for more styling opportunities. In fact, here are some ideas that you can try:

  • Go for sleek flipped-in ends or vintage flipped-out ends.
  • Opt for the sexy and sultry curly ends.
  • Choose texturized tousled layers for a badass look.

There’s no denying it. The styling possibilities for this pair are endless, so take the time to explore the different bangs and layers variations below.

Bangs and Layers: The Perfect Hairstyle for Black Women

Make the most out of your gorgeous natural hair texture with these bangs and layered hairstyles for African American women.

1. Medium-length Layered Wavy Hair + Sideswept Bangs

black wavy hairstyle with bangs and layers

Wavy hair and side-swept bangs are the ultimate beach girl hairstyle. The subtle bouncy curls will add volume to your hair while the side-swept bangs add a touch of elegance to it.

Recreate this one easily by curling your hair downwards using a curling iron with a medium-sized barrel.

2. Flipped Layers + Sideswept Choppy Bangs

short layered haircut with bangs for black women

If you recently got your hair permed and you’re missing your hair’s natural body, then give these flipped layers a try. The flipped-out ends will add texture, direction, and volume to your straight and limp hair.

Using a small straightening iron with curled edges to flip out your hair tips is the best way to achieve this look.

3. Tousled Wavy Layers + Wispy Bangs

black hairstyle with wispy bangs and layers

Instead of styling your hair in one direction, tousling your hair in different directions will give you that effortlessly chic “woke up like this” look.

Create this look by applying a texturing spray all over your hair and scrunching the layers up in various directions.

4. Layered Afro + Kinky Bangs

afro hair with bangs and layers

If you’ve been gifted with gorgeous afro curls, then let them run wild so the world can see them.

To prevent them from getting out of hand, give your afro better structure by asking your stylist to cut them in layers. Give your face some framing layers by leaving a few short strands in front.

5. Layered Pixie + Full Bangs Brushed to the Side

black layered pixie cut with bangs

If you’re an African American woman looking for a short, low-maintenance, stylish haircut, go with this look. A pixie cut with bangs and layers will be perfect if you are looking for a chic, stylish, and easy-to-maintain hairstyle.

If you have a large forehead, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical cut with one side shorter and the other side a lot longer. In this way, you can create a large swooping fringe in the front that will frame your face and cover your forehead at the same time.

6. Coily Layers + Straight Bangs

black curly hair with straight bangs and layers

Cutting your layers in various lengths is one of the most stylish ways to keep your coils in check. You can also wear a headband for good measure. Add short straight bangs to balance off your coils and frame your face beautifully.

7. Half-Up Hairstyle + Layered Bangs

half up black hairstyle with bangs and layers

Achieve that ultimate rich girl look by gathering the top half of your layered hair and pulling them into this simple and elegant half updo.

For the ultimate face-framing effect, go for layered bangs. These are shorter in the middle so they won’t get in the way of your eyes and longer at the sides to blend seamlessly with your layered hair.

8. Curly Layered Bob + Curly Fringe

curly black hair with bangs and blonde highlights

Let your bouncy curl be the center of everyone’s attention by going for a rounded layered bob. The result is the perfect hair shape that will give your curls a jaunty boost. Ask for thin blunt bangs so you have a few curly strands in the front.

9. Middle-parted Layered Hair + Full Wispy Bangs

full bangs with layers for black women

If you wear glasses, bangs will make you look classy and elegant. ring back the old-school layered hairstyle with this simple look.

Opt for a middle parting that works best for elongating round face shapes or emphasizing a gorgeous jawline.

Balance off the heavy layers with fine and thin full bangs that will soften your facial features.

10. Lob + Visible Layers + Short Sweeping Fringe

black long bob with side bangs and layers

Among all the black women’s hairstyles with bangs and layers, shoulder-length hair is the hardest to style. Having visible layers allows you to style them in various ways. You can flip them in or out, or a combination of both for better depth and movement.

11. Layered Beach Waves + Wavy Curtain Bangs

blonde hair with wavy bangs and layers for black women

These layered beach waves showcase Rihanna’s playful and edgy personality. The messy waves give the look a fun and carefree vibe while the middle parting gave the messy hair a better structure.

The wavy curtain bangs concealed her forehead in the most glamorous way possible.

12. Curled Bob + Side Bangs

layered black bob with bangs

If you want an elegant version of messy curls, go for a short hairstyle like this one. With its short length, it would be easier for you to keep the curls in check while still allowing them to run wild.

Instead of full curly hair, keep the top part and your bangs straight for a well-balanced look.

13. Rounded Lob + Micro Bangs

medium black hairstyle with bangs and layers

Having a beautiful square face shape gives you the license to get a rounded lob which perfectly showcases your kinky hair’s shape and texture.

Since kinky hair can get quite thick and heavy, opt for micro bangs which are long enough to hide your forehead but still short enough that it won’t overpower your facial features.

14. Long Wavy Hair + Sweeping Fringe

long black hairstyle with side swept bangs with layers

There’s no better way to show off your facial features than with a long layered hairstyle that is curled outwards. The outward curls open up your face and allow your face to take center stage. A simple sweeping fringe also works in making your cheekbones pop.

15. Low Ponytail + Face-framing Layers + Choppy Bangs

black ponytail with blunt bangs and layers

The low ponytail is a simple yet practical hairstyle that’s perfect for on-the-go women. Add short layers that can create the illusion of a slimmer face.

You can also liven up your look with choppy bangs that won’t just boost your hair texture but give it an edgy vibe as well.

16. Medium Wavy Hair + Shaggy Bangs

brown hair with bangs and layers for black women

Black women look gorgeous in layered hairstyles. Thanks to her middle parting, Halle Berry’s wavy layers are arranged in a way that they frame her face perfectly without crowding any of her facial features.

On the other hand, her wispy and light shaggy bangs elevate her look and give it that rock-and-roll vibe.

17. Salt and Pepper Lob + Teased Side Bangs

grey layered bob with bangs for older black women

Say goodbye to thinning hair with this blow-out bob. The roots and the short side bangs are teased and blow-dried to perfection to boost their volume and create fullness.

The platinum or grey highlights are added to soften the difference between your greying hair and natural hair color.

18. Classic Layered Lob + Off-center Bangs

black hairstyle with bangs and layers for round face

If you want to enjoy the benefits of middle parting but find it too harsh, go for the next best thing which is these off-center bangs. Parting your bangs this way will give your look a je ne sais quoi appeal you can’t get from any other bang type.

19. A-Line Bob + Deep Side Part Fringe

black woman with layered blonde hair and bangs

Give your A-line bob a sexy update with a deep side part fringe. The best thing about giving your bangs a deep sweep to the side is it gives added volume to your hair and adds a sultry touch to a simple hairstyle.

20. Teased Short Silver Hair + Barely There Bangs

short silver hair with bangs and layers for older black women

Even if you’re hair is thin and grey, there’s nothing a few teased layers and bangs can fix. The teased layers boosted this short silver hair’s volume and height. Not only that, but the barely-there fringe gives you light layers around the hairline that subtly hide your wrinkles.

21. Short Layered Bob + Micro Asymmetrical Bangs

straight bob with bangs and layers for black women

With asymmetrical bangs, you can easily transform a classic layered bob from drab and boring to fun and fabulous. It’s longer on one side and shorter on the other, so it has an edgy appeal. The micro-like version promotes an angular shape and goes well with round faces.

22. Teased Layered Pixie + Piecey Bangs

short black hairstyle with bangs and layers

Bring back the volumizing power of the 70s with this teased layered pixie. The layers are teased upwards to give the short hairstyle a volume boost and va va voom look. It’s paired with feathered and choppy piecey bangs that give it a messy and playful feel.

23. Layered Medium-length Hair + Flipped Bangs

medium length black hairstyle with bangs and layers

There’s no better way to bring back the volume and body to permed hair than by adding visible layers to it. Make sure to flip the tips of the layers inwards to create fullness on the hair.

On the other hand, flipping out the bangs will deliver added movement and a retro vibe to your look.

24. Violet Long Layered Hair + Blunt Bangs

straight black hair with bangs and layers

You’ll rarely see straight layered bangs hairstyles for black women because they often turn out to be too flat or plain. This one’s an exception because the eye-catching violet shade added an element of surprise. The bangs also feature a sharp fluid cut which gives it a voguish look.

25. Magenta Layers + Curtain Bangs

curtain bangs with layers for black women

Shock everyone with these bold and bright magenta layers. Pair it with perfectly styled curtain bangs which are the most gorgeous ways of concealing your big cheeks and highlighting your cheekbones. The bangs’ sexy curves will also give your straight hair better shape and structure.

Natural black hair is known for its excellent body and thickness, and adding bangs and layers is the best way to unleash its potential. With these black women hairstyles with bangs and layers, you’ll never go wrong.