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Mahla Bolooki

Reviewer: Mahla Bolooki, Licensed Cosmetologist

Lives in: Santiago, Chile

Education: Instituto Profesional AIEP

Experience: 3 years

Meet Mahla Bolooki, a licensed cosmetologist passionate about hair, makeup, and cosmetics. With a degree from the prestigious Aiep Institute in Santiago De Chile, Mahla has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the hair industry.

She has helped many of her clients with different types of hair and skin get healthy hair and skincare routines. She is a trusted authority in the beauty industry and can guide you in choosing the best products for your hair and skin type.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable cosmetologist to help you achieve the best hair and skincare results, Mahla Bolooki is one of them.


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Reviewed By Mahla Bolooki