How to Tease Hair? 12 Best Teased Hair Ideas

When you think of teased hair, many women flashback to the 80s and early 90s when big hair was prevalent. While that was an awesome moment in fashion and hair history, it seemed as though teasing dropped off of the face of the planet once the early 00s came along.

It’s no secret that teasing makes the hair bigger, but what exactly is teasing and why do we need to do it?


What is Hair Teasing?

teased hair

Teasing’ is known as the method of bunching the roots together so that height and volume are achieved. It’s typically done with a comb or a brush and is how many women with thin hair achieve rather voluminous looks without the addition of hair clips or weaves.

Typically, it’s damaging because the hair is being forced to tangle which oftentimes leads to breakage so teasing the hair should not be a regular routine.


How to Tease Hair Properly?

Teasing the hair is a time-consuming process, but very worth it. For your best results, start off with clean, dry hair.

Grab a small section of hair at the crown of the head and hold it upward. Then, taking a small brush or small toothed comb, gently begin to comb the hair downward towards the scalp so that it begins to bunch up and tangle, secure this section with a bit of hairspray and then move on to the next section.

Repeat as many sections as you need in order to achieve your desired height.

If you need smooth hair, try not to tease large sections at a time. Also, be sure that you have a section of hair that you will solely use to cover or mask the teased hair so that the look is more uniform.

You can also try root lifting powder in addition to teasing so that you won’t have to tease the hair as much. This will cut down on bulkiness and leave you with a smoother end product.


How to Untangle Teased Hair?

In order to properly untangle teased hair, you should do it in the shower right before you shampoo.

Loosen up the broken and tangled hair that you get from teasing by applying conditioner to the hair before you wash it. Gently comb through the hair from ends to roots with a large-toothed comb until all of the tangles are removed and continue with your usual shampoo routine.


See below how to brush out the teased hair:


Tips for Teasing Your Hair

  • Use root lifting powder beforehand.
  • Use a rattail comb to part and tease.
  • Use a flexible hold hairspray so that the hair isn’t too stiff.


Beautiful Teased Hair Ideas

You can come up with various unique hairstyles by teasing your hair. Below are 12 great teased styles to draw inspiration from:

1. Teased Hair with Green Bandana

cute girl favorite Teased Hair with Green Bandana

Headwear is definitely in this year, and with good reason. This awesome army green headband compliments the height that she achieve with her tease so well.


2. Short Asymmetrical Teased Bob

 Asymmetrical Teased Bob hairstyle

Adding height to your bob will not only set it apart from the rest, but it will also give you the height you desire, taking this style to a whole new level.


3. Teased Half-up, Half-down Ponytail

Ponytail with half up_down Teased Hairstyle

If you love your half up, half down styles, try teasing your roots before installing your ponytail. You’ll be surprised and pleased with the amount of height you receive.


4. Teased Hair with Side Braid

 Side Braid with Teased Hair style for girl

Nothing accentuates a teased style more than a beautiful side braid. Braids not only dress up the look, but they also draw attention to exactly how high your hair is.


5. Teased Ponytail

girl Teased Ponytail hairstyle

This teased ponytail is elegantly executed, featuring soft curls and a side bang. Perfectly pumped, this teased ponytail can clearly be rocked at any occasion.


6. Messy Tease With Headscarf

If you’re on the lookout for a carefree teased look, try this teased style with a headscarf. This style is perfect for a lazy day on the beach or out by the pool.


7. Big and Bold

If you’re a fan of wearing your straight hair as big and bold as possible, try this awesome teased look. The impressive amount of volume will surely leave others envious of your big hair.


8. Teased Roots w/ Soft Curls

Soft Curls Teased hairstyle for girl

Jessica Simpson has always rocked big, beautiful hair and it definitely suits her personality. Get this look by teasing the roots and then curling the hair softly.


9. Teased Hair with Bun

Teased buns are very popular in wedding hairstyles, including this teased chignon bun. Not only is this style big, but it’s still slick and put together without being overbearing.


10. Teased and Pulled Back

Teased and Pulled Back hairstyle your favorite

A more subtle tease gives this pulled back style the flavor it needs to take it to the next level. This popular teased hiar takes this style from drab to fab every time.


11. Teased Bob

Teased Bob hairstyle you love

This is another subtle tease, but it is still pretty apparent. The hair is teased at the top to give this asymmetrical bob the volume it needs so that it is not flat.


12. Teased Curls

Teased Curl hairstyle for girl

Big curls are always in style and making the style even bigger by teasing the roots makes this look the most desirable of all. In order to achieve this look, set the hair on rollers and tease the roots once the hair is set. This will leave you with big hair that is sure to turn heads.


Some more teased hair ideas:


Teasing the hair is an essential step to achieving volume and height for certain styles. While it shouldn’t be done for every style, it is definitely appreciated when it is implemented. Which is your favorite teased style?