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5 Best Shag Haircuts With Bangs To Try

Shag hairstyle while being in fashion could also possibly put up a real difficulty in styling it more so with bangs. But worry no more, as we are here with some fantastic hairstyles to help you manage your shaggy bangs and pull off the haircut perfectly.

Rocking a bang comes almost naturally today. One can turn from a bedhead beauty to an elegant swan with a swift flick of her.


How to Style Shag with Bangs

women with shaggy bangs

Shag haircuts with bangs look different on different people, with the hair length and hair texture of this cut varies prominently. One can add layers to their shag hair cut towards the end giving it a more shag appearance.

The bangs can be arranged on the forehead, like a fringe cut. The shaggy hair bangs can also be styled sideways, giving one a pretty look, or the bangs could drop on the sides, adding more layers to your shag haircut.


Stunning Shag Haircuts With Bangs

Here we have handpicked top 5 shag with bangs styles to help you decide on your next look.

1. Shag with Choppy Bangs

medium shag haircut with choppy bangs

The uneven choppy bangs here are paired with a medium length shag. With very low maintenance, it gives off a very sleek look. The highlight of this cut is the variation in length of the shag which just literally makes it so ideal.


2. Ombre Bob with Bangs

Ombre Shaggy Bob with Bangs

This short shag with bangs is a perfect look for those who prefer styling but aren’t really fond of the rigorous routine of taking care of their hair.

Add some color to your hair as shown in the picture and make your look stand out even more. This shaggy bangs on short bob give an extremely chic look anyone can pull off.


3. Shaggy Curly Bangs

Messy and Curly Shaggy Bangs for Women

There is a notion in and around that short and curly hair don’t really fit right. Well, these bangs completely prove this belief wrong. The curly shag cut with thin bangs quite very much completes the look and adds volume to your hair while keeping it extremely stylish.


4. Wavy Bangs

Wavy Shaggy Bangs for Women

If your hair is little on the wavy side, then this style is for you. While maintaining the length and volume of your hair, this shaggy bangs falls right on your forehead giving it a very dramatic look.

If observed carefully the bangs itself has layers to it. This adds up to the volume of your hair while keeping it stylish.


5. Bardot Bangs

shag haircut with bangs for women

This long shag haircut with bangs comes with a little bit of age on the forehead which makes a face visible. It also adds up to the shaggy cut in the manner that it makes it less messy.

That is how you get to style your messy, shaggy look in a way that looks on the top-notch fashionable. Blow-dry and brush your hair inward to give this look its final touch.

These bangs with shag work on the face shape unless you mess them up with your fingers to give them some separation.


Getting a makeover is not easy. With a million of hairstyles and variations to choose from one ought’ to get confused. We have here collected the top 5 shaggy style bangs looks that are in fashion and has been followed up by stars all around the different countries.

So even if your hair looks like one that just got out of the bed, it will never stop slaying.  Adjust the length of your bangs and pick one of your favorite cuts and get the look going.