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10 Must-Try Fade Haircuts for Black Women in 2024

African-American women love to change their hairstyles constantly. Nowadays, many black women are seen with faded haircuts. Like black guys, dark-skinned ladies are now rocking fade hairstyles and putting their own spin on them.

Given how hot fade haircuts have become among black women, we’ve handpicked the top 10 fade hairstyles that are on-point for black women.

Lovely Fade Haircuts For Black Women

1. Platinum Curly Fade

celebrity inspired blonde fade for black women

No matter what you are doing with your hair, platinum hair brings out the best in your hairstyle. If you want to try a simple yet unique fade cut, dye your hair platinum and get the cut.

Don’t cut the hair too short from middle. Keep them upright to give them a punk look.

2. Curly Top With Platinum Edges

mid skin fade haircut for black women

If you have afro hair, this fade haircut might be one of the best things for you. Get a slight fade on the sides while keeping the top of your hair short and natural.

To give a personalized touch to the haircut, dye the top of hair platinum and start looking like a diva!

3. Buzzcut with Cropped Hair

high fade for black women with glasses

It is one of the perfect fade haircuts for summers that is low maintenance and looks unique among many boring hairstyles.

Ask your hairstylist to give a buzz cut on the top, front to the back, while giving a skin fade to the sides.

Don’t forget the neat crop at the front that will bind the whole haircut into a perfect fade haircut for black women!

4. Tapered Fade Cut

buzz cut fade for black women

After getting a faded tapered haircut like the picture above, create three line-ups with a blade on the sides of your head. The lines will give an edgy look to your fade. If you want to dye your hair blonde before getting the haircut, don’t think; go for it.

5. Hard Part Fade Cut

black female with short fade haircut

The fade at the sides looks almost edgy because of the hard part while the short curly hair gives a neat look. Only the hair at the top of the head appears longer than rest of the head as the hair at the back of the head is also cut into a bald fade.

6. Partial Part with Tiny Curls

afro fade for black women

This partial fade haircut is best for black women with extremely curly hair. All they need is to get a partial part at the sides of their head, with the area from the part to behind the ears being cut into a fade. The hair at the back and top remain short but not faded like the sides of the head.

7. Crop Top Fade with Two Sharp Lines

fade with design for black women

This is a tapered fade cut where the hairline is curvy instead of cropped with sharp edges. To make the haircut more fun, add two sharp lines on the faded part of your head with a razor.

The hair at the middle of the head is almost buzz cut and the hair length gradually gets shorter on the sides, giving a fun fade.

8. Fade Cut with Side Designs

black women fade with design

There are no rules about the designs on fade cut specified for women, so either get straight lines or add any other shape you want.

The haircut shown above indicates a buzz cut with low fade. The razor design on the sides is the key to make your fade cut look unique.

9. Rocker Mermaid Hair with Fade

skin fade haircut for black women
cassieofalltrades /Instagram

If you are thinking about getting a bold fade haircut, what do you think about this rocker fade cut? Styling the rocker hair may be the hard part with a lot of blow drying and hair spraying the hair.

But if you really want this fade haircut, a little effort to maintain the hair seems nothing.

10. Cropped Tapered Cut

black women fade haircut

Want a simple fade haircut that looks attractive on you as a black woman? Try this haircut as it is easy to get and maintain.

All your hairstylist needs is to cut your hair as short as possible from the top and give you a proper fade cut at the sides of your head.

For a neat finish, you will be given a crop cut with a razor on the front of your head.

A fade haircut looks amazing on black women, so you should immediately try one of the haircuts above. Out of the top 10 fade haircuts for black women mentioned in this article, which is your favorite?