5 Magical Ways to Flaunt Faded Purple Hair

Are you itching to make an appointment at the salon because you just noticed your faded purple hair? Put down the phone, girl, and give your hair a break! Purple was made for ombre—even when it fades, it’s phenomenal. Purple is one of the most popular fantasy hair colors since it almost always washes out to something just as pretty.


Faded Purple Hair, Don’t Care!

Even though you’re currently rocking faded purple hair, that doesn’t mean your coiffure looks bad. Purple fades to an array of gorgeous hues, ranging from light lavender to silvery gray. Don’t avoid dying your hair a dreamy shade of purple just because you’re worried about losing color. You might love the fade even more than the original.


#1: Faded to Ombre

Ombre Faded Purple Hairstyle for women

Shades of gray and silver almost always have a purple base, and it’s not uncommon for a stylist to mix the two when creating a violet, lilac, and plum. Over time, you ended up with faded purple hair that’s lighter at the roots and dusky purple at the ends. Gorgeous!

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#2: Low-Key Lavender

Faded Purple Hair

The surreal shade of lavender here has a silver undertone, too. It doesn’t hurt to tell your stylist you want a bit of silver or gray swirled in when you go in for a purple ‘do. That way, when it fades, there’s a metallic cast that will keep your roots from showing too soon. It also saves you from having a bleach yellow tone as the color runs.


#3: Dark at the Roots

 Dark Faded Purple short Hair

Be proactive about your hair. During your visit with your stylist, tell her or him to make your roots a darker shade of purple, or even to double dip the dye. Then, as your hair fades, the roots will hold a deep color for longer than the ends, which will fade.


#4: Gone Gray

Gray Faded Hairstyle for girl

When you get your hair dyed a fantasy color, you typically get it bleached first. The dye then soaks into your follicles because they’re wide open and friable. As a result, you get a hairstyle with faded purple hair that eventually washes out to gray or silver—that’s the leftover purple pigment.


#5: Faded Fuschsia

Faded Purple Hair

Lavender, lilac, and violet aren’t the only purple shades. A bright, vivid fuschia shade fades out to an altogether different color with dusky rose or blue undertones.

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You can do a lot with faded purple hair. In fact, purple probably fades the prettiest—don’t you think?