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How to Rock with George Clooney Haircut: Top 18 Styles

George Clooney, the charming 64-year-old actor, never fails to impress with his sense of style. His haircuts are always in buzz and with every cut, he always manages to maintain himself with decency and elegance.

He has rocked many hairstyles throughout his life and many men out there want to adopt the hairstyles.

If George Clooney is your style icon and you wish to adopt his haircuts or hairstyles, we can provide not just details about his haircut but also tips on how to maintain the style for as long as possible.

1. Caesar Haircut

Haircut By George Clooney

No one wears the Caesar haircut better than this American actor. The sides are slightly shorter than the top which is side-swept with a few strands straying on the forehead.

To get this haircut, get the number 3 trim on the sides and keep the length longer than a finger on top.

2. Gentleman’s Appeal

Grey Hairstyle By George Clooney

George Clooney flaunts his salt-and-pepper hair with utmost confidence.

On one occasion he went for a gentleman’s look where the sides were clipped and neatly brushed down keeping all the attention on the longer top that was side-swept and brushed up at the front. 

3. Side Swept

George Clooney With Side Part Hair

The television star seldom grows out his hair but looks flawlessly dashing when he does. This look features a freshly shaved face coupled with a classic side parting falling over the shorter sides. This clipper cut accentuates Clooney’s facial features beautifully. 

4. Undone Look

George Clooney Hairstyle

George Clooney has been rocking his greys for a long time now. Here he grew out his short Caesar cut in the most carefree manner and coupled it with a goatee. The top is textured with a subtle side parting and is hand-tousled for an undone appeal.

5. Hoary Charm

George Clooney With Medium Hair

Here the versatile filmmaker shed a few years off his age by going for a medium-length top and clipped sides.

The top is combed over with a strand curling inwards on the forehead resulting in a charming appeal. The look is topped off with thin mustaches.

6. Spiked Front

Haircut By George Clooney

The handsome actor proved that there is no age limit for a spiky hairstyle although he seldom rocks it. The sides are brushed down and smooth to contrast with the longer top that has a spiked up front and is accentuated with rugged facial stubble.

7. Short and Sexy

George Clooney With Very Short Hair

One of the most popular George Clooney haircuts is this outgrown buzz cut with the strands being uniform in length all over the head. A well-kept beard tops off this simple and sexy look that is low-maintenance requiring a trim every few weeks.

8. Slicked Down

Comb Over Haircut By George Clooney

Clooney’s hairstyles often include a sharp deep side parting for an edgy appeal. This formal hairstyle is a short scissor cut with trimmed sides and back and a top long enough to be brushed on one side. A little pomade helps in achieving this slick and smooth finish. 

9. The Side Part Comb-Over

george cloony's side part comb hairstyle

The side part comb-over is one of the styles which help George Clooney in getting the attention of media and women all around the world titled him as a “Sexiest elegant man” alive.

Not only women but men all over the world love his styles and way of handling his charm. The gray color adds more beauty to his hairstyle. You can maintain the cut with the help of gel or any other styling gel suitable to your hair.

This haircut of George Clooney is one of the most amazing and adopted haircuts for the men who idealize him.

10. Slicked Over Cut

george cloony's slicked over cut

This is an amazing haircut of George Clooney. The style is suitable for men with black and gray hair and if you have a beard then it can complement your personality.

Slicked Over Cut needs good maintenance as it’s important to keep hair silky. You can maintain the look by using conditioner on your hair in the shower.

11. Side Part Quiff

george cloony's side part quiff

For this hairstyle medium length cut is required. In this style, there is a short quiff. This hairstyle of George Clooney is the most popular and usually suitable for formal and business events.

This hairstyle gives a gentle look to the overall personality. Maintain this style by using styling gel. The formal look of George Clooney is no less than an ideal look for a business person.

12. Close Crop Cut

george cloony's closed crop cut

He adopted this hairstyle in 2009 when he was promoting his movie “Up in the Air”. This cut is the easiest to maintain because all you have to do is cut your hair short.

You can use a little styling paste on your hair to keep them groomed. Little beard is going to complete the look of the close crop. This haircut is perfect for people who like to keep things simple and low-maintained.

Ask for: #3 on the sides and #7 on the top with a clear parting line.

13. Sharp Side Part with Comb Over

george cloony's side part with comb over haircut

This haircut is a must-adopt for men who have thick strands of hair. The hair in the mid must be heavy and with the help of styling gel, you can maintain the look throughout the day.

Ask for: An all-around scissor cut with the ears carved out. Keep the top about 3 inches longer than the sides.

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14. Salt and Pepper One-Sided Hairstyle

George Clooney's Hairstyle

One of the things that you didn’t know about George Clooney is that for the last 25 years, he has been cutting his hair all by himself. He keeps a clean shaved face and gets that texture on top with a Flowbee. 

Ask for: An all around scissor cut with the ears carved out. Leave the top about 4 inches long.

15. Short Quiff

George Clooney Haircut

George Clooney goes for a very subtle graduation on the back and sides. To get that perfect parting, apply a small amount of soft styling paste and rub it together in your hands and fingers until you cannot see it. Then run your fingers through your hair as a comb. Diffuse it out with a comb afterward.

Ask for: #8 on the sides with a medium length on top at about 2 inches in length.

16. Messy Quiff

Latest hairstyle of George Clooney

The volumized quiff can be achieved with some help from a blow dryer. Use your fingers to apply some product, shape the hair and lift the roots. No wonder that this side part/comb-over hairstyle has given him the title of The Sexiest Man Alive twice.

Ask for: An all-around scissor cut with the ears carved out and the top cut to about 3 inches in length.

17. Military Cut

George Clooney's Hairstyle

Even if for most of his career George Clooney’s hairstyle has been short and simple, for this role in the mini-series Catch 22, the actor made an unexpected change. He had to grow a mustache, keep a shaved face, and sport a military short haircut. He looks so damn fine in that Air Force uniform, right?

Ask for: A #1 on the sides and slightly longer than 1 inch on top.

18.  Side Part with Long Rounded Beard

George Clooney's Latest Haircut

We highly recommend George Clooney’s hairstyle for men of all ages because it is versatile, and can be both professional, elegant, sophisticated, and even casual. What’s not to love about it, it even goes him perfectly with a rounded long beard!

Ask for: An all-around scissor cut with finger length on sides blended to about 2.5 inches of length left on top.

George Clooney is truly a style icon and his fashion statements are always elegant. You can adopt any of George Clooney’s haircuts and maintain it with little effort.