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The Pros and Cons of Using Hair Relaxers

One of the most heated debates on hair is whether to maintain natural or relaxed hair. This argument gets heated since both sides have strong points on the pros and cons of each.

Unfortunately, due to the use of chemicals to get relaxed hair, some people ignore other benefits of using hair relaxers. However, the truth is there is no correct answer on whether you should use hair relaxers.

Instead, the best thing to do is understand the advantages and disadvantages/side effects of using a hair relaxer and make the right decision. Are you confused about the right way to go for?

Read on and get an insight into the advantages and disadvantages of using hair relaxers.

What Are Hair Relaxers?

hair relaxer
Hair Relaxer (source: atarahhaircare/Instagram)

Hair relaxers are chemicals that cause an opening of cuticles of the hair, thus making the hair straighter and easier to manage. These chemicals break the natural curl partner and the overall texture of the hair.

The chemical relaxer stays in the hair until it grows out, which takes about six to eight weeks, based on how fast your hair grows.

Although relaxing your hair is an uncomplicated process, always do it professionally. Otherwise, you risk having brittle and unmanageable hair, not to mention chemical burns and irritated scalp.

When a professional does it, you evade such problems and enjoy all the benefits of using hair relaxers.

Advantages of Using Hair Relaxers

Are you thinking about relaxing your natural hair, but you are not entirely convinced if you are doing the right thing?

If yes, read these benefits of using hair relaxers to convince you that you are doing the right thing.

1. Relaxed Hair Is More Convenient

relaxed hair

Convenience is something that all people long to have, and luckily, you can get this in relaxed hair. With convenient hair, you can sleep with only a scarf on your head, and your hair still looks nice and bouncy the next day.

Additionally, relaxed hair is more convenient since it does not tangle. This way, you do not need any special combs to style your hair, especially if you are in a rush.

2. It is Easy to Manage

easy to manage relaxed hair

First, styling the hair is a breeze since there are no tangles. On the other hand, you do not need to keep combing your hair after every few hours.

However, it would help if you looked out when the roots start growing out and look different from the rest of the hair. When this happens, apply another relaxer on these areas that look different since they may be harder to manage.

Additionally, remember not to relax the entire hair but only the grown in parts to avoid causing over-processing. This will help you continue keeping your hair easy to manage for long.

3. Few Breakages

Most hair breakages happen when one is trying to untangle tangled hair. Luckily, relaxed hair has a high level of elasticity and is tangle-free. This significantly reduces the chances of hair loss when combing.

Moreover, it takes only a short time to comb and style relaxed hair. The quicker your time is combining the hair, the less likely you will lose the hair to breakages.

4. Favorable in All Weather

If you have had natural hair before, you can confidently say that rainy days are the most challenging days for your hair.

This will no longer be an issue of concern if you have relaxed hair. The chemicals in the hair relaxer break the compounds that make the hair frizzy and puffy when wet.

For this reason, when using hair relaxers, you can maintain gorgeous hair regardless of the weather and season.

5. Minimum Manipulation

advantages of using hair relaxers

More often than not, getting straight hair is the first step, then you set any other style of your choice. Thus, if you already have straight hair, you are already halfway towards the style you want.

Minimal manipulation of the hair saves you time and money. In most cases, when your hair is relaxed, a ponytail or any other extension is all you need to get a beautiful look.

6. Cheaper to Maintain

Quality hair products can be costly, but relaxed hair products are cheaper than natural hair products.

On the other hand, it is cheaper to maintain relaxed hair than it is for natural hair. Therefore, if you have maintained natural hair, you will have a more wallet-friendly time after switching to natural hair.

Disadvantages of Using Hair Relaxers

Any good product can have its apparent downsides, especially when excess and hair relaxers are of no exemption. Some of the disadvantages/ side effects of using hair relaxers are:

1. Presence of Chemicals

As mentioned earlier, hair relaxers are generally chemicals that relax the hair. The use of chemicals alters the look and strength of the hair.

Additionally, applying the chemicals from time to time to keep the hair relaxed is not 100% healthy. If the chemicals seep through the skull into the body, they could have many complications, some of which are life-threatening.

Some studies have suggested a possible association between the chemicals in hair relaxers and an increased risk of certain types of cancer, but the evidence is not definitive.

Certain compounds, like formaldehyde (found in some formulations), have been linked to cancer risk and FDA is proposing ban on hair relaxers with formaldehyde.

2. Hair Damage

The chemicals in the hair relaxers are prone to damaging the hair, especially if you did not have a professional apply the relaxer.

Additionally, if you continue using the relaxer for a long time, your hair gets weak, and it starts breaking off.

Conditioning the hair as often as possible is the best way to help maintain it, even when using relaxers. It is also essential to ensure that you keep the hair moisturized as much as possible to prevent damage.

3. Limited Versatility

disadvantages of using hair relaxers

When you have hair relaxers, you sign up to have straight hair for about eight weeks. Regardless of your hairstyles, the results will always be straight hair.

It is difficult to get rid of hair relaxer without cutting your hair. However, this does not last long as the hair will resume its straight nature after a few days.

So, now you know the pros and cons of relaxed hair. The decision to use hair relaxers or keeping natural hair should be based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, hair health, and comfort with the potential risks involved.

You can also choose alternatives that’ll provide the same benefits as hair relaxers.

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