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20 Insta-Ready Hairstyles For Relaxed Hair

Do you love the look and feel of relaxed hairstyles, but you’re not sure what style to choose to project the best version of yourself daily?

There are many creative hairstyles for relaxed hair, so you can rest easy knowing you have plenty of stunning options.

Whether your hair is short, medium-length, or long, there are some relaxed hairstyles to make your hair look its best while keeping it healthy and happy.

Best Relaxed Hairstyles to Try

If you’re wearing your hair relaxed, there are a bevy of head-turning hairstyles you can choose from.

Whether you’re looking for something low-maintenance, easy to dress up, or showing a bit of your personality, there is plenty here for everyone. Plus, they all work great with a well-curated routine of relaxed hair care.

1. Shoulder-Length Straight Hair

straight relaxed hair

A shoulder-length hairstyle is a way to go for a low-maintenance look that’s easy to dress up or down.

A center part completes the natural hair look, giving it a clean appearance with minimal effort. Curl the ends under for a little extra flair.

2. Face-Framing Braids

braid hairstyle for relaxed hair

Add a few braids around your face to dress up a long, straight style with relaxed hair. This framing adds a touch of creativity without spending hours on hair prep.

Use a mix of small and large braids to add extra visual pop, and don’t braid to the ends to keep the relaxed look.

3. Chin-Length Bob

bob for relaxed hair

It doesn’t get much fuss-free than a relaxed bob for Afro hair. This chin-length hairstyle has a great combination of sophisticated style and a carefree, low amount of maintenance.

The straight, cropped ends provide a youthful look. Pull some hair over the center part to create an intriguing, tousled effect.

Difference Between Natural and Relaxed Hair

4. Balayage with Deep Side Part

medium length relaxed hair

Add some intrigue to your locks with a balayage of lighter color. Just be mindful to choose something that contrasts nicely with your natural tone, such as honey.

Use a deep side part to show off the total contrast while creating some mystery.

5. A-Line Bob

long bob for relaxed hair

An angled bob is all business, with an elegant, assertive vibe that turns heads. The side part adds to the polished aesthetic.

It also creates more dimension, with one side falling further down than the other. You could go for a slight angle or a more steep A-line; either create a savvy look.

6. Long and Straight

long relaxed hair

For a style that looks carefree and fun, consider a long, straight style. This is one of the most popular relaxed hairstyles for black women, as it shows off the straightened look while requiring a low amount of upkeep.

A center part keeps the look nonchalant and easy to style quickly. 

7. Layered Pixie Cut

pixie cut for relaxed hair

A layered pixie cut creates a bouncy, feathery feel that’s much warmer than other more blunt, angular relaxed hairstyles.

The layers frame your face nicely, especially with a severe side part that allows the front bangs to sweep across your face. Not to mention it’s easy to style with a quick slick of pomade.

8. Tousled Drop Curls

wavy relaxed hair

For a little more va-va-voom, you can pair drop curls with extra volume. Add in a tousled effect to make the look even more charming.

Use a blow dryer to maximize the volume with this look, and pull the curls apart when finished for that lived-in look.

9. Balayage Ombre

relaxed ombre hair

If you want a look that’ll turn heads, consider a balayage with a much lighter color, such as blonde.

Get a good stylist who can create a gradual fade from your roots to your ends and keep a center part to show off that stunning fading effect.

10. Medium Bob with Bangs

bangs hairstyle for relaxed hair

Consider bangs if you want an approachable look without the severity of a part.

They’re a great way to frame the face without the maintenance of layers, and you can keep the rest of your hair any length. Plus, they give your hair the look of being styled without much extra effort.

11. Loose High Bun

high bun with relaxed hair

Look to a loose top knot or high bun for eye-popping volume without the fuss of blow-drying, hairspray, and/or curling iron.

This is a protective hairstyle, protecting your ends from wear and tear and keeping your hair out of your face, which can be especially beneficial for active lifestyles.

12. Slicked Back

hairstyle for short relaxed hair

The ultimate fuss-free relaxed hairstyles include minimal prep time, and this slicked-back look fits the bill beautifully.

With a simple layer of pomade or gel, you can be on your way without worry of flyaways or lost volume as the day goes on.

13. Long Ponytail

ponytail for relaxed hair

A long ponytail is always a good hairstyle option, especially if you’re on the go often. The medium height is less severe than a high ponytail, providing a more relaxed look.

Slick back the top to keep flyaways at bay, and feel free to add some volume to the ponytail.

14. Layered Haircut

relaxed hairstyle for older women

If you like the simplicity of a bob but don’t want to go too short, consider a lob (short for long bob). This style is layered, which frames the face nicely.

Adding a few under/over curls and a side part makes the look even more modern and complex. 

15. Low, Piecy Updo

wedding updo for relaxed hair

For an elegant, fancy style that’s also comfortable and loose, go for a low, piecy updo.

The low bun protects against breakage while there’s still plenty of volume at the top. Pull some pieces away on the sides to add more of a dreamy, free look. 

16. Relaxed Bun

updo for relaxed hair

Create this look that shows off the volume and ease of a top knot or high bun. Try creating a relaxed (not tight) bun towards the back of the crown of your head.

Keep a good chunk of hair out of each side, and tuck it behind your ear for an effortless look that’s quick to pull off.

17. Tapered Layers

layered hairstyle with relaxed hair

The long, straight style is one of the most popular relaxed hairstyles. This style combines that with the elegance and intrigue of layers.

Add a side part to amp up the volume and make it more interesting, along with a few possible highlights for some contrast.

18. Low Side Bun

bun hairstyle for relaxed hair

Low-wearing styles are great for your hair ends, preventing breakage and wear and tear wonderfully.

If you’re not into low ponytails or braids, think about wearing a low-side bun. The deep side part creates a seamless look and also shows off your hair’s shine. 

19. Long Side Braid

french braid for relaxed hair

For the convenience and breakage protection of a braid with a little more modern style, create a long side braid with chunky sections of hair.

Add a small braid to frame your face from the forehead to amplify the style. Add in a severe side part, and you’re all set. 

20. Micro Braids

relaxed hairstyle for black hair

Micro braids are great for keeping flyaways at bay and giving your style some longevity.

Keeping the braids to a couple of inches and the rest of your long hair long and straight is a great hybrid look. Add a headband for a little extra pizzazz. 

These remarkable hairstyles are perfect for relaxed hair and simple enough to keep low maintenance or doll up with a little extra effort. They’re all simple to achieve with the help of a good stylist.

With plenty of options to suit your lifestyle, personality, daily hair care habits, and unique hair traits, you can find something that makes you feel amazing in your skin and happy to show off your stellar locks.

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