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How To Get Rid of Relaxer From Hair Without Cutting It

A hair relaxing treatment is a tried and true solution that gives hair a straight, silky, smooth, and neat look. However, hair relaxers are meant to be permanent, so if you’re wondering how to get rid of relaxers from your hair without cutting it, chances are you’ve tried a few things and are frustrated.

Read on to find the best solutions and how to keep your hair health a priority.

Can You Really Get Hair Relaxer Out of Hair?

No, you cannot remove or strip relaxer from hair. Once the hair texture has been altered by a relaxer, it cannot be reversed.

You can only stop relaxing your hair to eliminate its effects on new hair growth. A relaxer alters your hair’s texture and chemical structure, which is challenging to restore.

can you remove hair relaxers from hair?

The chemicals in a relaxer rearrange the hair’s structure and disrupt the shape of the curly follicles, reshaping them into circular forms to achieve a straight and smooth texture. They also break down the protein bonds within the hair shaft, leaving the hair dry and brittle.

How Long Does It Take To Get Rid of Hair Relaxer Completely?

The amount of time required to transition to natural hair varies based on hair length, how long your hair takes to grow, and if there are setbacks like hair loss or breakage. For some people, 3-4 months are enough to realize notable changes, while others need to wait out 6-12 months.

Also, the method used to transition to natural hair has a significant effect. Cutting off hair allows natural hair to grow back quickly, but if you want to maintain the length, you may need to wait longer.

How to Get Relaxer Out of Hair Without Cutting It

For many women, the big chop is the easiest way to transition relaxed hair to natural hair. However, if cutting hair isn’t an option, you can try out one of these five methods to restore natural hair.

Grow Out Relaxed Hair

how to remove relaxer from hair - grow out

Allowing relaxed hair to grow out is a sure bet if you don’t want to cut it. You must stop applying the relaxer to avoid altering the chemical structure of new hair growth and apply conditioners and cream-based moisturizers to minimize dryness, hydrate, and soften the hair.

The hair should grow out in 6-8 weeks, depending on how fast it grows and how well you treat it. You may wear Nubian knots to make the relaxed hair curly.

Section off hair into two, separate the sections into smaller chunks, and twist the pieces around each other to secure them. You may apply a protective hair cream and allow it to dry before undoing the knots.

The relaxed hair will take on a natural, curly look that’s likely to last a week before it becomes straight again. Once the new hair growth attains a desired length, trim away the relaxed ends. You may ask a professional hair stylist to help trim to achieve the best cut.

Use Protective Styles

How to Get Rid of Relaxer From Hair - Protective Styles

Another way of removing relaxer from hair without cutting it is to alternate protective styles like weaves and braids or wear wigs. The styles allow your hair to grow while minimizing the breakage and friction of new hair growth.

While at it, avoid applying tension on the temples, hairline, or the nape of the neck because baby hairs around these areas are just as delicate as relaxed hair. It’s also an excellent time to trim an inch or two of relaxed hair once a month to encourage new hair growth.

Rinse Hair in Beer

Pouring a cup of beer on relaxed hair may restore it to its natural form. Follow it up with a massage of hair mayonnaise to remove all the chemicals from the hair and restore the curls, volume, and thickness.

You could buy beer shampoos or use a regular beer. If using a regular beer, allow it to de-frizz before pouring it on the hair. The process is called de-carbonation and ensures any carbon dioxide in the beer escapes to avoid forming hard water when mixed with water.

After washing your hair with regular shampoo, pour the beer on the head and massage it onto the scalp. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes, and rinse the hair with running water.

Wash Less, Deep Condition Hair More

How to Get Rid of Relaxer From Hair - Deep condition

You may be tempted to wash your hair regularly to remove the chemical products on your hair, but it only dries out hair and increases hair breakage. The best way to free your hair from years of straightening chemicals is to deep condition it.

Transitioning hair to a natural state makes it extremely delicate and needs extra care. Deep conditioning keeps it from drying and softens new hair growth. If you must wash hair, reduce it once or twice a week and cleanse it at the root.

Also, avoid using shampoos laced with sulfates or other drying chemicals because new hair growth thrives on natural hair oils.

You may opt for natural hair cleaners instead of shampoos. They’re just as effective as shampoos as they remove product buildup and dirt.

Keep Your Scalp Healthy

Scalp health is critical when transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair. To enhance hair growth, the scalp and hair follicles should be free of product buildup and flaking. You also want to keep your hair moisturized to keep the strands hydrated and reduce breakage.

Be sure to use moisturizers that contain hydrating ingredients like glycerin, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, or monoi, which restore lost moisture.

New hair growth is also likely to develop tangles which can compromise scalp health if not handled correctly. Brushing the hair forcefully to remove the tangles causes pain and breaks new hair growth.

It’s best to divide your hair into smaller sections when detangling it to prevent hair breakage. Also, use the right tools (wide-tooth comb and a paddle brush) and products (detangling spray and conditioner) to make the detangling process hassle-free.

Restoring your hair’s natural texture is rewarding and makes one’s hair feel healthier in the long run. If you’ve been wondering how to remove relaxers from hair without cutting it, the five methods highlighted should come in handy.

You can allow it to grow out, rinse it in beer, plait protective styles, and reduce the number of washes.


Here are the commonly asked questions regarding removing relaxers from hair without cutting it.

Can I go back to natural, relaxed hair?

You can go back to natural, relaxed hair by allowing it to grow out, rinsing it with beer, using protective hairstyles, washing it less frequently, and maintaining a healthy scalp.

You may need to wait three or more months to restore relaxed hair to its natural form.

What can be used to wash out hair relaxers?

You can wash out hair relaxers with beer or vinegar. You need to wash the hair with regular shampoo first before pouring beer or vinegar on the hair.

Can the relaxer be washed off with cold water?

A hair relaxer can’t be washed off with cold water if it contains hydroxide. Hydroxide relaxers contain fatty ingredients that are difficult to rinse from hair with cold water.

Can vinegar strip relaxer out hair?

You can strip the relaxer out of the hair using vinegar. Mix a cap of water and a cup of vinegar and apply them on the hair. Vinegar loosens the product from the hair, making it easier to wash off.

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