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How Long Do Knotless Braids Last on 3c and 4c Hair?

When talking about how much time knotless braids last, we are actually talking about how much time they can look neat and how long you can keep them without damaging your natural hair.

Because otherwise, you can keep your knotless braids for years if you don’t mind growing dreadlocks that mix with long braids in their ends, and never getting to detangle that hair again.

What Are 3c and 4c Hairs?

3c and 4c Hair Type
3c and 4c Hair

Basically, we have two different types of hairs here, one being the tightest curls of the curly type group, corkscrew curls, aka 3c, and the other the tightest coils of the coily group, z-angled coils, at the end of the line that goes from straight hair straight to 4c, passing by all waves and curls and less coily than the famous last one.

3c, 4c, all combinations, and all hairs between them are not easy to deal with when growing it, so having a break from messing up with it can feel like a real vacation.

You would forget all about hair problems and forget your hair inside those comfortable knotless braids. And that is such a perfect trap for you to fall in.

How Long Do Knotless Braids Last on 3c and 4c hair?

Knotless braids can last up to 6-8 weeks on natural hair with 3c and 4c hair texture.

If you want to grow or maintain your natural hair healthy, you need to look after it while it is braided, too, as well as take the braids out in a reasonable time (6 weeks) and have some breaks between protective styles. 

Why Should I Choose Knotless Braids Instead of Box Braids?

knotless braids for 4c and 3c hair
(Photo from archive ©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

Knotless braids are a better option than traditional box braids when talking about roots. They are usually less tense because there isn’t any piece of extension wrapped around the start of the braid, which can excessively tighten your roots.

If they are well braided, there will be no pain and no stress on your scalp. So you start on the right foot and don’t damage your hair from the beginning. The way you keep that hair inside the braids is your business.

How to Maintain My Knotless Braids?

How to Maintain My Knotless Braids

If we only talk about the look of our braids like avoiding frizz, taking out the visible dirt, masking hair growth, and laying down edges, it is not a big deal to follow all the tips and tricks you find on the web. 

  • Wrap a satin scarf around your head, and use a satin bonnet or silky pillowcase while sleeping, so you keep your hair laid down and avoid friction, which causes frizz. Keep that on when you’re dressing up as well (you can take it off if you only change your pants).
  • Gently massage your roots with the pads of your fingertips when washing with a sulfate-free shampoo or co-washing your braids, and rinse off with plenty of water, making sure you take off all the product. Squeeze them well and wrap them into a microfiber towel. 
  • You can also clean your scalp using a leave-in braid care kit or dry shampoo and conditioner.
  • Use mousse, wrap a silk scarf or cotton t-shirt on your head and blow dry your hair to lay down the frizz. You can use the mousse when you go to bed too.
  • Lay down your edges using a tooth or mascara brush and edge control product. The product that works best for you depends on your hair type. Usually, water-based would work for 3c and oil-based for 4c. You can also try an ultra-glued one.
  • When your hair has grown, you can rebraid your headline or use accessories or styles that mask it. 

By doing all these, you can keep small knotless braids neat for up to 2 months, when visible hair growth will already be visible, there would be much more messy and frizzy hairs, visible roots of fallen hair, and it would also become unhealthy to keep it even longer.   

How to Take Care of My Hair in Knotless Braids?

How to Take Care of Knotless Braids in 3c and 4c hair
Knotless Braids (Photo from archive ©Ina Shan ©HairstyleCamp)

In order to take care of your hair it’s not enough to know your curl patterns, if you’re a 3c or a 4c. You need to know about the porosity and texture of your hair, so you can use the right products, in the right order when doing your washing and caring routine.

Moisturize, deep moisturize, nourish, and hydrate your hair and scalp according to your hair type and do it as often as needed. Don’t wear tight buns or tight ponytails and refrain from over-manipulation. Avoid heat, only use warm water or cold, and let your braids naturally dry in the sun, or if you need to use a dryer, try not to put it in hot mode (it wouldn’t make your hair look hot).

Most of the people wearing braids only focus on their scalp and the look they get. Yes, your ends are preserved from breakage inside the braids, but they will get really dry if you don’t give them water for two months. Soak them in water and also try to feed them as much as possible. 

When you unbraid your hair, make sure you take your time. You’ll need to be very gentle with detangling your hair, and for you, starting with 3c and up to 4c types, that would mean having to ask your boss for some days off. When you’re done, give your hair plentiful moisture, and don’t wash it, just co-shampoo it the first time after taking your braids off. 

Love your beautiful hair and have a great experience with knotless braids!