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5 Amazing Benefits of Rinsing Hair With Cold Water

You may believe it doesn’t matter which temperature your water is for washing and rinsing your hair. The truth is that cold water is beneficial for your overall hair health. Not only does rinsing hair with cold water is better for your hair and scalp, but it has many benefits for your physical health.

We will discuss the advantages of rinsing hair with cold water and why temperature matters for your hair health.

Why Does Water Temperature Matter While Washing Hair?

water temperature for washing hair

Which temperature is better for washing your hair- cold water or hot water? Many people like taking fairly hot showers, but did you know water temperature plays a significant effect on the health of your hair? If you wash with scalding hot water, you could damage your scalp. Your hair may stop growing as fast or as long. 

You want warm enough water that the dirt and grime will be washed away, but not so hot that damage occurs. Luke-warm water is the perfect heat for hair washing. 

Benefits of Rinsing Hair With Cold Water

It’s a good idea to rinse your hair with warm water as hot water opens your pores and gets a deep clean. However, when you are finished, try to rinse with cold water. Cold water closes your pores, making it difficult for dirt and bacteria to enter your skin or hair follicles, resulting in much healthier skin and hair. 

Cold water rinsing is better for your hair for the following reasons.

#1. Preserves Natural Oils

Warm or hot water washes out oils crucial to the life and health of your hair and roots. Oils not only keep your hair hydrated and moisturized but also prevent dry scalp and hair breakage. Cold water rinsing helps maintain oils such as sebum, which protects your hair.  

#2. Closes Pores

Warm water opens pores and washes away moisture, oil, grease, and other grime your hair accumulates. While it’s good to rid your hair of dirt, it can be damaging when you strip your hair of all its oils. Rinsing your hair in cold water closes the pores, keeping your hair clean while also leaving behind the necessary oils and moisture your hair needs to stay healthy.

#3. Controls Breakage and Frizz

benefits of cold water rinse - Controls Breakage and Frizz

Many products damage hair, such as straighteners, blow dryers, hair dye, or bleach. Weather and environment also play a role.

Water can get inside damaged cuticles through the hair shaft, which causes it to swell. This swelling results in frizzy hair. Once your hair is damaged, it becomes frizzy, breakable, and untamable. 

Since cold water and low PH levels contribute to contracted cuticles, your hair is less likely to swell and contract bacteria or microscopic fungi. 

#4. Creates a Smooth and Shiny Texture

As you’ve learned, cold water helps close your skin’s pores which lock in moisture and sustains your hair’s natural oils. As a result of maintaining oil health and pore closure, your hair will shine and feel smooth and soft. Shinier hair means that your hair is strong, while smoother textures mean your hair is moisturized. 

#5. Improves Circulation

Do you know what they say about drinking warm liquids on a hot day and cold liquids on a cold day? Think of cold water and its connection with your blood circulation in the same way. When you’re chilly, your body’s natural defense is to warm up, which means blood vessels swell and circulate blood flow. 

When you rinse in cold water, more blood will flow to your scalp and hair to warm it up, resulting in hair growth and maintaining essential nutrients in the scalp. 

Tips for Washing Hair With Cold Water

Let’s be honest. Everyone wants shiny, luscious, and healthy-looking locks. Though, not everyone wants to freeze while maintaining healthy hair. To see and feel the ultimate benefits of a cold water rinse, you’ll need to dedicate yourself to a cold water wash at least twice a week for up to six months. 

Some tips and tricks you can try to make cold water rinse most comfortable for you are:

  • Rinse your hair after you’ve gotten out of the shower or bath in lukewarm or cold water. 
  • Go swimming in a cold pool more often, such as at your local swimming pool or your backyard pool.
  • Wash your hair with cold water at least twice a week.
  • Wash your hair with hot water and rinse only your head and scalp in cold water. 
  • Take a cold shower as often as you can stand. 


Will washing hair with cold water make it greasy?

No, cold water does not make your hair greasy, although it won’t wash out all dirt and grime from daily living. Hence you should wash with warm temperatures and rinse with cold temperatures. This way, you’ll rid your hair of dirt, lock in moisture, and keep natural oils beneficial for your scalp. 

Are cold showers bad for me?

No, there are many benefits cold showers bring to your health besides helping your hair and scalp. Cold showers are not bad for you, though they aren’t a good idea if you have a heart problem or are sick.

Hot or cold water – which is best for my hair?

Cold showers are uncomfortable, while hot showers may irritate or dry out your skin. Cold showers are best for your hair, though a mixture or balance of a hot and cold shower is in your best interest. 

As mentioned, cold rinsing has many benefits, not just for your hair but for your overall health. If you want sleek, shiny, and unbreakable hair, try the cold rinsing method to see the results for yourself. 

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