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40 Finger Wave Hairstyles to Fuel Your Imagination

Finger waves are a type of hair wave which can be created without curling or heating irons. The hair should be pinched and teased using fingers and a styling comb only. This helps to create waves and crests in the hair.

Holding clips can be used to clamp these waves in position before firm hold hairspray is used to set the style. Most finger waves should be controlled throughout the day with subtle hair grips.


Classy Finger Wave Hairstyles

Finger waves are a popular choice for a women’s hairstyle if you are looking for a vintage or retro style. The finger wave technique was very popular in the 1920’s and 1930’s. Flapper girls would often wear this hairstyle to give themselves a very glamorous look.

The finger wave style used to be reserved for fancy dress parties but it has recently had a resurgence and is now worn to lots of red carpet events.

#1: Classic Waves

finger waves for medium hair

Finger waves for medium hair look glamorous and elegant and are perfect for fancy parties. Prep your hair by using a heat protector because you’ll be using a heated wand to build up that volume. 


#2: Sleek Finger Waves

finger waves for fine hair

Proper finger waves for fine hair must be done on wet hair. So, before you create the waves, prepare a mix of foam and setting lotion to prep your hair. Use a medium wand to build the curl and some bobby pins to pin the hair in that C shape. 


#3: Pearled Bun with Finger waves

updo with finger waves

There are all sorts of updos with finger waves that will transform you into a real princess anytime you must go to an extravagant event. To get that silky, creamy effect on your hair and get rid of the frizz, many women slightly straighten their hair before starting the actual coiffure. 


#4: Tight waves

finger waves on curls

Finger waves on curls look divine! Because they follow the same direction and shape, the hairstyle has unity, volume, and dimension. Before you start using the wand, arrange all your mane on one side. For the top, backcomb the roots to get the height. 


#5: Finger Waves on Short Hair

short finger waves hairstyle

Short finger waves hairstyles can be as tight as you like them. In this case, the bangs feature wide loose waves, held in by several bobby pins. You should be able to build them with your fingers, by pulling out the hair, and not use any curling irons. 


#6: Great Gatsby Waves

finger waves hairstyle for bride

Create a parting on one side and use a thick or regular wand to style a finger waves hairstyle for the bride. Once the curling process is done, arrange them with your fingers and hold them with some pins with rubber protection. You don’t want the hair to take the shape of the pin and ruin the smoothness. 


#7: Blonde Finger Waves

vintage finger waves hairstyle

Vintage finger waves hairstyles are back in trends and they look fabulous on all hair lengths. Build the waves with your bangs and style a bun in the back. Spare two strands from the sideburn area and let them fall over your ears. Loosely curl them. 


#8: Edgy Finger Waves

finger waves hairstyle with gel

To build this finger waves hairstyle, you only need hair gel. Place your bangs on one side and spare that section when styling the bun in the back. Using bobby pins and regular comb to create that tight C shape. 


#9: Finger Waves Bun

finger waves hairstyle for women

Curl your hair with a wand and start by placing the hair always on the wand because you want all the curls to go in the same direction. Once you are done, brush it with a big tooth comb and style a loose bun in the back. 


#10: Modern Finger Waves

finger waves hairstyle

For this hairstyle, you need to use a lot of hairsprays because you want to get that shiny wiry look. Place a section from your bangs on one side and create a bun in the back. You will only create the waves on this section and pin that coiffed strand on one side. 


#11: Perfect Pearls

finger waves short hairstyle

Pearls were very popular during the 1940’s when the finger wave style was at the height of fashion. Accessorize your look by placing subtle pearls into the style.


#12: Cheeky Bob

Cheeky Bob finger wave hairstyle you like

A cheek-length bob is ideal for a finger wave hairstyle. It creates a cheeky and flirtatious look. This length of hair also draws attention to your cheekbones.


#13: Asymmetrical Style


Create an asymmetrical hairstyle by sweeping most of your hair over to one side of your head. Give your hair a very soft finger wave roll to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.


#14: Chin-length Bob


A chin-length bob is perfect for a finger wave hairstyle. The retro style looks great on the red carpet, but make sure that you use enough hairspray to ensure that the style stays sharp all night long.


#15: Deep-set Waves

Waves hairstyle for black women

Take the finger wave style to the extreme with some deep-set waves. When you are creating the look, you will need to style in a more pronounced wave than you normally would. This will give you a greater turn and a greater crest than normal.


#16: Long Finger Wave Hairstyle

nice Long Finger hairstyle for cute women

Although most finger wave hairstyles are short or medium length hairstyles, it is possible to create longer finger wave hairstyles if you have the time. With longer hairstyles for women, it is easier to space the hair waves out more.


#17: Purple Princess


Try creating a finger wave hairstyle with vivid purple hair. The look mixes modern hair colors with retro hairstyle glamor. Your purple hair color will help to get you noticed for all of the right reasons.


#18: Pin-up Girl


For an amazing pin-up girl hairstyle, finger wave your hair before pulling it up into big rolls on the top of your head. This style looks amazing when teamed up with blood red lips and smoky eye make-up.


#19: Everyday Easy


If you are worried about whether your waves will stay in place all day long, you should simplify the hairstyle. For a great finger wave hairstyle for women who are on the go, just put in one or two individual waves close to your parting.


#20: Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde wavy hairstyle for women

Platinum blonde hairstyles are seriously intense. Try one out to see whether or not blondes have more fun. Icy blonde hair colors like this one look perfect when they are teamed up with beautiful diamonds on the red carpet.


#21: Waved Pixie

Waved Pixie hairstyle for girl

Light finger waving is a lovely way to change a standard pixie cut into something that is perfect for the prom or any other formal event. Creating an asymmetrical crop will give you much more hair to work with as part of your finger wave style.


#22: Finger Waved Fringe


If you have a very short haircut, you can just use finger waves to enhance your fringe or bangs. Put in a few subtle finger waves and then sweep your fringe over to one side if you want to. This look is cute and a little bit flirty.


#23: African-Textured Hair

wavy African Textured Hairstyle you like

Finger wave hairstyles have become really popular amongst those with African-textured hair because it is possible to create the style without using a relaxing product. However, you will need to use strong hold hair gel to keep your style looking perfect all day long.


#24: Short Front, Long Back


Style all of your hair using finger wave techniques so that you have even waves throughout your hairstyle. Pull up the front section of your hair and then pin it behind your ears to shorten it.

Leave the sections at the back of your head down to give the style extra length. This style looks amazing at formal events.


#25: Cute Vintage Crop

finger wave Cute Vintage Crop hair

This cute crop is an amazing vintage hairstyle for women who prefer a more old school hairstyle. Pull the majority of your hair behind your ears but leave a few waves down at either side to give a cute and innocent style.


#26: Contrasting Colors


Whatever skin tone you have, choose a contrasting color for your hair. Platinum blonde hair looks amazing against darker skin tones, whereas black hair looks wonderfully intense next to alabaster skin tones.


#27: Finger waves with Tight Curls

Finger waves hairstyle for black women

Finger waves can actually be matched up with other types of curls. Put finger waves into the top part of your style across your scalp but leave the rest of your hair in perfect tight little curls.


#28: Copper Tones


Copper and red hair tones actually started to become very popular during the 1920’s and 1930’s. Give your hair an extra touch of retro glamour by dyeing your locks using a red or copper colored hair dye for women.


#29: Cute Crop


A cutely cropped hairstyle is great for showing off all of your facial features. The finger wave style allows you to add some retro glamour to a short hairstyle. Big waves with large crests will give much-needed texture to short hairstyles for women.


#30: Shaggy Long Bob

 Shaggy Long Bob wavy hairstyle you like

A shaggy long bob with finger waves oozes glamour and seduction. Give the hairstyle an extra seductive touch by sweeping your bangs so that they cover one eye. Complete the look with blood red lipstick.


#31: Waves and Curls

finger waves hair


#32: Finger Waves for Bride

finger waves on natural hair


#33: Finger Waves for Long Hair

finger waves long hair


#34: Retro Finger Waves with Highlights


#35: Finger Waves on Black Hair

finger waves black hair


#36: Finger Waves for Bobs


#37: Sleek Red Finger Waves


#38: Vintage Finger Waves

finger waves short hair


#39: Gothic Finger Waves


#40: 1930’s Curls and Waves

finger waves hairstyles


If you are searching for a retro or vintage hairstyle, look no further than our list of finger wave hairstyles. There are plenty of different choices for women who want a 1920’s hairstyle. Vintage glamour is literally at your fingertips!