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10 Easy Ways to Bring Out Natural Curls

Healthy, defined curls all start with the proper routine. However, it’s also important to understand your curl type to decide how to bring out natural curls.

Different types of curls need different care. So, it can be easy to miss the mark on which products actually help your curls versus those that provide lackluster results.

It can also be easy to overdo your routine and cause your results to go the other way. You can end up with curls that aren’t very healthy or have lost their volume.


  • Understand your curl type for proper care and product selection.
  • Common reasons for limp curls: not clarifying, too much moisture, too many products, insufficient hold.
  • Tips to bring out natural curls: add co-washing, pineapple at night, enhance hydration, style while wet, section hair, use gel products, invest in quality products, opt to air dry, use a Denman brush, and try rollers.

Why Are My Natural Curls Falling Flat?

It can be extremely frustrating to spend time styling all of your curls to end up limp and lifeless hours later.

Unfortunately, this is very common with curly hair, but there are very simple ways to help prevent limp curls and learn how to bring out natural curls.

Here’re some key reasons your natural curls are falling flat.

You Don’t Clarify

Why Natural Curls Fall Flat - Not Clarifying

Clarifying your hair is essential when it comes to taking care of curly hair. Clarifying is the process of removing buildup from the scalp.

The buildup is usually caused by natural oils and hair products, which can lead to limp curls. It happens quickly since buildup weighs the hair down.

Too Much Moisture

It may sound strange, but you can actually moisturize your curls too much. We always hear how essential moisture is stressed with curls, but it can, unfortunately, become a problem.

While it’s vital to keep curls hydrated, eventually, your hair will retain moisture. Unfortunately, once it does, it will become overly hydrated.

Instead of continually adding products, you should apply protein. Protein balances the moisture in your hair, reducing the chances of moisture loss too soon.

You Apply Too Many Products

Why Natural Curls Fall Flat - Using Too Much Product

Using more products than you need is the more common cause of limp curls. However, depending on your curl type, you may need to use more products.

Thicker curls will require more product than usual. However, you don’t need nearly as much if you have thinner curls.

Too much product will cause curls to become heavy and sag throughout the day. So make sure you’re using the proper amount of product for your curl type.

Use as much product as you need; if your curl type is tighter, curls that dry quickly. However, if your hair isn’t thick and your curls are looser, you only need a nickel-sized amount of each product.

You Need a Stronger Hold

If your curls are constantly falling, sometimes it could be due to not having enough hold. Products with a light hold tend to wear off faster than those with a stronger hold.

So instead, opt for products with a higher level or a substantial hold. If you aren’t a fan of crunchy girls, then you can apply a creamy product before any gels.

Making this application will help prevent a gel cast and flakes.

How to Bring Out Natural Curls 

Your routine provides the proper definition and keeps your hair in healthy tact. However, if you’re adding the wrong products, styling the wrong way, or not gentle with your hair, you will cause a lack of definition in your curls.

Thankfully it can easily be fixed. Here’s how to bring out natural curls.

1. Add Co-washing to Your Routine

How to Bring Out Natural Curls - Co-washing

Unfortunately, some shampoos dry out the hair due to their harsh ingredients. Co-washing your curls is beneficial for many reasons, and one reason is it helps to define your curl pattern.

Co-washing is using conditioner to wash your hair instead of shampoo. Washing with a conditioner can help to restore moisture while locking in hydration.

Washing with conditioner is excellent for curly hair because it cleans the scalp without stripping the hair of its natural oils. Co-washing also helps retain moisture, eliminating dry scalp and dry curls.

2. Pineapple at Night 

How to Bring Out Natural Curls - Pineapple Hairdo at Night

Protecting your curls while you sleep is an essential part of keeping your curls defined. If your curls are loose while you’re sleeping, they will quickly come apart or become tangled.

An easy way to prevent messy, ruined curls or even frizz is by styling your hair into a pineapple at night. You achieve a pineapple by pulling all of your curls on top of your head as if you’re going to style it into a bun.

Next, take a scrunchie and pull your curls through it one time. Again, your curls should fall downward, typically closer to the forehead.

Along with the pineapple style, it also helps if you sleep on a satin pillowcase. This will further prevent breakage and frizz.

3. Enhance Hydration in Your Hair

Hydration and moisture are essential when it comes to curly hair—curls that are hydrated hold the definition much better, which helps the style to last longer.

Moisture is critical when it comes to activating your curls. Of course, you need a holding product, but you also need hydration to keep curls healthy and intact.

Unfortunately, curls have a harder time retaining moisture due to the shape of the strands. So creamy products coupled with using water during styling routines make for the perfect recipe for hydrated curls.

Lastly, hydration also combats frizz. Frizzy curls can be really hard to work with. Keeping your ringlets frizz-free is much easier when your hair’s cuticles are full of moisture.

4. Style Curls While Wet

How to Bring Out Natural Curls - Wet Hairstyling

Trying to style curls while dry is the worst thing you can do to bring your natural curls. Even if your curls are damp, it will cause your style to come out less defined.

Instead, make sure you style your curls while they’re wet. Of course, the water doesn’t have to be dripping, but your hair should be somewhat soaked at the very least.

Styling should begin right after you have wet your hair. Apply the products carefully, and if you need to use something to catch water, ensure it’s a cotton shirt.

Don’t use a towel, as a towel can snag and cause breakage. They can also absorb too much water leaving your hair slightly dry even after applying your products.

5. Section Your Hair

It’s unnecessary for everyone as some people can style perfectly fine without dividing their hair into parts. However, if your hair is curly and requires a decent amount of product, it’s best to section.

Sectioning your curls helps you to distribute the product correctly. It also allows for even coverage of moisture and saturation.

6. Use Gel Products

How to Bring Out Natural Curls - Hair Gel

A gel is another excellent method to define your natural curls. Gel-based products are perfect if you’re looking for a hold that can last for days.

You must carefully choose gel products, as some can become flaky and too crunchy. You always want to go for a gel with a somewhat light hold.

These gels typically provide the perfect balance of hold and definition without causing flakiness or crunchy curls

7. Use Top Quality Products

You don’t have to break the bank, but you want to ensure you’re investing in quality curly products. It can be easy to buy products that appear to be good quality but are very damaging to the hair.

You want to ensure these products are loaded with moisture-inducing and natural ingredients. In addition, products that are creams and even masks are great for providing your hair with critical nutrients needed to enhance your curls.

These products may be on the expensive side. However, they will last longer and won’t cause your curls to harm like other products.

8. Opt to Air Dry

How to Bring Out Natural Curls - Air-dry Hair

Though it’s not always possible, depending on your time, opt for allowing your hair to air dry instead. It’s much more beneficial since you won’t use heat on your curls.

Air drying is also a great way to reduce frizz. However, if you must use heat, diffuse on low heat.

9. Use a Denman Brush

A Denman brush may be the easiest way to get clumped and defined curls. This style of the brush was explicitly designed with curly hair in mind.

It helps to activate curls that are luscious, defined, and that last for days. It’s best to use it on wet hair while you’re applying your products. 

10. Use Rollers

How to Bring Out Natural Curls - Use Rollers

Rollers are an effortless way to bring out natural curls without heat while still achieving definition. They come in handy, especially if you’re not into wet styling your curls daily. 

Wet styling can yield beautiful results but can, unfortunately, become time-consuming. Using rollers can help save you lots of styling time.

The best part about using rollers is that this style can also last for a few days. Use a product with lots of holds to keep your hair moisturized while achieving maximum definition.