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How to Fix Brassy Hair with Purple Shampoo 

Brassy hair is tricky because it silently operates on blonde tresses and manes. Because of that, you often won’t notice that you have yellow and orange nuances popping until someone points it out.

As we want to help you better preserve your blonde color, here is our guide on how to fix brassy hair with purple shampoo and some things you should know before switching to this team.

Blonde hues are so various and range from platinum blonde to ashy colors. They include creamy blondes, sandy tones, and champagne looks that make your tresses seem sun-kissed.

However, no matter your choice, the color is not at all low maintenance. You always have to be vigilant and use the right product to protect your hair from getting that unwanted brassy pigment.

How Do You Get Brassy Hair?

How Do You Get Brassy Hair

At first, let’s discover why hair turns brassy.

Your natural hair has a lot of warmth. When you bleach your tresses, the procedure removes the natural hue and allows orange or yellow tones to become more evident.

This problem usually appears for those who switch from a brown color to blonde or platinum. Brassiness looks unnatural and is caused by the melanin in your hair that gets diluted when using a lightener.

The hair dye you later apply contains blue molecules that, at first, make your hair look just the way you want. But as the blue fade, yellow and orange hues become more visible.

This is why a purple or blue shampoo is perfect when you need to preserve that beautiful color.

What Is Purple Shampoo?

Purple shampoo is, in fact, a toner for your hair that will help you fight the brassiness. It is specially developed for those who bleached and dyed their hair platinum blonde or silver.

To better understand how it works, check the color scheme. You will see that yellow is opposed to violet. When talking about hair, that translates into purple, which will fight against the yellow tones, neutralizing them.

Such a brilliant option, right? Purple shampoos are very popular ways to tone blonde hair and keep the brassiness away. You can buy them only from drugstores or at your local hair salon.

You need to use this just once a week, and you can combine it with a conditioner that has the same effect. The purple shampoo will not color your hair or change its nuance.

It will simply make your tresses look like you just stepped out of the salon.

Get Rid of Brassy Hair at Home Using Purple Shampoo

Get Rid of Brassy Hair at Home Using Purple Shampoo

To do so, you first need to figure out what color your hair is now. So if it’s yellow, purple shampoo is your best ally against brassiness.

However, depending on the blonde nuance you have, you might get copper hues. In this case, the best shampoo to use is blue. After determining your hair color, buy a shampoo that says on its label color or tone correctors.

You will need to alternate your regular shampoo with the toned one. Moreover, your hair products must be specially designed for dyed hair because they will also help you better preserve your color.

Another thing to remember is to avoid products that have alcohol on their ingredient list. They have an unwanted drying effect and will make the color fade easily.

Other Ways to Fix Brassy Hair

Besides purple and blue shampoo, there are other ways to maintain the nuance obtained at the salon.

Among the most popular options that help you cut off the yellowness or the orange tint are:

Dyeing Your Hair Darker – when you start seeing those yellowish or copper strands, you can opt for a darker hair dye that will cut off all that brassiness.

Use Glazes – Even if glazes and toners might seem quite the same, there is a slight difference between them. Glazes enhance your color and are used as a color treatment, while toners neutralize brassy tones.

A glaze will treat your hair, cut off the brass, and improve your color without changing it. So you can choose this option over toner too.

Vinegar: Soaking your locks in vinegar is a fabulous option for getting rid of those brassy tones. It is not a pricey option, and you can find this ingredient in almost every pantry.

Get a bowl in which you will mix apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, water, and a tint of blue or purple food coloring.

You will see that it has marvelous effects on your color. After applying this mix, shampoo your hair and make sure all the vinegar is gone.

It is a harsh hair product, so make sure you have a nourishing mask or a deep conditioner.

How Can I Prevent Getting Brassy Hair?

Ways to Prevent Getting Brassy Hair

There are a few things you can do to prevent the appearance of brassy strands. One of the most important is to stay away from the sun’s rays because they will bring out all those unwanted yellow and orange hues.

Another enemy of your hair is water. If you know that running water is quite hard, you should buy and install a filter. It can be quite expensive, but not as expensive as a salon visit.

When swimming in salty water or at the pool, ensure you do not wet your hair. Chlorine added in pool water makes your hair brassy and strips of color.

Always use purple or blue shampoo right from the beginning, along with a washing product and conditioner for colored hair.

The best way to get rid of brassy hair is by using a purple or blue shampoo, depending on the hues that start appearing. It helps you neutralize that brassiness and restore the initial blonde color.

Do you find purple shampoo useful for this problem? Have you tried other options than the ones listed above? Tell us how that worked for you in the comments section and which option you prefer.

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