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7 of The Best Blue Hair Dyes of 2024

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Hair color is a form of expression. We use it to enhance our natural color, cover up greys, or create a completely different look. Blue hair dye has become increasingly popular in recent years as it can create a vibrant new look or a fresh tint on your naturally darker color.

Read on to discover the best blue hair dyes for your hair.

What is Blue Hair Dye?

What is Blue Hair Dye
Blue Hair Dye

You can find blue hair color products in permanent and semi-permanent options. Depending on the look you are going for, each has its benefits.

Permanent Hair Dye

While it’s longer-lasting than semi-permanent colors, permanent hair dye is not entirely permanent. Permanent hair dye opens your hair’s cuticle so that it adds to your natural hair. But after a few washes, even permanent hair color can fade.

If you have stubborn greys or are looking for full, bright coverage, consider using permanent blue hair dye when coloring your hair.

Semi-Permanent Dye

Most permanent hair dye has ammonia, but semi-permanent is less harsh and generally uses fewer chemicals.

Unlike permanent hair dye that penetrates each strand, semi-permanent coats it with color providing a hair stain that fades and washes away.

How to Use Blue Hair Color Products

How to Use Blue Hair Color Products

Depending on your hair dye’s thickness or consistency, you may find it easier to apply with a brush or by hand. If you’re using your hands, you should wear gloves, even with semi-permanent color.

Once you have used all of your dye, massage it into your scalp from roots to ends to spread the dye to any parts of your hair you might have missed. You can also comb it through to ensure an even application.

Leave the dye in for as long as the directions recommend, and then rinse and style as directed.

Does Blue Hair Dye Work for All Hair Types?

If you are not naturally blond or fair-haired, you will need to pre-lighten your hair to achieve a vibrant, jewel-toned, or pastel blue color. Here is a quick reference on the level you will need to lift your hair to obtain your desired shade of blue:

  • Pastel blue is best for platinum blondes, or lift to a pale yellow;
  • Light blue shades are best for medium blondes, or lift to a golden yellow;
  • Dark blue shades are best for light brown hair, or lift to a light orange;
  • Blue-black hair is best for dark brown or any hair type and does not require pre-lightening.


Along with giving you all the mermaid vibes, dying your hair blue can benefit your overall health. Unlike bleaching or highlighting, most semi-permanent hair dyes are very conditioning, leaving your hair soft and restored. The shampoos and hair care products that prevent color fade are also conditioned and free of harsh chemicals and preservatives.

Best Blue Hair Dyes

Here, we picked the top blue hair color products to give you the vibrant blue color you are looking for.

1. Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye, Candy Blue

Achieve a bold blue with Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair Dye in Anime. This medium, jewel-toned blue works best on medium to light blond hair colors but will also provide a subtle tint to brunette hair colors.

It is a semi-permanent dye made with a gentle formula that conditions hair. Use this animal-friendly dye straight from the jar without having to mix developer.

Note: Achieve soft, silky blue hair with Lime Crime Unicorn Hair Dye in Anime. This vegan, cruelty-free semi-permanent formula is ammonia-free and won’t damage your hair.

2. Manic Panic Voodoo Blue Hair Dye

Manic Panic has an extensive line of colorful, semi-permanent hair dyes, but Voodoo will give you that bold blue color or tint you are looking for. If you have to pre-lighten your hair first, this conditioning color will restore your hair and give a rich blue color with green undertones.

This formula is not made with harsh chemicals or preservatives and is PETA-accredited as cruelty-free. The Voodoo color will hold for four to six weeks, depending on your shampoos.

Note: The Jersey Shore’s Snookie recommends her line of Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dyes for a vibrant look that doesn’t damage your hair. Voodoo gives you a dark, blue color with rich, green undertones.

3. Arctic Fox Semi-Permanent Hair Color Dye, Poseidon

Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair dye gives you overall blue coverage without that hair dye smell. Use Poseidon for a base color blue, and then combine it with other colors in the line to lighten your blue or remove brassiness.

This cream conditioner dye smears less and provides long-lasting color. Add excess dye to your daily conditioner to extend the life of your color.

Note: Arctic Fox blue hair dye in Poseidon provides a full-coverage blue hair look. This semi-permanent cream dye provides long-lasting color without mess.

4. L’Oreal Paris Feria Shimmering Permanent Hair Color, 411 Downtown Denim

If you’re looking for permanent color, consider L’Oreal Paris Feria in Downtown Denim. This kit provides everything you need to get salon-quality blue hair, including the conditioning color cream, developer cream, shimmer serum, and shimmer conditioner.

Follow the step-by-step instructions for a dark denim look. This permanent hair dye prevents fade and blends away greys.

Note: Achieve bold blue hair with L’Oreal Paris Feria Shimmering hair color in Downtown Denim. This complete kit includes color and developer to give you a bright blue that won’t fade.

5. IROIRO Semi-Permanent Hair Color, 45 Deep Blue

Iroiro is a natural semi-permanent hair brand made with all-natural ingredients in the United States. Their coconut oil-based cream dye will turn your hair a deep, true blue without harmful chemicals or preservatives.

It is easy to apply but requires a pre-lift if your hair isn’t already blond. All products come in eco-friendly containers to prevent waste.

Note: Iroiro provides eco-friendly, cruelty-free blue hair dye options made from coconut oil and other natural products, all in the United States.

6. Punky Midnight Blue Semi Permanent Conditioning Hair Color, Midnight Blue

If you are a brunette, Punky Colour’s Midnight Blue will still give you that blue hue you are looking for. This semi-permanent formula is ammonia-free and will not damage your hair.

Made in the United States, Punky Colour’s keratin complex gives you high-quality hair color that will last over 35 washes.

Note: Brunettes can achieve vibrant, blue hair with Punky Color semi-permanent cream in Midnight Blue. Punky Color is made with a keratin complex formula for long-lasting color lasting over 35 washes.

7. Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color, M67 Blue Mercury

Got2b Metallic permanent hair color in Blue Mercury gives you an edgy blue look with a shiny finish that looks healthy and dimensional. Achieve a radiant, cool tone that doesn’t quickly fade. For hair that is shoulder length or longer, consider purchasing two kits.

Note: Got2b Metallic Permanent Hair Color in Blue Mercury creates a cool, blue hair color that doesn’t fade. This complete kit includes everything you need for edgy blue hair.

The Bottom Line

Experimenting with your hair color can be a fun way to switch up your style. Blue hair dye is versatile, and depending on how it is used, it can make a bold statement or a subtle color refresh.

Whatever style you’re looking for, our list of best blue hair dyes has your hair type and color in mind, making salon-style hair achievable from home.


Could anyone be born with blue hair?

No, a human being can’t be born with blue hair.

Do blue hair dyes require bleaching?

Yes, if the color is lighter than your own. Also, if the color is similar to your own shade and you would like an exact match to the color you would like, it’s best to bleach first. 

How long can blue hair dye last?

Temporary blue dyes fade within two to six washes. Semi-permanent blue dyes can take up to 20 or 30 washes to rinse out fully.

A permanent dye fades but never completely washes out. You’ll have to re-color your hair or cut it.

Can I use blue hair dye on brown/dark hair?

Yes, but without bleach it might not show up if the blue color is similar in shade to your own. Or the resulting color might be skewed. If you’re using a much darker blue color, you should be fine.

What color cancels out blue hair dye?

On the color wheel, it’s orange, which cancels out the blue dye. So you can choose anything in the range of orange, including coppery tones.

Why does blue hair dye turn green?

Your hair can turn green easily due to mineral deposits in your tap water. Purple shampoo can keep the green at bay, or you might want to invest in a shower filter. 

Can blue hair dye damage hair?

Blue will damage your hair if you need to bleach it first, as bleach is always damaging. Otherwise, if you use a temporary or semi-permanent blue hair dye, neither should damage your hair.

However, if you change your mind and want to remove the blue color of a semi-permanent or permanent blue hair dye, the process of color removal can damage your locks.

Can I remove blue hair dye without bleach?

Yes, but it will be almost as damaging. Try a clarifying shampoo and then a bleach bath or a color remover for fashion colors.

At-home remedies include baking soda, strong vitamin C solutions, but these can corrode the hair and irritate the scalp.

How to get blue hair dye off my skin?

You can try makeup remover, baby oil, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, laundry detergent or petroleum jelly.

If the stains are still faint after trying one of these methods, repeat after a few days or let your skin turn over and remove the stain naturally within two weeks.

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