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25 Best Low Maintenance Hair Colors of 2024

Have you ever felt the inspiration to try a new hair color but wanted something that was low maintenance and didn’t involve visiting the hair salon every few weeks for touch-ups? We feel you! Luckily, there are more low maintenance hair colors than you might realize and we’re sharing our favorites!

It’s easier to love your hair color when you don’t have to book an appointment with your hair stylist every few days. Unless you’re best friends with your stylist, no girl wants to be seeing them that often or spending that much money or time!

A low-maintenance hair color doesn’t have to be a neutral one (blonde or brown) only. While those are always classy choices and look great on many women, there’s room to let your color options open up!

Blues and purples are also low maintenance colors, the key is in how you wear them. So for all the secrets and tips for low maintenance hair colors, check out our favorite 25 ideas.


Stylish Low Maintenance Hair Colors

Don’t worry, you’re not confined to blonde when it comes to low maintenance hair colors. After seeing our list, your only problem will be deciding which color to try first.

1. Blonde Highlights

Low Maintenance Balayage Hair Color Ideas

Whatever highlights you choose to add to your brunette hair, make sure you add them in a chunky width. These light blonde highlights are low maintenance and won’t require any touch-ups until at least three months after you initially put them in.


2. Medium Brown

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Brown

A medium shade of brown is a hair color many women are born with. If you have this low maintenance color, rock it for awhile. It’s a beautiful shade and very chic for office work.


3. Natural Bright Red

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Copper

If you’re a natural red-head, don’t change it too soon. The carrot-top color is a statement all its own and there’s no extra maintenance to go with it. If you must, try to throw in a darker shade of red for easy highlighting. 


4. Very Light Blonde

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Blonde

A light blonde, not platinum, is both tasteful and beautiful. It wears well on women with light or pale skin tones and blue eyes, though none of that is a requirement to rock the gorgeous shade.


5. Black

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Black

If Snow White were here, she would certainly tell you not to blow off your low maintenance black beauty hair color too soon. When you have shaped black eyebrows and dark brown eyes to match, along with a pale or olive skin tone, you’re set.


6. Medium Blonde with Light Blonde Highlights

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Blonde Highlights

Whether it’s natural or a box dye, start with a medium shade of blonde for your base color before adding low maintenance light blonde highlights. This long curly hairstyle is deeply parted, showing off volume and color perfectly.


7. Salt and Pepper

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Grey

As you get older, if those grays and whites start peeking through, embrace them! They’re a super low maintenance hair look for over 50 and they won’t have to make any touch-ups to. Leave hair long and loose to show others how to embrace their natural coloring or tie it up in a cute ponytail or bun for weekend errands.


8. Auburn Highlights on Brown

Low Maintenance Hair Color - lowlights

Wear auburn or chocolate brown hair color all on its own or add auburn highlights to your natural or dyed brown hair. If you have hazel or brown eyes, the colors will surely show them off. A simple side parted long hairstyle is easy to do up in the mornings but the rich colors will make it look like you spent more time on it.


9. Rose Gold Hair

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Mahogany

Feel your feminine and flirty side emerge when you opt for a rose gold for your mane. The low maintenance hair color is pretty vibrant when you first get it, so you don’t need to worry about it fading too quickly.


10. Very Light Pink

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Pastel

Is it us or does this pastel pink hair color remind you of something Lady Gaga would flaunt? This shade is flirty and perky and stunning against light or pale skin tones.


11. Medium Blonde

Low Maintenance Hair Color 8

Some ladies might say medium blonde is over-rated and too blah, but we say it’s in! If it’s your natural color, just find a cute hairstyle for it, such as a deep off center part with a colorful flower tucked in. If it’s a box color, it’ll eventually blend in with your natural color and continue to shine.


12. Dark Brown with Copper

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Ombre

A dark brown base needs only a fresh copper ombre for a glow-up your friends will always be eyeing. The low maintenance color will make your ends look sun-kissed and who would say no to that?


13. Pale Lavender

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Ash

Pastels and light purples are all the rage these days. Add the soft hue to your daily do and feel a new personality take over. Wear it as one full color or just as highlights or an ombre to ashy blonde.


14. Dark Red

Low Maintenance Hair Color 2

A dark red hair color looks mysterious and sultry with your favorite red lipstick. Rock it on a short bob straightened and parted to the side. Its sleekness will shine in every light.


15. Ash Blonde

Low Maintenance Hair Color - frosted hair

An ash blonde or thick blonde highlights on dark blonde hair made its appearance in early 2000’s and never left for a reason: the low maintenance hair color looks great on a lot of women. Try it on your long straight hair and short straight bangs.


16. Medium Brown

Low Maintenance Hair Color for Girls

There’s something classy and yet simply stylish about a medium brown. It’s a simple low maintenance color but its effects on a short straight hairstyle parted heavily are not to be missed.


17. Light Brown Ombre

Low Maintenance Hair Color

Just by adding light brown ombre to dark brown hair, you can take your whole look up a notch. Fill your hair with thick waves in a blow-out to be date-night ready!


18. Super Light Blonde

Girl's Low Maintenance Hair Color

If you have a light skin tone, opt for a very light blonde hair color. Seen here on a short bob with choppy layers, the color is modern, hip, and very sexy.


19. Purple Highlights

Low Maintenance Hair Color you need to check

On dark hair, add light purple highlights in small sections around your mane. This low maintenance hair color only needs a few spotlights on the hair to make a statement. If you want to feel glamorous, wear hair down and wavy like above. Of course, wearing it as your normal hairstyle will also look fabulous.


20. Blue and Purple Hair

Low Maintenance Hair Color - oil-slick hair

Can’t choose just one color for your new hairstyle? Try them all! The way these blues, greens, and purples are displayed on short straight hair is playful and gorgeous. It may even bring out your inner mermaid!


21. Medium and Light Blonde

Low Maintenance Hair Color for Women

When you’re trying to choose between two shades of blonde, get them both! The above shoulder-cut hairstyle shows us how great a blend of light and dark blonde looks. The nice thing about these low maintenance shades is once they fade, they’ll just blend together.


22. Caramel Highlights

Low Maintenance Hair Color - Highlights

If you have natural black hair, why haven’t you tried caramel highlights yet? It only takes a few thin sections of highlights to bring warmth to your face and liven up that black mane. Wear the color on a chin-length bob with a heavy part to show off the hair’s natural texture.


23. Purple Blue Ombre

Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas to Rock

If your natural hair color is fairly light (think light to medium blonde or brown), choose a funky combination of colors like purple and dark blue for an ombre. The low maintenance hair colors will wash out soon enough but you can enjoy their uniqueness in the meantime.


24. Reddish Brown

Low Maintenance Hair Color Ideas

Whether it’s a brown base with red highlights or just a reddish-brown all over, these two colors are dramatic, perfect for a statement style. It’s a bonus if you have pale or light skin, as the contrast is striking! Try the colors on a shoulder-length straight lob with straight bluntly-cut bangs.


25. Blonde with Blue Highlights

Low Maintenance Hair Color for Women

For the girl with very light blonde or platinum hair, throw in a couple light blue highlights! The noticeable change of color is a nice bright touch of playfulness and it’ll only last a short while, making it perfect for a temporary change. Wear it down or up in a low bun or pony.


So which of these 25 gorgeous low maintenance hair colors will you choose? Will you be bold with some light blue highlights on blonde hair, classy neutral with dark brown, or something entirely different? One thing you can take comfort in is these hair colors are all low maintenance, making it even easier for you to fall in love with the shades! 

Keep your color vibrant easily with the right shampoo and conditioner. Your look will stay looking fresh and as beautiful as you.