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How to Give Your Morkie a Teddy Bear Haircut

A popular morkie haircut is the teddy bear cut. If you’ve ever seen a morkie sporting this cute haircut, you can probably see why! The style isn’t just easy to do and maintain – it transforms your pup into a real-life teddy bear. We’ll walk you through how to transform your pup into a cute teddy bear with this morkie teddy bear haircut.

Morkie Puppy

Morkie With Teddy Bear Haircut


Things You Should Know

Before you get the clippers out, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Groomer Lingo 101

If you’ve ever asked your groomer to give your pup the morkie teddy bear haircut, they might have also called this the ‘puppy cut.’ The teddy bear cut and puppy cut are essentially the same thing, and the names can be used interchangeably.

The most significant difference between these morkie dog haircuts comes down to how your pup’s face is groomed. The teddy bear haircut keeps more hair framing your pup than its body to achieve that adorable bear cub look.


Tools You Will Need

Haircut Tools for Morkie

For this morkie haircut, you’ll need:

  • Doggie shampoo
  • Clippers
  • Grooming scissors/thinning scissors
  • Comb

It’s recommended that your morkie gets a haircut each month to keep its hair from matting, falling into its eyes, or causing irritation. Investing in a nice set of grooming tools can pay off if you’ve decided to forgo grooming services to give your pup a haircut yourself.


Pre-Haircut Tips

morkie's body hair grooming

There are a few things you might want to keep in mind before starting the grooming process. First, you don’t have to go too short on your pup’s body. Unless, of course, you prefer that style – then groom away!

It’s a popular myth that a morkie teddy bear haircut requires the body and legs to be cut at a certain length. In truth, the length differs from groomer to groomer based on personal preference. Some dog owners prefer to give their morkies a short teddy bear cut to increase the amount of time between grooming sessions, especially if the dog is anxious about getting groomed.

The length you choose for your morkie’s body and legs is up to you! Just remember, it all needs to stay the same length to achieve the desired effect.


How to Give Morkie A Teddy Bear Haircut

Morkies are notoriously easy to groom, so you can rest assured that you haven’t set yourself up for a daunting task (like getting a Malamute to take a bath!).


Prep Work and Bath Time

Before you start trimming away at your pup’s luscious locks, you’ll want to make sure they are nice and clean. Brush and comb out your morkie’s fur, paying particular attention to any places where the fur has matted or tangled. Once it’s easy to pull the brush or comb through your pup’s locks, you’re ready to shift over to the bath.

Make sure you’re using shampoo products that are specially made for dogs and have quality ingredients. Go about your typical bathing routine and finish by fluff drying your dog.


Ready to Trim

giving your morkie a teddy bear haircut

Once your pup is dry, you’re ready to begin the haircut.

Equip your set of clippers with a #10 blade and an attachment comb anywhere between ½” and 1 ½”. How short you want the overall cut is up to your personal preferences!

You’ll begin with the body. Starting at the base of the skull, clip the back and sides of the neck. Leave the face, ears, and jaw – the longer hair length is what gives the teddy bear effect.

Next, clip down the middle of the back until you reach the base of the tail, essentially giving your pup the inverse of a mohawk. Continue to cut the pup’s body into an all-over even shape and length. As you do, be sure to follow the lay of the hair (the direction it lays down). Clip the hindquarters.

The legs and feet go next. Clip any excess hairs from your pup’s legs and feet, but be mindful of keeping the shape even and full. The goal is to make the front and back legs look balanced and neat.

With the clippers or with thinning scissors, you’ll want to blend the leg hair evenly into the body. This transition is meant to be smooth. If you’re uncertain about blending with clippers, thinning scissors can give you a greater sense of control over the process. As always, be careful using scissors on your pet and always hold them parallel to the area you’re trimming.

The tail is next. You can trim or scissor the tail hair, depending on your preference. If you choose to go the scissor route, make sure you’re keeping a uniform length.

Next, remove the attachment comb, so you’re left with your #10 blade. Carefully trim around your pup’s abdomen, underarms, and genitals. It’s vital to trim with care for this step.

Clean up any uneven or untidy areas with thinning scissors.

We’re in the final stretch! Now you’ll want to focus on shaping your morkie’s head with scissors. The shape should be as full and round as possible to achieve the teddy bear effect. Use scissors to blend your pup’s hair where necessary. You can take a step back from time to time to ensure that your pup’s eyes and nose are in the center of the round, fluffy circle you’ve created.

Finally, clean up your pup’s ears with the scissors, remembering to maintain the concept of full and round. You can keep your fingers between the skin and the scissors as you trim to protect your pup better.

You can add another step and fluff up your morkie’s coat with a slicker brush or finishing comb. And voila! Your best pal has transformed into a cute, cuddly real-life teddy bear!


Watch the following video to learn how to groom your morkie and give it a teddy bear haircut.



Grooming your morkie is an essential part of keeping your pet healthy and happy. You can save yourself some extra cash by forgoing a professional groomer and giving your morkie their monthly haircut yourself.


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