How to Use Permanent Color As A Toner?

You have colored your hair but require a toner but only have permanent colors on hand, then what do you do? Act smart and use the permanent hair color as a toner!

using permanent color as toner


Can I Use Permanent Color As A Toner?

Permanent hair color CAN actually be used as a toner. However, a couple of things need to be considered:

Permanent hair color is advised to be used with a minimum of 10 vol peroxide maximum of 30 vol peroxide. Toner is normally only 1.5 vol peroxide. With this in mind, there are a couple of options.

You can put the same amount of water in the mix as peroxide to dilute it to half the amount of peroxide. But bear in mind it will take longer (20 mins) to process as the processing time for permanent hair colors is longer than the semi or demi-permanent colors that we use for toning.

Pro-tip: It’s advisable to use a porosity equalizer to ensure a great even outcome. – Leanesha Marrone

If you decide to use a permanent color with 10 vol peroxide, expect a dull outcome as permanent color does not have the same silk proteins that make the hair shiny and the hair will be dryer.


Tips to Maintain the Color

Remember, it is paramount to use a salon-quality shampoo and conditioner to maintain the hair color. Salon quality shampoo maintains the pigment within the cuticle while it washes and closes the cuticle with conditioner to maintain the best possible life for the color.

If you use cheap shampoo it opens the cuticle and allows the beautiful color pigments to escape – hence reducing the life of your color, remember well-hydrated hair is healthy hair, which holds the color and maintains the integrity of the hair the best.

Pro tip: Ensure that your tone is on the right level, permanent or semi-permanent. As it won’t work if it’s on the wrong color level. They only work on the correct level or darker.

Happy hair days!

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