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Layered Haircut Vs. Feather Cut: Which One Is Better For You?

Layered and feathered haircuts are making a comeback, with both cuts serving an essential purpose in taking care of your hair. But after looking at either style, you might wonder what the differences are between a layer and a feather cut.

Here is your guide to layered vs. feathered haircuts and the pros and cons of getting either to help you choose the best cut for you and your style.

What Is a Layered Haircut?

layered haircut
Layered Haircut

The term “layered” usually refers to the hair being cut so that individual hairs fall at different points compared to one another.

People might mistake your hair for being cut to different lengths, even though your hair is cut to the same length relative to each other. This can give the impression that your hair has more volume than it has.

Layered haircuts are becoming more popular, and while they might be versatile, they do come with their drawbacks depending on your hair type.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of layered hairstyles!

Pros of Layered Hair

  • Balances weight and bulk in your hair: Layering involves redistributing your hair so it doesn’t look bulky in one spot. A balanced look is a plus for coarse or thick hair types.
  • Adds volume to your hair: Redistributing it makes it look fuller and more voluminous. Volume is a big plus for thin or fine hair types.
  • For curly hair, your curls will look more defined: It also leaves room to style curls properly, so your hair looks healthy.
  • Flatters your face shape: This varies depending on your face shape, but most face shapes look good with layered cuts.
  • Suitable for both short and long haircuts: Layered styles are a hairdresser’s best friend since any hair length will work well.

Cons of Layered Hair

  • Must use techniques appropriate for your hair type: Layered hairstyles work for most hair types, and you should always use the best technique for you and your hair.
  • Requires frequent maintenance to maintain its effect.
  • For a polished look, you must visit a professional hairdresser: Layered cuts are tricky to do on your own, so it’s better to see an expert.
  • Layers take more time to style if you want their full effect.
  • Hair will take a long time to grow back if you aren’t satisfied with it.

What Is a Feathered Haircut?

feathered haircut
Feathered Cut

Much like layered hairstyles, feathered haircuts are meant to add volume and bounce to your hair. But instead of cutting your hair to different lengths, you shape the ends of your hair to give the impression of more volume.

Instead of sectioning your hair off into layers, feathering adds texture and creates a distinct shape, which works well for many hair types.

Feathered haircuts are a stylized form of layered haircut and share several pros and cons. Feathered hairstyles are also versatile, but take care to treat your specific hair type right!

Pros of Feathered Hair

  • Balances your hair: Much like layered cuts, feathered cuts treat your hair, so the bulk is better distributed.
  • Defines your hair more.
  • Works for all hair lengths.
  • Highlights different hair colors: Whether you have natural or artificial color in your hair, feathered cuts accentuate your color well.

Cons of Feathered Hair

  • Requires frequent maintenance to maintain the effect: Much like layered haircuts, feathered hairstyles need proper maintenance to keep looking good.
  • For a polished look, you must visit a professional hairdresser.
  • Feathered hair often makes other alternative hairstyles difficult.
  • Feathered hair doesn’t work for most hair types.

What Do Layered Hair and Feathered Hair Look Like?

Difference Between Layered and Feathered Haircuts

Though they may seem similar, feathered hair and layered hair look quite different. Layered hair adds volume to your hair by creating distinct layers with different lengths.

Feathered hair doesn’t add volume or height and focuses on the very tips of the hair, shaping the bottom. Feathering gives a more natural hair shape than a straight line, which happens when your hair is all the same length.

Difference Between Layer Cut and Feather Cut

So, if you’re wondering about the differences between a layered haircut and a feathered haircut, here are the key differences between the two styles!

Feathered HairstylesLayered Hairstyles
Shapes the ends of your hairCuts your hair to different lengths
Gives hair a soft and natural lookGives hair more body and movement
Hair is cut with a bladeHair is cut with scissors
Difficult to style, depending on hair lengthSimple to style for most hair lengths
Works well on different hair thicknessWorks well for hair of all textures
Requires frequent maintenanceRequires moderate maintenance
Ideal for thinner hair typesWorks for various hair thickness
Reduces your overall hair volume for textureCan help with split ends


Is a combination of layering and feathering possible in a haircut?

Yes, you can combine both styles since neither style contradicts the other. But this kind of hairstyle will work best for longer or thicker hair.

Which one is good for which face shape—layered or feathered cut?

Layered hairstyles look best on heart-shaped, oval, round, and square face shapes. Feathered haircuts look good on any face shape but are best suited for oval and round face shapes.

Layering or feathering, which one is more tricky?

Both layering and feathering are tricky to pull off on your own, but feathering is trickier. If you consider giving yourself either of these hairstyles, you should speak with your hairdresser first!

Layered and feathered cuts are stylish and take care of your hair in unique ways. While layering hair makes it more versatile, feathering hair gives your hair more texture.

No matter what kind of hairstyle you want, you should ultimately visit your hairdresser for advice and maintenance. Hopefully, this article on layered vs. feathered haircuts will help you make a decision. Have fun with your new hair!