Feathered Hair: 20 Ravishing Looks for Women

The feathered hair is a special cut and styling that has been popular back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. It involved a lot of layering. The styling is done to the back, with the ends open. It resembles feather and its lightness, and that is why it is called feather hairstyle.


Who Should Pick Feather Cut

feathered hairstyles

The feather haircut is for every woman who wants to bring a retro vibe in her hairstyle, and at the same time do something different with the look. This haircut looks good on oval-shaped faces, and it also fits the round ones.

This hairstyle requires proper styling. The curls should be opened to the back, and if the hair is straight, the ends should be slightly curved and opened to the back.


Coolest Feathered Hairstyles for Women

Check out below the beautiful feather hairstyles that women with every hair length and texture can get.

1. Short Thick Bob

short feathered bob hair

Featherd short bob looks so good. The cut is the essential issue here, which needs to involve layering. The top and the lower part of the bob will appear as two separate parts.

The layering is done to the sides. The feathery styling is done precisely on the sides, with the ends styled to the back.


2. Short Side Shaved Hair

feathered hairstyles with shaved sides

Many similar looks come with the shaved sides. However, having a feathery top is among the most unique ones. The top is left long, and styled to the side. The entire portion of the hair comes to the sides, with the ends being slightly styled up and curved.


3. Layered Bob with Bangs

feathered hairstyles for short hair

This is a rich and exquisite feather cut for short hair. The bob involves a lot of layering and a change of the length. The bob has a side part that gives direction to the layers.

The bangs also come to the side. The style is done by styling each of the layers, to the outside, making them look very playful and vivid.


4. Medium Length Bob

feathered hairstyles for women

The medium bob comes with interesting styling. Parted to the side, the front parts of the hair are styled in a wavy manner. The small curls are following the face line, and they are styled open to back. As the rest of the hair, it falls casually in a natural way.


5. Lavender Grey Hair

feather cut for medium hair

This is a popular hairstyle that is common among women of all ages. The hair is reaching the shoulders. The layering is present thought the entire hairstyle. The feathered ends appear on the front strands of hair with it being styled to the back.


6. Soft Feathery Rolls

The rolls are among the most beautiful representatives of the feather haircut. On the middle length hair, this is a very soft and feminine hairstyle. The lower parts are straight while the rolls come to the sides over the hair, creating a look like a crown.


7. Brown Ombre Hairstyle

Styling a long hair opens a lot of different possibilities. The best thing to do on a long hair is to insert layers. The layers will make it look more neat and tidy.

Also, if you are not a fan of straight or curly long hair, you can always way it in flipped style. Just style the ends to the outside and they will fit the hairstyle naturally as you move.


8. Face-framing Highlights

This is an exceptionally beautiful feathered long hairstyle that can be even more accented with highlights on the hair. The hair is parted right in the middle.

As it falls, it is open to the outside, creating waves that are unique and beautiful. The rest of the hair is slightly waved.


9. Long and Straight Hair

feathered hairstyles for long hair

The feathered texture can be done on long and straight hair. The layering is present to the sides and a bit at the back, just enough to create a form and shape of the hairstyle.

The parting can be on the side or in the middle. The ends are slightly curved or styled to the outside.


10. Blonde Ombre Hair

feathered hairstyles for thin hair

Those having thin hair can try this hairstyle. The length can be somewhere between long and medium. The ends are sharp and layered.

The hair is flipped on one side of the other, making the ends visible and accented. The thin hair provides the option of wearing the layers straight or slightly curved.


11. Voluminous Curves

The thin hair usually lacks volume so the best thing to do to correct this is to add volume through the layers. The length is medium, while the top parts are shorter.

Exactly those shorter parts are curved to resemble feathers and make the hairstyle more voluminous. The rest of the hair can be straight, voluminously shaped or let just in its natural way.


12. Rose Gold Ombre

The long hair can be beautified with the addition of some extra layers. This means that the back of the hair should have different layering lengths, which will later become visible by the ombre and the styling. The top part is straight and the hairs look like blown by the wind.


13. Layered Long Shag

layered feather cut

The extra layering helps with the thick hairs. It also makes the hair look longer than it is. The layers form and fit the feathered hairstyle naturally, some to the inside, some to the outside.


14. Lots of Feathery Curls

This might the best hairstyle representing the real deal about the curly haircut. As the entire hair is intensely layered, each of the layers is then styled in curls to the outside. This results in a hairstyle full of volume.


15. Curly Bob

feather cut for curly hair

The trendy curly feathered bob is more a natural thing then styling. The cut does require some layering because of the shape of the curls, but their natural direction and ending towards the outside do the entire styling themselves.


16. Baby Bangs

feathered hair with bangs

The bangs are a nice addition to every hairstyle and the same goes for the asymmetrical bob too. The bangs here are short and straight, which creates a visible contrast to the rest of the hairstyle. The layering is done everywhere except for the bangs.


17. Voluminous Top with Thin Layers

This is an extraordinary 1980s hairstyle for women that requires thick and naturally voluminous hair. The layering is done starting from the top, and as it continues done, the hair becomes thinner and thinner. The short layers on the top are styled to the outside, as well as the layers following them.


18. Feathered Bangs

Since the feathered hairstyles were popular back in the ‘70s this is a look directly from that time. The dense and thick hair layering is sharp. The entire hairstyle is styled to the outside, precisely and equally.


19. 70s Shag Haircut

70's feathered hairstyles

This is another popular look from the ‘70s that was very common among the women at that time. The layered hair comes in the form of a shag styled to the outside to resemble the feather. Each of the curved ends comes over the other one.


20. Long Layers

feather cut hairstyle for round face

The long feathered layers look good on a round face. The long hair always gives an elongating effect for the round faces, and the layers here only add to that. The parting is right in the middle and the layers and curves start somewhere around the chin.


The feather haircuts have made a comeback and many women decide to wear this retro hairstyle again. With its special styling technique and final look, the retro haircuts provide a unique look that does not come close to any other hairstyle.

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