35 Wonderful Layered Haircuts for 2022

Layered haircuts are a go-to option for women these days, especially women who have thick hair. Layering the hair simply means hair is cut at different lengths. It cuts down on bulky hair and also creates swoon-worthy movement you’ll fall in love with. Plus, layers work with all hair types! So what are you waiting for?


Lovely Layered Haircuts

This list of 35 layered haircuts will leave you with plenty of options for updating your current hairstyle.

1. Long Layered Hair

long layered hair

Sure you could wear your long hair all at one length, but a better way to style it is by adding layers. These are long layers so the first level of layering doesn’t start until the shoulders.


2. Short Layered Hair

short layered hair

Do you have a short haircut you want to liven up? Short layers start closer to the scalp so not only do they create shape, they add texture up top you can easily manipulate with fingers.


3. Layered Medium Haircut

layered medium haircut

These blonde layers begin at chin level and really pop when hair is straightened and draped over shoulders. When you have layers, you need only add a center part to finish off your look.


4. Layered Curly Hair

layered curly hair

Curly hair tends to get thick and bulky, sometimes even messy if it’s not tamed the right way. Whether you have natural curls or use a curling wand, adding layers is the best way to whip them into shape.


5. Layered Hair with Bangs

layered hair with bangs

A half updo with straight bangs looks even better with layers. On brown hair with caramel layers and waves, layers add a slight feathering to help hair stand out hanging over shoulders.


6. Layered Straight Hair

layered straight hair

For women with naturally straight hair, a layered look is very work-appropriate. This style features a slight blonde balayage, helping the look stand out even more.


7. Layered Wavy Hair

layered wavy hair

Wear your layered hair loaded with waves and a statement headband to feel your best. Whether it’s a wedding, date night, or you just want to look cute for work, this style will do it.


8. Choppy Layers

choppy layered haircut

Choppy layers mean the hair is still cut into layers but unevenly. Many women choose these to add a rocker edge to their hairstyle, like this straight dark red look.


9. Layered Thick Hair

layered thick hair

For my thick hair, layers are the key to keeping it manageable. If yours is as thick as mine, you’ll love the amazing things layers do for making it easy to style.


10. Thin Layered Blonde Hair

thin layered haircut

As if platinum was the only way to make thin hair angelic-like, adding layers will help to give the illusion of thicker locks. On straight hair, they’re especially noticeable for their piecey appearance.


11. Face-framing Layers

face framing layers

Layers that frame the face will never go out of style. Whether it’s a round or oval face you’re trying to flatter, layers that begin at cheekbones will give your face a whole new look.



layered haircut for women over 50



pixie hair with layers



two toned hair with layers



layered hair with pigtails



medium layered haircut



updo for layered hair



half up layered hair



balayage hair with layers

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layered hair with bangs

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layered hair with headband


22. Layered Hair with Side Bangs

layered hair with side bangs

Why let your hair lie limp against your head when layers will give the body some shape? Worn with soft side bangs, this short style with waves is a great hairstyle for any woman.


23. V-Cut Hair with Layers

To create a V-shape with your hair, you’ll want to start layers at least 5 inches up from your hair’s ends. Slowly add in longer layers and brush hair straight for the most noticeable effect.


24. Layered Blonde Hair

layered blonde hair

A blonde haircut is definitely for the girl-next-door and you can make it even more attractive with layers. Worn straight with curtain bangs and your favorite dress, it’s super chic.


25. Layered Hairstyle for Black Women

black layered hair

In between haircuts and want something simple yet stylish? A straight black weave with layers and long straight bangs takes only minutes to style in the mornings, so you can look good in a flash. If you prefer shorter hair, go for layered bob.


26. Layered Bob

layered bob

Avoid the boring rounded shape a bob haircut can look like and add layers. With bouncy curls for body and a cut that stops at the jawline, it’s the ultimate flattering short haircut.


27. Layered Brown Hair

layered brown hair

Against light or medium brown hair, highlighted layers stand out beautifully. It’s a classy style for the woman who prefers chic traditional cuts.


28. Asian Girl With Layered Hair

asian layered hair

Many Asian women tend to have straight hair. Since this texture of hair is easy to work with, adding layers will only make it easier. Try a rich chocolate brown for even more beauty.


29. Layers for Women over 50

layered haircut for women over 50

Prefer thick luscious locks for your short hairstyle? A bit of teasing and layered curls will bring all eyes to you. Part hair in the center and add blonde highlights to make your curls pop.


30. Feathered Layers

feathered layered hair

The crown of this hairstyle is teased to add volume while the layers are feathered to create wispy ends. A rich chocolate brown color pulls it all together.


31. Shaggy Layers

shaggy layered hair

Avril Lavigne once rocked shaggy layers and girls went crazy. It’s back in style and you can get it by asking your stylist for slightly messy, razor-cut layers.


32. Layered Hair with Highlights

layered hair with highlights

Another great thing about having a layered haircut is you can easily create a beach babe look. Give your hair a heavy part to create blonde highlighted tresses that are lusciously voluminous.


33. Layered Hair for Round Face

layered hair for round chubby face

A round face needs a shaped hairstyle in order for the face not to look even more round. Start your layers at the cheek so that whether you wear hair parted in the center or off-center, your locks will flatter your angles.


34. Layered Hair into Ponytail

layered hair into ponytail

While layered hair looks beautiful worn down and loose, it looks equally as pretty gathered into a ponytail secured at medium height. Wrap a section of hair around the base to disguise an ugly elastic.


35. Braids for Layered Hair

braids for layered hair

This dressed-up formal hairstyle for layered hair features braids of varying sizes intertwined with waves and curls, perfect for a wedding or date.

Be honest: how many of these layered haircuts did you fall in love with? If your answer is all of the above, start today with your favorite and try them all!