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18 Splendid Little Girl Cornrows for 2024

One cornrow or two cornrows is a common hairstyle for little girls, but sometimes that’s not enough. To make your little girl’s cornrows more interesting, try incorporating some volume, different kinds of braids, and fun braided designs. Let our list of the 10 best cornrow hairstyles for little girls be your inspiration!

Little Girl Cornrows

Exquisite and stylish cornrows are among the trendiest little girl hairstyles for 2024. These cute cornrows are not only flattering on girls but their moms as well. If you exercise some patience and regular practice, you can braid your angel’s hair effortlessly.

Take a look at these glam cornrow ideas for your little girl.

#1. Natural Braid for Little Girls

This gorgeous look has a supreme quality for sure. You can achieve it by braiding curvy cornrows that appear as if they are swept back. The stunning patterns in the cornrows are a fun style for little princesses.

#2. Ghana Cornrows for Little Girls

Ghana cornrows are beautiful hairstyles that are making their comeback into the styling niche for little black girls. While thick cornrows feature straight strands, this look takes a different route using curves with subtle braids in between.

#3. Lovely Cornrow Hairstyle

This is amongst the most charming little girl cornrows. It allows your little girl to play all day long with the hair up well protected. It doesn’t also bother her during sleeping which is an important thing to consider in braiding.

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#4. Unique Braided Mohawk Cornrow

Here is yet another inspiring look for little girls. The thicker and thinner cornrows are pulled to the back and then merged with extensions to come up with chunky mohawk buns. It is a chic style that will leave a memorable trail in her life.

#5. Adorable Cornrows and A Bun

This effortlessly blended haircut is something many mothers can create at home. If you use thicker cornrows, you will do it quicker and spare hurting your fingers. Besides, you can train your girl sitting through braiding before trying more complicated cornrows.

#6. Top Knot with Cornrows

Little girls like braids that give them an opportunity to experiment with different accessories like beads. This haircut was styled to perfection. Ensure the hair is conditioned and encourage your doll to wrap it with headscarf when she goes to sleep, so it maintains its smoothness.

#7. Unique Natural Hairstyle for Girls

For cornrows for little girls that have never been seen before, you will want to get an expert braid designer. This style is undoubtedly incredible. The silhouette and the height are very gorgeous, and the cornrows styles give it a playful, diva vibe.

#8. Curvy Cornrows with Bearded Ends

Toddler girls like to mimic everything they see with other girls. However, do you think this is the right age to teach them individuality? Yes, it is. Luckily, there are numerous impressive hairstyles you can try.

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#9. Heart Shaped Braids and Cornrows for Little Girls

Elaborate braided styles and plethora of hair accessories are indeed hairstyling territory of little princesses. With cute braids as these, your little angel’s intricate natural hair will be secured and put together in the most adorable way that she will appreciate more than you do.

#10. Angled Cornrow Braids for Kids

This beautiful hairstyle utilizes extensions, braided into cornrows, which are completed with twists. This diagonal portion of this haircut and the braided pattern are the main features of this look. In this case, one pigtail sits higher than the other. So beautiful!

#11. Cornrows for Black Girl

Sure you could let your little girl wear her cornrows down, but this updo is a cute way of doing space buns. She’ll love the way her braids stay out of her way on a day playing outside.

cornrows for little black girl

#12. Cornrow Braids for Caucasian Girl

For little girls with long hair, it’s essential to find a hairstyle that keeps hair out of the way. These cornrows begin at the hairline and follow through to the tips for a neat style.

cornrow braids for little white girl

#13. Little Girl’s Cornrow Braids with Beads

In addition to the braids here flowing in unexpected directions, the ends are tipped with contrasting beads. A side bang makes sure the beads are the first thing her friends will see.

little girl's cornrow braids with beads

#14. Half Cornrow Half Box Braids for Little Girl

Combining cornrows with box braids is the best way to make a little girl’s hairstyle stand out. Cap the ends with patterned beads.

half cornrow half box braids for little girl

#15. Little Girl’s Cornrow Updo

On special occasions or on a day when your little one is busy with outside activities, gather her cornrow braids up into a high bun or ponytail.

little girl's cornrow updo

#16. Side Cornrow Braids for Little Girl

Instead of doing the traditional cornrow braids that go straight back, make them head in one direction to get this cute side bun or ponytail.

side cornrow braids for little girl

#17. Blonde Cornrows for Little Girl

These blonde cornrows are evenly spaced around the head, making for an overall neat and symmetrical ponytail. The braids go just past halfway the hair shaft, leaving the rest of the hair loose.

blonde cornrows for little girl

#18. Long Cornrow Braids for Little Girl

A little girl with thick hair will love how these cornrow braids keep hair out of the face and in a cute ponytail topped with a large faux flower.

cornrow braids for little girl with long hair

Well, little girls are just like young women who try to look stunning and express their personality through gorgeous haircuts and dresses. Choosing the right cornrows for your little girl is the best way to show her that you care.