15 Quick & Easy Curly Hairstyles for Little Girls

Little Girls born with curly hair are the most adorable looking girls of all. They literally look like dolls that come in a box purchased from a market. The hair is beautiful and above all, fun to style with.

Although curly hair can be difficult to manage, there are many hairstyles out there that you can try on your little ones.


Trendy Curly Hairstyles for Little Girls

Here we are going to present you 15 amazing little girl hairstyles for curly hair that will give your princess an adorable look.

1. Long Curly Hair with Center Part

long curly hairstyle for little girl

With long hair, a little girl can rock all sorts of hairstyles, including this long beachy waved one. Top it with a flowered crown or headband!


2. Medium Curly Hair with Short Bangs

little girl's curly hair with bangs

Long thick curls are super adorable when left to their own devices. Run a bit of leave-in conditioner to have her curls looking sweet all day!


3. Side Cornrow Ponytail for Natural Hair

curly hairstyle for little black girls

For natural black hair on little girls, start with cornrows. Braid them halfway toward the far side of the head, then gather them into a side poofy pontail.


4. Thick Springy Curls with Side Part

little girl's thick curly hair

This little girl’s curly hair are tight ringlets. For picture day or holiday photos, scrunch them up to wake up the texture and part the hair at the side.


5. Short Thin Curly Hair

thin curly hairstyle for little girls

For a little girl with thin curly hair, you can let her wear it down in a simple center part, or try a half updo with a ponytail or braid.


6. Thick Natural Hair with Curls

mixed little girl with curly hair

This little girl’s hair is afro-like, but it’s blonde. Avoid poofing it out but using hair oil to seal the hair cuticle, then slide back a colorful headband to pull hair off the face. 


7. Short Curls with Half Pony 

curly hairstyle for toddler girl

While a toddler probably won’t be able to keep her curly hair looking this perfect all day, it’ll look great for school photos or other occasions. It’s parted at the side and secured in a small pony wrapped in red ribbon.


8. Short Curls with Side Barrette

little girl with curly hair

Simple yet to the point, this little girl’s curly hairstyle uses a cute barrette to pin back the hair on one side of the face. 


9. Half Waterfall Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail for Little Girl

If your little one has long curly hair and she wants them to be tied away from the face, then this hairstyle would be the perfect one. Tie a nice high ponytail and make a regular 3 strand braid in her ponytail. Now she is all set to go for a productive day out in school.


10. Cornrow Braids with Beads

little girl hairstyle with beaded braids

If the hair is naturally coiled or swirled, then this would just be the right hairstyle for her curly hair. All you need to do is, make lots of small and tight braids in her hair and add colorful beads along those braids to give an innocent and playful look to your little girl like the one shown in the picture below.


11. Low Curly Flower Girl Hair

flowery curls for little girl

An amazing hairstyle for a little girl with curly hair. If you have a wedding coming ahead to attend and your little one has been given the honor of being the flower girl for the bride, then this hairstyle would be the right one.

The curls in her hair have already blessed her for the look, so all you need to do is pin them up into three sections and add small flower clips to cover up the pins. There you have, a cute princess ready to throw flowers down the aisle.


12. Zigzag Braids with Double Ponytails

Zigzag Braids with Double Ponytails for Curly Hair

This hairstyle for curly hair can last all day, especially for those little girls who have afro hair. For this look, Part the hair into two sections with a zigzag parting at the back and make criss-cross braids on top and tie them up into two ponytails.


13. Long and Curly with Headband

hairstyle with headband for curly hair

For a casual day at home, if your little girl likes her hair open, but you worry she’ll mess them up or get something stuck in them, then simply just put a head band in her hair to avoid it from falling on her face.


14. Short Curls with Small Side Part

little girl hairstyle with short curly hair

If the hair is too short to be styled or tied, then simply just add a clip on the top front side of the hair to create a simple and cute look.


15. Half Up Curly Hairstyle with Mini Pigtails

mini pigtails with curly hair

For a sporty event at school, make your little girl’s hair into mini pigtails, so that she can be active and run around freely without having to mess and get her hair dirty during the activities.