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25 Gorgeous Middle Part Curly Hairstyles for Women

A middle parting is a great and quick way to switch up your hairstyle without needing to change your entire look. The added beauty of having curly hair is that a center part seldom looks very harsh as the curls help soften the style.

A parting is usually used to frame the face, and it will often highlight and draw attention to the area where the parting falls. For example, in the case of a center part – it will showcase right down the middle of the face, which can sound daunting!

curly hair with middle part

If the idea of a bold and stark center part scares you, you can try and set the parting slightly off center (only by around half an inch) and it will still look like a center parting, but it will not appear as unforgiving.

Side partings tend to be more popular as they are thought to be more fashionable and aesthetically pleasing. But this is not always the case, especially when you have naturally bountiful and curly hair.

The big drawback, however, is that curly hair can be difficult to part. By separating the locks, especially when wet, you will often be pulling apart naturally formed curls which can create unwanted frizz.


How To Middle Part Curly Hair

  • The key to sleek and natural curls is to leave them alone as much as possible. This means setting your middle parting BEFORE you wash your hair when it is still dry.
  • Gently wash and condition your curly hair as you would normally do but pay attention not to disturb your middle parting.
  • Comb your hair once washed and towel dried with the parting still in place and your curls will sit and form – without frizz – where they are.
  • A perfectly straight middle parting is not always necessary when you have a big mop of beautiful curls – often a more natural and haphazard parting can help add lift at the roots.
  • If you do want a more defined and straight parting, then use the sharper end of a styling brush or even a pencil to separate the hair and get a more distinct part. However, it is still best to do this before you wash, while your hair is still dry.
  • Make sure that you choose the best cut to help your hair. Curly hair can range from super tight curls to loose waves to a gradual kink, so speak to your stylist about how to get the best cut so that your style sits well.
  • Layering curly hair is key to get a beautiful and soft look – especially if your hair is thick and long. Layering prevents a heavy and lank look and can provide texture without frizz.
  • Condition your hair to ensure that it remains moisturized as this is a good combatant against frizz.


Best Middle Part Styles for Curly Hair

Following are the trendy middle-parted curly hairstyles for women in the fashion world.

1. Side Updo

middle parted curly updo

A side updo goes perfectly well with a middle part and is suitable for special events. Slick back the middle-parted afro curls to one side and secure them in an updo. Braid a chunky strand to wrap around the updo or use extensions to achieve the same effect.


2. Low Ponytail

middle parted curly ponytail

Considering the busy ladies who don’t want to spend much time styling their locks detangle the curly strands and secure them in a low ponytail at the back with a simple middle parting at the front. This style is easy to achieve and stays in place all day long.


3. Space Buns

curly space buns with middle part

Space buns look fun and are an ideal way to keep those curls away from the face. Section the hair into two parts and style it into two space buns sitting on the head. Young girls can top off the look with hoop earrings.  


4. Dark to Light Gradient

middle part curly ombre hair

Here is another middle parted curly hair look for those women who are bored of their natural black tresses. The dark roots melt flawlessly into the warm blonde hue creating an ombre effect while the light blonde highlights peeking through the darker ones set this look on fire.


5. Micro Braids

curly box braids with middle part

Micro braids are low maintenance and can be kept for some days. Divide the hair into small sections and braid down the strands to the ends. Leave the braids loose to curl up naturally with a middle part for a carefree appeal.


6. Curly French Braids

middle part curly pigtail braids

Keep those fluffy curls out of the face the entire day by combing them down with a center part and entwining them into two simple French braids falling at the front. Young ladies can flaunt this effortless hair look while going to school.


7. Deadly Dreadlocks + Curly Ends

curly hair locs with middle part

Dread down those long black tresses to achieve an easy-to-maintain yet deadly hair look. Spice things up further by leaving the ends un-dreaded and curling them up for a contrasting punk appeal. The strands can be worn with a simple middle part and some hair cuffs.


8. Pretty Pigtails

curly pigtails with middle part

Pigtails look equally gorgeous with those well-defined curls. This look never gets old and all girls have rocked it at least once in their childhood. Divide the hair into two sections and secure them up in two ponytails leaving the rest to the natural curls.


9. Floral Headband

middle part curly hair with crown

Look like an ethereal goddess by trimming your long curly hair in subtle layers. Flaunt those coils with confidence by leaving them free to sway with the wind. Top off the look with a beautiful floral headband. This simple yet dreamy style will surely turn around many heads.


10. Curly Mess

middle part curly hair

The messier it gets, the better it looks. Dye the coils in a deep auburn shade that lightens down in the middle to a coppery hue while re-emerging at the ends. Trim the hair to shoulder length while it falls carelessly on both sides of the face.


11. Mini Box Braids + Low Bun

middle part curly hair with weave

Instead of going for the conventional box braids take smaller sections of the hair to plait it down into hundreds of mini box braids all over the head while incorporating light brown extensions with the natural strands. Finish off by styling the braids in a middle-parted low bun.


12. Double Dutch Braids

middle parted short curly hair

Tame those kinky afro curls rather than setting them loose for a change. Slick down the middle-parted strands and entwine them tightly into two inverted Dutch braids starting just behind the hairline. This style is neat and simple but looks chic on casual days.


13. Simple and Carefree

long curly hair with middle part

There is no need to complicate a hairstyle when leaving your middle-parted curls on the loose looks stylish enough. Brush the hair down and leave the rest to the natural curls. This style is ideal for ladies who want to keep it low-maintenance and carefree.


14. Caramel Highlights

curly hair with middle part

Make those kinky curls stand out from the crowd by dying them in a light golden brown shade and adding caramel highlighted streaks in between them. Go for a deva haircut with the curls framing the face beautifully. This look adds an instant gleam to the face.


15. Ash Blonde Balayage

middle part curly hair with headband

Instagram / michelegomesmua

This light ash blonde balayage is yet another chic manner to wear your curly hair with a middle parting. The dark top melts into the lighter hue seamlessly creating a two-toned look. Tuck the center-parted strands behind the ears and add a headband to recreate this wedding look exactly.


16. Long Curly and Simple

long curly hair with middle part

A middle part for curly hair doesn’t have to be poker straight – here a more natural part suits the overall effortless look of the hair, with the relaxed curls providing a more fun and laid-back style.


17. Shaggy Afro

afro hair with middle part

An uneven center part is great for adding lift at the roots however if you are lucky enough to have the volume that comes with a natural afro then a more structured mid part on curly hair can still be an option. The contrast of the severe parting mixed with a natural afro is a stunning style.


18. Wavy Bob

wavy bob with middle partCurls don’t always mean you have super tight ringlets – sometimes you can have a more natural waved style. This beachy look is perfectly paired with a more natural middle part, rather than opting for a structured side parting, as it allows the waves to fall naturally and frame the face.

Perfect Curly and Wavy Hairstyles for Women


19. Cute and Choppy

choppy curls with middle part for women

This cute and flirty middle part on curly hairstyle is a great way to wear super short hair in a curly style. The center part is surrounded by wild and wicked curls that have been brushed loose in a haphazard way to make for a bold and beautiful statement.


20. Structured Curls

curly hair with middle part for women

If you don’t have naturally curly hair, then it doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on this look. This stunning natural curly hair with a middle part is enhanced by the structured and set ringlets. The blonde color really makes this a very feminine and ethereal look for any goddess.


21. Half Up Do

This is a beautifully glamorous middle parted curly hair look that pairs natural curls with a structured half-updo half down. Straightening the front section either side of the mid part makes for a very sleek, sophisticated and dazzling look.


22. Two Halves

curly hairstyles with middle part

If you are wanting a more edgy style, then pinning curly hair at the roots with long clips when wet makes for a unique and bespoke look. This style works best on naturally curly hair in particular with a neat and structured center part.

If you want to create this look but don’t have time to wash and dry, it can be done by straight ironing the hair from the roots to just above the ear.


23. Fringe Benefits

Bangs are often an underused option where naturally curly hair is considered. Here a curtain bang is used perfectly. The curtain bang is a longer fringe that is tapered into the front of the hair.

It can create a more natural looking bang and is a cross between an effortless fringe and a bang that looks on the brink of growing out. This is a great choice for curly middle parted hairstyle.


24. Making Waves


waves on curly hair with middle part

Frizzy and wild hair isn’t always for everyone, but it can have its place and look stunning and striking when paired with a highly structured part and very considered and controlled waves.

The middle part is straightened across the top of the crown and then falls into zig-zag waves which are lightly brushed out for a dramatic style.


25. Short Curly Hair

short curly hair with middle part

This short and choppy crop is a great everyday look but still is glamorous in its own right. The cute relaxed fringe, paired with the blunt length and haphazard center part makes for an uncomplicated and naturally beautiful hairstyle.


If you are wanting to alter your parting to switch-up to middle part on curly hair look– remember that it can frame your face differently. However, you have nothing to lose in trying out something new – it is a fun way to have a change that has no lasting consequences if you decide you don’t like it.