25 Exquisite Loose Curly Hairstyles for Women [2022]

Loose curly hairstyles are among the most popular hairstyles for women of all age. The loose curls come as look somewhere between the regular curl and the wave. They are soft, elegant, romantic and feminine. Loose hair curls can be done on each hair length, so no matter what is your current hairstyle you can always try it in a big curl pattern.


How to Determine Your Curl Pattern

woman with curly hair

To determine the right and exact curl pattern depends on various things. First of all, it is determined by the shape of the follicle that the hair grows out of the scalp. If the follicle is oval shaped or flat, the hair will be curlier.

If the cross-section is more circular than the hair will be straighter. What also identifies the curl pattern is the shape of the strands that hair makes. They can kink, curve, wind around which all determines the curl pattern.


How to Get Loose Curls On Hair With and Without Heat

Ways to Get Loose Curls On Hair With and Without Heat

Getting loose curly hair or at least a look that resembles loose waves can be done with and without the use of heat. When using heat, this means pretty much that you are using some tool that will curl your hair. That can be a curler, hair straightener, hairdryer, hot brush, and other tools that help the hair curl.

Doing the process of curling with use of heat means exposing the heat to excessive heat which long-term use, will eventually damage, dry and break the hair. however, as soon as the curls are done with any of these tools, the curls should be sprayed with hairspray because they might fall down and the effect will not be as desired.

Prepping the hair before the curling is also very important. When doing the curling without using heat, that means that you are using some product like hair mousse that curls the hair. Also, the cold or rubber curlers might get the job done. With them, you will need more time, let’s say at least 2 hours if you want to get nice curls.


Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Do Soft Curls Loose Without Heat


Interesting Facts about Curly Hair

 Facts about Curly Hair

  • The regular washing keeps the curls grow stronger. The product residue and grime that builds up on the scalp clogs the roots which slow the process of growing.
  • The extreme curly hair does not need brushing. this is an important thing to know because the brushing makes the follicles weak and the hair to break. Instead of a brush, use your finger to untangle the hair and define the curls.
  • Reaching a desired long length on a curly hair is a long process. It takes time and patience. The curls are shrinking the length which also affects the real length, so if you want to grow long curly hair, take the factors like physical health, diet, and genetics into consideration.
  • Curly hair makes its own way and pattern, so no matter if you have thick or thin hair, if you are wearing bangs, they will curl and turn to short curls.
  • Having their own way, the curls always find a new way to settle on your head. This means that after washing, you will never get the same repetitive hairstyle. Looking at the bright side, this can be good because you will always have a new look.
  • Cutting curly hair is different than cutting straight hair. With that being said, many hairdressers do not know the difference and how to do that. This will eventually reflect on you and your final look will be close to a something unidentified.


Latest Loose Curly Hairstyles

These are the trendiest ways to wear your curls loose in this year. Have a look and get inspired.

1. Short Bob with Curls

Short Bob with Loose Curls

This short bob hairstyle is very trendy and modern. The layering at the different length of the hair makes the short loose curly hair fall naturally. It is a voluminous, chic and elegant choice for women who are tired of straight hair, or for those who have naturally wavy or curly hair.


2. Long Bob

Long Bob with Loose Curls

When it comes to long bobs, the trendiest curly option currently is doing the curls at the end. This means that most of the hair is straight, and as it comes to the ends, loose curls finish the look. Some are shorter than others because of the different length of the hair.


3. Loose Half Curly Updo

half updo with loose curls

Doing a half updo is suitable and often seen hair choice among women who want to do something with their hair instead of just wearing it let down. The upper part of the hair, which is curly, is pulled back in a half updo, which visually creates a bigger and more voluminous look. The rest of the curls fall down naturally.


4. Messy Top Knot 

loose curly hair with topknot

Braids are a wonderful addition to each hairstyle because they are very feminine. On this hairstyle, the braid starts from the very front, going back to the top of the head, finishing in a small top knot. Form both side parts dividing the braid from the rest of the hair, the loose curls are free, messy is voluminous. The final look is beautiful.


5. Curly Balayage Hair

Big Loose Curls for Long Hair

On the long hair, again, because of its weight, the curls look more like waves but denser. They start just around the middle of the curly hair, falling down in a loose pattern, creating the romantic and girly hairstyle. The hair can be worn to the side or parted at the middle.


6. Side French Braid with Curls

Making the curly hair romantic can be done with the addition of a side braid. It starts at the front, going almost as high as the neck begins. It is undone – it finishes with a low curly pony. This blends nicely to the rest of the loosely curled perm hair.


7. Soft Curls With Twist

If you are looking for a style more than a regular look, then try the twist. The twist on a loose curly hair looks nice and interesting. Pull the hair back and from a few strings of hair make twists that will interlock among themselves. The end of the twist will be curly that will continue with the rest of the curls from the letdown hair.


8. Braided Updo

Creating an updo hairstyle with curls and braids in an elegant loose curl weave hairstyle that is appropriate for occasions like weddings, receptions, birthday, etc. Two tiny braids start from the sides, while the hair in between them is done in an updo. The rest of the hair is curly, flowy and bouncy.


9. Side Dutch Braid

This is another version of the side braid with looser curled hair that covers most of the front part of the hair on the head. It starts from one side, going all over the front to the other side and finishing in the rest of the curly hair.


10. Perm Curls

long hair with loose curls

The long hair looks much nicer when the curls are done only at the ends. The loose curl perms in this hairstyle is a combination of waves and spiral curls. They complement each other in the same direction.


11. Tousled Loose Curls

Those who prefer even medium looser curls can try this style. The ends are finishing in big waves and curls making the hair voluminous at the ends. This is a great option for women with very long hair.


12. Long Bob for Thick Hair

The lob on a thick hair is better to be styled in curls because they make the hair look more voluminous than when it is styled as straight. The loose curls on mid length hair are in fact what makes the volume and they start high.


13. Side Part Ponytail

Instead of wearing your curls let down, a pony is also a great option when you want to keep your hair out of your face and eyes. The low side curly ponytail is one common option for many brides and women attending some official events. It is elegant and chic, and it flaunts the curls even better than when the hair is let down.


14. Low Curly Braided Ponytail 

As an addition and an accessory to the low curly ponytail, the side braids are always a great choice. It makes a great difference if you find the regular low pony boring. It can be thin or thick, however, you like it, and it will complement the curls nicely.


15. Half-Pony Half-Up Pony with Loose Curls

This extra girlish and trendy look requires absolutely no time and is very easy to be done. If your hair is naturally curly, just pull it back in a top pony. Direct the hair from the pony to fall to the sides instead of at the back.


16. Deep Side-Swept Big Curls

This wonderful look starts with separating the hair with a deep side part. From there, the smaller portion of the hair goes behind the ear in a loose soft curl. The greater part of the hair is swept to the other side, just reaching the side of the forehead, falling down in big curls.


17. Long Curly Hair with Bangs

Bangs are also a common choice for women who want to hide their forehead from any reason. In this curly hairstyle, the loose curly long hair falls to the sides, while the bangs start deep back and are straight.


18. Short A-line Bob 

The A-line bob with curls focuses on the density of the curls, which is a perfect solution for women with short and naturally curly hair. The curls are wavier than round, loose curls on short hair are bouncy, creating a bold and rich look.


19. Curly Bob with Bangs

This is another version of a bob, shorter and edgier. The curls are loose all over the hairstyle. The bangs come from the middle of the head, also curly, falling over the forehead. The line is straight, with subtle gradual misbalance.


20. Medium Length Curly Hair

woman with medium length loose curly hair

Medium length hair has its own weight, especially if it is about thicker hair. This means that whichever type of curls you make, due to the weight of the hair, they will become loose. The Loose curly hairstyle on medium hair is very often and popular hairstyle and can be seen everywhere around us.


21. Chin-length Bob with Loose Curls

The loose short curls can dive a definition and texture in a hairstyle when they are smaller and denser. In this short bob, they look very natural and free.


22. Curls with Straight Bangs

When wearing shoulder-length hair, always tend to do loose curls. They are more appealing to the lines of the face, and they look more natural. If you are wearing bangs, style them in a messy way.


23. Medium Hair with Side Bangs

The medium length hair usually is done in layering which makes the curls present an edgy finish. This hairstyle also shows a deep side part, with straight side bangs.


24. Curly Pixie Bob with Bangs

pixie bob with loose curly hair

Women who have naturally curly hair can wear this hairstyle in the best possible way. Here, the curls are loose, bouncy and beautiful, while the pixie cut is interesting and unique for this type of curls. Following a pattern, the curls themselves define the direction.


25. Pixie with Bangs

Pixie Cut with Loose Curly Bangs

Wearing shaved sides is tricky, but with the top of the curly done in beautiful curls, it can look very beautiful and interesting. The short loose curls are keeping the feminine vibe, while the shaved sides suggest rebellious and punk tone.


Having curly hair might be difficult. You might find it hard to style it, brush it, keep it at a place or straighten it. However, the curly is natural and beautiful and it should be cared for properly. With so many styling suggestions you will easily find the perfect one refresh your loose curly hair look.

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