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How To Do A Zigzag Part the Right Way

Why choose the simple, straight part we all wear everyday when you can create a stylish zigzag part with your hair that is more fun? A zigzag part is the perfect, easy way to add a little interest to an otherwise rather boring feature. Not only does it take just a few minutes to create, but will make your hairstyle stand out in the best of ways. Add it to hair worn down and use it as a feature on a playful up-do.

Young girls especially love the effect that a zigzag part creates. All that you need to do now is learn how this technique. Luckily, we lay it all out in the simple steps below.


Creating a Zigzag Part

Zigzag parts are easy enough, but the methods differ depending on your hair type. Read on to find the best way to make a zigzag part for your hair.

For Thick, Curly Kinky Hair

zigzag part for thick curly hair

If you have particularly thick, curly or kinky hair, creating a zigzag part is not as simple as running a comb down the back of the head. Working with this hair texture means going through the process section by section, but it’s a lot easier than it seems.

  1. Get your hands on a fine-tooth comb.
  2. Set comb straight on top of the head. You can use it as a guide for creating your zigzag.
  3. Draw a line with the comb. If you want a large zigzag, take the comb back at least an inch. For a tighter zigzag, draw a shorter part.
  4. Separate hair on each side of the zigzag and press down to hold it in place.
  5. Continue to create each section of the zigzag, alternating directions with each turn. You may need to go back at some point and re-draw the initial zig (or zag) for the most cohesive part.
  6. If you’re creating an up-do like pigtails, continue the zigzag part all the way down the back of the head.
  7. Tie your pigtails on each side and voila! You’ve got the perfect zigzag hairstyle!


For Fine Hair

zigzag part for fine hair

Having fine hair isn’t always fun, but when it comes to creating a zigzag part, it’s the easiest hair type to work with. Simply follow these steps below.

  1. Draw your part using a fine-toothed comb. Rock it on your best side or in the middle
  2. Next, take the comb and create a zigzag motion all along the part. Hair on either side will get gathered up along the way, so don’t worry about that.
  3. Once the part is drawn, use your fingers to separate the hair so it falls on either side of the part.
  4. Smooth hair down and you’re ready to go!

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to do if you don’t have a lot of hair or complicated curls. If your hair is straight but you’ve got a lot to work with, the technique below should be a winner.


For Straight Hair

zigzag part for straight hair

Unless your hair is very fine, using the end tooth on the comb can leave your hair in a big mess. If your hair is straight or contains a fair amount of waves, however, you should use the steps below.

  1. Brush all of your hair back as best as you can, even tilting your head slightly backward.
  2. Place the comb horizontally along the hairline.
  3. Drag the comb backward, making quick back and forth motions.
  4. Using your finger, choose the spot where you want your part, either in the middle or to the side, and separate the hair using your finger.
  5. Underneath is a beautiful zigzag pattern that will shape and define your hairstyle.

Creating the zigzag part you’ve always dreamed of is not only easy, but it’s also pretty fun to do. Working with your natural hair texture will make the entire process only that much easier.


Coolest Zigzag Part Hairstyles

1. Dual Dutch Braids

dutch braids with zigzag part

Flaunt a zigzag middle part with two Dutch Braids along its sides. These braids are classy and look cute on young girls. For a change, incorporate deep purple and navy blue strands while entwining the hair from the front to the ends.


2. Chic Hair Gems

side zigzag part


Want an embellished hair look? Here is a simple manner to do a zigzag part the right way. Slick down the side-parted strands behind one ear. Add shiny white hair gems to it and top off the look with chic earrings.


3. High Ponytails

pigtails with zigzag parting


High ponytails look fun and are easy to achieve. The pastel streaks of purple, blue, and yellow shine through the platinum hair. Carve out the middle part and secure the hair into two high ponytails.


4. Keep It Simple

zigzag part hairstyle for older women


Middle-aged women can also flaunt a simple zigzag style part with class. Use a comb to create the middle part slightly to one side and brush down the remaining layered bob cut. This look makes the hair appear fuller.   


5. Zigzag Cornrows

zigzag parted braids


This detailed look can be kept for some days. The long black tresses are sectioned into triangular parts each of which is braided down to the ends while incorporating blonde extensions for a two-toned appeal.


6. Half-Up Buns

Combine two buns with a half-up hairstyle for a funky appeal. The hair has a black to auburn ombre look. Half of it is secured into two space buns with a crooked middle parting while the remaining hangs loose at the back.


7. Detailed Braids

Zigzag Feed in Braids


Rock three crooked partings rather than one for a distinctive look. The long locks are divided into four parts and entwined into chunky braids with bright red strands peeking through the black ones. Complete this hairstyle with oversized hair cuffs.


8. Add Some Glitter

Young girls can participate in the zigzag parting trend by pairing braids with loose waves. The top front part is knitted into two Dutch braids and secured with bow hair ties. Add glitter on the crooked middle parting to stand out among others.


9. Zigzag Slick Back

Slick back your hair to keep it away from the face on a busy day. Draw a huge sharply curved line in the middle and pull back the strands using pomade to keep them in place. Secure the rest in a sleek high ponytail.


10. Bouncy Curls

long wavy hair with zigzag parting


Long locks look gorgeous when styled into bouncy curls. Such a simple style can be leveled up with a zigzag middle part. Tuck the strands behind the ears and leave some of the curls at the front while the remaining at the back.


11. Space Buns

space buns with zigzag part


Show your wild side by styling the hair in two high pigtails buns and a snaky middle parting with zigzagging line. The strands at the back can be styled in a low ponytail or bun for a funky appeal. The natural roots contrast nicely against the orange strands.


12. Messy Updo 

Zigzag Part Updo


Contrast a sleek front with a messy updo to turn around some heads. The front strands are side-parted in a zigzag way and slicked back into braids while the remaining hair is secured in a low-lying updo. Leave some strands loose for a carefree appeal.


13. Jumbo Chignons

This bold hairstyle is defined by a jumbo chignon at the top with another oversized one at the back. There are triangular-shaped partings along the sides just above the ears. Finish off the look by adding white beads.


14. Top Bun

Do a zigzag part the right way with this half-up hairstyle. A jagged line is carved in the middle of the medium-length lob coupled with a top knot bun. Pull the stands loose along the middle parting creating the illusion of a fishtail braid


15. Zigzag Sections

Go for a neat hair look to save the hassle of styling it the whole day. The top is divided into sections using a sharply curved line with each part being secured in a hair tie. Slick back all the hair into a high ponytail.