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How to Maintain & Style Curly Hair for Babies: Top 25 Ideas

Everyone knows maintaining and taking care of curly hair for babies isn’t easy. It requires constant care, patience, and a lot of knowledge to not damage the curl.

Today we aren’t just going to show you great baby curly hairstyles, but we’re also going to give you some tips and tricks on how to properly take care of their hair as best as possible.


How to Take Care of Your Toddler’s Curly Hair

how to take care baby's curly hair

Like we just previously said, taking care of curly hair, in general, is difficult, but taking care of your curly hair baby might seem a little bit stressing, since there’s too much information going around, so let’s summarize it.

First off, you need to identify their type of curl to understand how to best take care of it. There are at list six different types of curly hairs, and although they all have a similar hair care routine, there are special things you might have to do for different types of curls.

Once you’ve figured that out, is to buy hair products that are actually made for babies with curls. Buy special shampoo, hair conditioner, hair cream, coconut oil (trust us, this is a lifesaver) and different oils that will help keep the hair soft and with the definition.

Last, but not least, don’t put heat on your baby’s curly hair, not even when they grow. It’s important for you to understand that heat severely damages the natural shape of the curl and will break it, causing your baby to lose their natural form.

Instead of applying heat, focus on constant moisturizing and hydration every week, and making sure any hairstyle that you might try on your baby’s hair won’t compromise their natural curl.

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How to Style – Some Tips

tips to style baby's curly hair

Now that you know how to take care of your toddler’s curly hair, let’s move on and talk about how to style and manage their hair to make your overall job easier and way quicker.

First, make sure to have all the equipment on hand. Hairbands, hair accessories, combs, coconut oil or any other detangled and hydrating oil, and hair beans if you’re planning on using them.

Second, try not to pull too tight on your baby’s curls, it can stress them and even cause them a headache, instead, always pull gently and tight hairbands softly enough.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Style Baby Curly Hair


Coolest Curly Hairstyles for Babies

Check these adorable hairstyles for toddlers with curly hair to make them look even cuter.

1. Kinky Afro

afro curls for baby girls

Toddlers with kinky afro curls should be taught to flaunt them from the very beginning. This fun hair look involves layering the curls in a way that they frame the face all along to the shoulders. This style works equally well for boys and girls.


2. Let Them Grow

blonde curly hairstyle for baby girls

Some kids have fine hair which needs to be grown out before it can be styled in any way. Don’t rush and take the time for it. During this, style the strands with different hair accessories like this crown hairband for your little princess.


3. Adorable Micro Bangs

thin curly hairstyle for babies

Bangs add to the cuteness of any baby’s face. This look is created by trimming the curls all over the head and covering half of the forehead with micro bangs. A headband holds the hair away from the face and keeps all the attention on the bangs.


4. Box Braids

curly hair braids for babies

Another way to maintain and style the curly hair of little babies is by styling them in box braids. This may require a visit to the salon to achieve a perfect carefree hair look. The braids can be left loose or tied up in a high ponytail. 


5. Curly Top

curly mohawk for baby boys

Little boys with curly hair can pull off this adorable look that won’t be ignored. The sides are neatly buzzed with a longer top having strands curling in all directions. A hand-tousle on the head and your kid’s style is ready. 


6. Pinned-Back Style

curly hair with a clip for babies

Curly coils always on the loose can become boring at times. For a change use an oversized colorful bow hairpin to pin back the strands on one side while leaving others to fall over the forehead as a curly fringe.


7. Layered Side Part

medium hairstyle for baby girls

Amp up the look of your kid with this hairstyle that is simple to achieve. The shoulder-length locks are cut with a lot of layers that add volume to the hair. Style it with a side part and add some cute hair pins or leave it simple.


8. Carefree Curls

red curly hair for baby boys

For the parents who are searching for a low-maintenance hairstyle for their child, this is the look to go for. The sides are neatly trimmed down with a longer top and back. Leave the rest to the natural curls that will finish off the style.  


9. Pretty Pigtails

blonde curly pigtails for baby girls

The pigtail hairstyle is timeless and looks lovely on any baby girl’s face. It is also a great way to take care of and style the curly hair of babies. Brush out the hair and secure it into two high ponytails with some cute floral hair ties.


10. Uni-Length All Over

thick curly haircut for baby boys

This hairstyle makes it seem like a cloud is sitting on the head of your kid. The trick to achieving this is simple. Grow out the strands and trim them to the same length all over the head. Fluff up the curls and the cuteness won’t go overlooked.


11. Simple Top Knot

curly topknot for baby

This is a great curly hairstyle for baby boys who already have enough hair to be pulled back and tighten up on a little bun or knot, however you want to call it.

To comb the hair back you can use either your fingers, a soft comb or even a toothbrush with coconut oil to hydrate the hair altogether, collect the hair and tight it softly with an invisible hairband and you’re done.


12. Pigtails with A Twist

pigtails for baby's curly hair

Pigtails are a classic as baby curly hairstyle, but these ones are a little bit different. First, you’ll have to part the hair in two and then part the front section in two little parts as well.

Twist or braid these front little parts and then take them back to meet the pigtails and tight them up together to secure they won’t fall out. You can even make little curls at the end of the pigtails for extra cuteness.


13. Curly Bangs

baby girl with curly bangs

Curly bangs look ADORABLE on babies, but if your curly-haired toddler doesn’t have bangs, you can always fake them, and it’s actually quite easy. First, comb the hair back like if you were to do a ponytail and tight it up.

Then grab the ends of the ponytail and pull it a little bit to the front until it covers your baby’s forehead. To place the curls on place, pint it all up with a little bow and there you go, you have fake bangs on your baby curly hair!


14. Curly Updo

curly hair baby

This is almost like a high ponytail, but without actually pulling the hair to the back. Instead, comb the hair from the back of your baby’s head to the top until there’s enough to tighten up and create a little bun.

You can then grab some coconut oil to give a better form and definition to the curls remaining on the top of your baby’s head and that’s it. It’s a very classy curly hair baby style but also really easy to do.


15. Kids Mohawk with Side Braids

baby curly hair with side braids

Give your little baby’s afro a fun twist -literally- with these side braids! You can decide if you want to braid both sides or just one, but either way, it looks really good.

Simply grab a side part of the hair, divide it in two and begin braiding to the back of the head until you reach the back. Leave the rest alone so the curls can shine on their own.


16. Short Twists

You might want to take your baby to the hairstylist for this one, just to make sure you don’t hurt your baby’s curly hair because although twists are rather easy to do, they can get very tangled really quickly.

Separate the hair in various sections and then simply twist it around until you create a very tight curl and continue to do this until you have covered the entire head.


17. Mini Top Knots

This is similar to the little twists hairstyle, but instead of twisting it, you’re going to separate the hair into various sections and then tight it up into little knots.

It doesn’t matter of many top knots you manage to make, what is important tho, is for you to leave the curly hairs out and NOT pull too hard on the curls, and simply do them as tiny as possible without hurting the hair.


18. Double Half Ponytails

Now, before you do the pigtails on your toddler’s curly hair, make sure to carefully give form to each one of them to make them look more pull together, then, you can grab a section of the front part of the hair and divide it into two.

After you do this, grab the two parts and simply pull them back and tight them up with little hair bows! Again, remember to leave the baby hairs out so you can style them.


19. Curly Hair with Headband

Sometimes the simplest hairstyles are the best for curly hair baby girl, and this is one of them. Simply remember to moisturize your curly baby’s hair either the night before or that same day and let it dry naturally.

Once the curls are freshly washed, push the hair back carefully and softly place a hairband on top to finish the hairstyle. Remember to go for a soft, stretchable hairband.


20. Undercut with Curls on Top

baby boy with short curly hair

This one is for the baby boys with curly hair! Just ask your hairdresser or stylist to cut down the hair on both sides of your baby’s head, but not completely shave it down, just tone it down.

Then, when the cut is done, simply remember to moisturize the curls left on top, puffing them up just so slightly to really make them stand out from the rest.


21. Big Afro Hair with A Hat

Again, sometimes the better hairstyles for a curly hair baby is to let their afro grow naturally. Of course, this requires constant trims and hydration routines, but it can be easily achieved.

If you want your baby to accessorize their afro, then let them play around with different types of hats and put them on top of their hair just enough that it won’t fall, but also, don’t push it too hard that it will crush the curls.


22. Curly Afro Hair

The fun thing about afros is that you can your baby’s curly hair however you want to, and this particular style looks adorable. Shape them in an almost round way, but make sure to keep the baby hairs combed. It can be a great style as the baby boy’s first haircut!

Many people wonder how to do this and you can do it either with coconut oil or any other hydrating oil you might have on hand, the important thing is for the hair to be taken care properly.


23. Side Cornrows for Little Girls

Another great way of keeping your baby’s hair away from their face without hurting them is to give them side rows on each side and luckily is very easy to do so.

First, separate the hair in half with a middle part, then, twist the first pieces of hair from each side to the back and comb the rest of the hair down, keeping the hair slicked and straight.


24. Matchy Matchy Turbans

baby curly hair

There’s nothing cuter than having the same hairstyle for you and your baby! And this curly hairstyle for toddlers isn’t only really easy to do but is totally harmless, all you’ll need is two identic turbans in different sizes.

Of course, you’ll have to comb the hair away from your baby’s face before putting the turban on, but other than that -unless you want to leave some curly hair on front-, you’re done.


25. Mini Space Buns

curly space buns for baby girl

Last, but definitely not least, this is one of the cute baby curly hairstyles & is really simple to do. First, part the hair in half, right in the middle part. Then, take these two sides and put them in little buns. As always, remember to comb the baby hairs on the front and that’s it!


Keeping up with curly hair and learning how to properly style it is a whole journey, sure, but it’s totally worth it when you see how cute your curly hair baby looks when it’s finished. Just remember to not put too much pressure on their hair, not pull it too hard, and always, always, moisturize.