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10 Cool Man Bun Looks for Bearded Guys

Man bun is easy to style yet one of the most stylish hairstyles for bearded guys. If you have long hair, style a man bun and pair it with a beard to get the look of your dream.

For a bearded man, having long hair sometimes becomes so irritating as it is quite difficult and annoying to style them. That’s why man bun styles for bearded men are becoming popular and trending nowadays.

How to Do Man Bun with Beard

A man bun hairstyle is actually the twisting of hair to give it a shape of a knob or a bun giving an extraordinary look to bearded men. It can be made high on the head or lower near to the neck.

As it is a very simple and easy hairstyle, it can be made even within a minute once you are used to it. It includes only four steps which are the following:

  • Hair’s brushing.
  • Apply some styling products on hair to give it a shiny look. (We recommend using a non-greasy product like pomade)
  • Use a comb to refine hair
  • Make a ponytail and loop the hair with free hands and start twisting it.
  • Tie hair with an elastic band.

You are done with the bun! This man bun is a traditional style and also works wonderfully on shorter hair.

Watch the Following Video to Learn 4 Quick Bun Hairstyles for Bearded Men

Man Bun Styles to Rock with A Beard

Man bun and beard is a great combo. There are a lot of man bun styles for bearded men. If you are bored with simple ponytails, then you can try different styles of man bun. Here we will discuss the most stylish and trending man bun with a beard.

1. Top Knot with Undercut 

man bun with short beard

Undercuts are very trendy right now and add crucial middle ground on a man bun with a short beard style. Create a hard line between the medium fade section and the top of the hair for sharpness. 

2. Messy Man Bun 

indian man bun with beard

Don’t worry about being precise, an Indian man bun with beard is meant to show off your rugged side. Even though the hair is tied up in a messy manner and your beard isn’t perfectly groomed, healthy, hydrated hair is key. 

3. Low Bun with Long Beard 

man bun with beard and glasses

One never wants to crowd the face, especially if you like rocking accessories. A low man bun with beard and glasses is ideal for helping to open up the appearance of your facial features. 

4. Top Knot with Long Beard 

man bun with long beard

Every hairstyle should create balance on the face. Try a top knot man bun with long beard as the beard will draw the eyes downwards but an up-do will add focus to your eyes and strong cheekbones underneath. 

5. Mid-bun with Beard Fade 

With a short beard, you don’t have to worry too much about creating balance. A mid-bun with beard fade is perfect for more casual situations while a braid detail reveals your personal style. 

6. Dreadlock Man Bun

Dreadlock Man Bun with Beard

You can convert the simple dreadlock style into a bun that will give you a funky look. You can tie the dreadlocks into knot or bun or can also use an elastic cloth band to tie them.

These locks can be styled into a bun in two ways either coiled them up at the head or tie them into a knot. Both ways give a cool to simple man bun style for bearded men.

7. Half-Up Man Bun with Beard

half up bun with beard

This is a classy man bun style. It mostly suits on wavy or curly hair.  It is a little messy but cool style. It is a combination of a trimmed beard and a half up bun.

How to make it: Collect hair from both sides of the ear and make a ponytail. Then split the ponytail into half and with free hands twist the tail to make the coil. Then tie it up to give it an epic look.

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8. Man Bun with Undercut Fades

man bun with undercut

It gives you a sophisticated look. It is a combo of a semi bun at the top of the head with an undercut at sides and back of the head. The sides are shaved slightly to give it a fade look.

9. Messy Man Bun with Beard

messy bun with beard

It is not a neat bun, it gives your hair a little messy look as shown in the picture.

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10. Beard+ Loose Man Bun

loose bun with beard

If you tie your hair tightly then it may cause damage to your hair. To prevent the damage you can try a loose man bun style as shown in the image.