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Top 10 Man Bun Hairstyles With Glasses to Try in 2024

Thanks to the ever-evolving hair industry, a hair bun is no longer just for women. Today, men are already given the privilege to sport one. If you wear eyeglasses, join the cool man bun with glasses looks that are super trendy in 2024.

You too can totally pull off this men’s bun hairstyle with glasses look but you will need to apply your fashion sense. With that said, we’ve compiled some of the best ideas for a man bun with glasses below.

Attractive Bun Hairstyles for Men with Glasses

Without further ado, here are some of the best man bun looks with glasses.

1. Low Wavy Man Bun

low man bun with glasses

Stick with a straightforward man bun if your main goal is to just keep your long hair away from your face, and this low bun fits the bill.

Since the bun is located at the nape of the neck, it gets the job done in the subtlest way possible.

2. High Man Bun

high man bun with glasses

But if you’re the type who isn’t afraid to stand out, then you should try the high topknot bun.

From its name, this one is located at a higher position, usually at the crown of your head. With that said, it’s the perfect option for men with longer hair.

3. Half-up Half-Down + Round Glasses

half up man bun with glasses

For those who don’t want to fully commit to this look, you can easily ease into the idea by donning the half-up and half-down man bun with glasses look.

With this simple twist, you get to enjoy the cool and edgy look of a bun and the carefree vibe of wavy, long hair.

4. Dreadlocks Bun

dreadlocks bun for man with glasses

If you’re looking for a way to style and protect your hair at the same time, sporting this dreadlocks bun is definitely the way to go.

The combination of dreadlocks and a bun with browline glasses is not just stylish and functional, but it will also give you that free-spirited look.

5. Man Bun with Undercut

man bun undercut with glasses

If you’re afraid that your man bun will look too messy, you can keep it in place by pairing it with a subtle undercut.

For a more subtle take on the usual undercut, just trim the sides and make it shorter instead of completely shaving it.

6. Sleek Messy Bun + Thin Frame

messy bun for man with glasses

Most people think that wavy hair and a sleek bun are two things that won’t go well together. This sleek wavy bun is here to prove them wrong.

To achieve this, pull your hair as tightly as possible, then pull it into a bun and allow your wavy hair to go wild. This look definitely screams business at the front and party at the back.

7. Man Bun with Shaved Sides

man bun with shaved sides and glasses

If you’re looking for something sleek and simple, try pairing your man bun with shaved sides. The bun keeps your long hair away from your face, while the shaved sides will give this fun look a bit more structure.

8. Small Bun and Long Beard

man bun with beard and glasses

Here’s a look that will put whoever says donning a man bun with glasses is just for the nerds to shame. With this long beard and small man bun, you’ll certainly look every inch like the macho yet carefree man that you are.

The stark contrast between your bun and beard’s sizes will also give you that extra long-hair-don’t-care vibe.

9. Top Knot Bun

top knot bun for man with glasses

There’s a high man bun and there’s a top knot bun. The top knot bun is the highest of them all since it’s located at the exact top of your head. Because of its location, it’s the perfect option for men with medium-length hair.

Oh, here’s a bonus point. This type of man bun can also give you added height too.

10. Thick Bun + Chin Strap + Mustache

thick hair bun for man with glasses

Now, for the ultimate laidback yet cool guy look, try pairing your man bun with a straightforward and easy-to-maintain chin strap and a stylish mustache. With just the right thickness, this type of beard can give your jawline a more chiseled look.

Man bun and glasses are two things that don’t usually mix. Fortunately, there are plenty of ideas for a man bun with glasses that you can choose from if you want to perfect this look.