10 Best Mid & Bald Taper Fades for Men

Men’s mid and bald taper fade hairstyles are a raging fashion nowadays as they have so many options available for their final look. Taper fades of all kinds are there to provide you with the right amount of skin exposure of your head and the ease to carry your hair. You can have the tapering or fade to an extent that you like or your hairdresser recommends you to have. While we are talking about different types of taper fades, why not have a look at different mid & bald taper fade cuts?


Mid Taper Fade Haircuts for Men

The amount of tapering or fading that you get is solely your decision, but this is a fact that mid taper fades are very popular among men nowadays. This is because mid taper fades to give a less intense and more approachable feel to your personality. Let’s have a look at 5 of our favorite mid taper fades for men.

1. Mid Taper Fades with a Comb-Over

Mid taper fade with comb-over

A mid taper fade gives you a refined but friendly and easygoing look. When combined with a comb-over, it looks excessively stylish and impressive. It is particularly good for men whose work involves personal interactions with clients.


2. Mid Taper Fade with Curly Hair

Mid taper fade with curly hair

Mid taper fade is nice and adds a lot of charm and friendly charisma to your personality. Curly hair makes it look cooler and takes mid taper fade to a whole new level. Cut your curly hair short, but not too short and have a nice mid taper fade to go with it.

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3. Mid Taper Fade with Waves

Mid taper fade with waves

Waves bring a certain touch of youthfulness and fun to your hairstyles. They go a long way in making you look tasteful and stylish. Pair them up with a mid-taper fade and you have the coolest and most exciting hairstyle for you. Your friends will surely come up for hairstyle advice to you once they see you sporting this hairstyle.


4. Slick Back Mid Taper Fade

Slick back mid taper fade

Now, this is where mid taper fade gets real and most fashionable. Slick back hair makes you look polished, refined and cultured. When all of this makes you look classy then why not top it off with a mid-taper fade to look even more exquisite and picture ready?


5. Mid Taper Fade for Afro Black Men

mid taper fade with afro

Afro black men need mid taper fade to look funkier and cooler with their afro hair flying about. The mid taper fade nicely brings out their hairline and facial features.


Bald Taper Fades for Men

Bald taper fade adds more intensity and sharpness to your hairstyle and the overall personality. It lifts up your persona and makes you look more confident too. With so many cool aspects, bald taper fade is great for men who want a sharper and less messy look. Here are the 5 best bald taper fade ideas that we came across.

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6. Bald Taper Fade for Afro Black Men

Bald taper fade with afro

Afro black men already have very messy hair which goes flying in every possible direction. Having them short or at a normal length with a bald taper fade is one of the best ways to keep them in their place. This way you can look cool and carefree without coming off as too messy or wild.


7. Bald Taper Fade with Comb Over

Bald taper fade with comb over

A bald taper fade in itself is sufficient to make you look organized and elegant. A comb-over along with it just adds that extra class and style to it which never goes unnoticed or unapproved of. So, get this style if you are in for looking ready for a formal meeting at all times. Business managers especially look great in this as they set an example for their subordinates even with the way they look.


8. Bald Taper Fade with Waves

 Bald taper fade with waves

Bald taper fade makes a very contrasting, but pleasant to look at the combination of organized, intense and carefree. It does not let your personality fall into either of the two extremes of seriousness and carefreeness. This hairstyle is sure to make everyone admire your fashion sense wherever you go.


9. Bald Taper Fade with a Beard

Bald taper fade with a beard

A beard looks great when it is paired up with a bald taper fade, as it makes you look refined and well-groomed. It accentuates the rest of the features of your face which remain uncovered by your face.


10. Bald Taper with Design

Bald taper fade with design

Bald taper fade is fun and exciting, but the addition of designs makes it more thrilling and impressive. You can have any design or pattern made in your hair by your hairstylist and look great.


Do you like all these hairstyles? So pick your favorite hairstyle with mid taper fade or bald taper fade and get a new look!