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45 Coolest Bald Fade Haircuts for Men

A fresh haircut like a bald fade can help boost someone’s confidence, or can completely transform appearance if that is what they are seeking. This style is growing its popularity in that regard and looks good on a variety of people.

What Is a Bald Fade?

bald fade

A bald fade is a haircut that gradually transitions from bald (close to the neck) to longer hair (top of the head). The style remains very short on the back and sides of the person’s head, with their desired length left on the top. This style is meant to have a seamless transition from the hairline to the neck.

How to Do a Bald Fade

How to Do Bald Fade

Whether you are asking for a bald fade at the barbershop or attempting to DIY it, knowing the steps is essential. To achieve the perfect bald fade look, you will need these materials: 

Once your materials are gathered, you can begin trimming your bald fade. For optimal results, follow these steps:

Step 1:

Begin with clean hair. Freshly washed hair is easier to work with than hair that may have grease buildup.

Step 2:

Start with the shorter-length clipper guards, such as a number 0 or 1 guard, for the lowest section of the hair. Start trimming the hair in an upwards C-shaped motion. Do this from the neck to ¼ of the way up the sides and back of the head. As you reach the end of this section, flick the clippers away from the head and towards yourself (resembling a C-shape) to avoid harsh transition lines.

This will be the shortest section, and the hair is supposed to be short enough to blend with the skin on your neck. 

Step 3:

With longer clipper guards, such as number 2 guards, repeat the upward motion from step 2. Instead of stopping the clippers at ¼ of the way up the head, continue halfway up the head. Begin flicking away from the scalp in a C-shape motion mid-way through the back and sides of the head. 

Step 4: 

Find your longest clipper guards, such as number 3 or 4. Trim the highest part of the hair, closest to the top of the head. Bring the clippers 3/4ths of the way to the top of the head, leaving the length on top (if desired). 

Step 5: 

Use the comb to detangle the hair on the top of the head. If the desired length is long, use the scissors to trim the hair while retaining the majority of the length. If the desired length is short, use the hair clippers with a guard to trim the top of the head. For the fade effect, make sure the clipper guard length used on top is higher than the ones used on the sides of the head. 

Step 7:

Use a post-shave healing balm on the sides and back of the neck to prevent bumps, ingrown hairs, and irritation.

Watch the Following Bald Fade Tutorial Video for A Better Understanding

Bald Fade Haircuts

Bald fades can suit thin, thick, and even curly or Afro hair. Guys who want to stand out can combine them with all sorts of razored designs and unique colors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use this haircut to create a hairstyle that is suitable for office days. Below you can find the best fade haircut examples, so scroll down and pick the best hairstyle for your hair type and face figure.

Low Bald Fade

1. Side-Swept Look

low bald fade
Instagram / nihanfadez

Go for a gentleman’s appeal by bald fading the sides to expose the skin and keeping all the attention towards the longer top that is swept to one side. Use pomade to achieve the wet look and couple it up with a ruffled facial stubble.

2. Silver Razored Design

A low bald fade like this requires some steady hands and a person who knows how to create such a gorgeous silver platinum blonde color. Go for a magnificent contrast between the top and the lower part of the design and get ready to break some hearts.

3. Low Bald Fade for Asians

This drop bald fade that falls just behind the ear is the perfect hairstyle for Asian men who want to highlight their perfect black mane. Enrich the top with a comb-over and use a quality hair gel or foam.

4. Perfect Low Fade

Create a disconnection between the hair and the sideburns with a bald fade haircut. Use a razor to perfectly create a hairline on the forehead and in the temple area, while your sideburns extend into a thin small beard design.

5. Sleek Comb Over with Long Beard

When going for a slick back hair with a bald fade, you must think about your face shape, and if you want a more elongated appearance, this is the best pick for you. Also, a long beard that is shorter on the sides will make your face look slimmer.

Mid Bald Fade

6. Round Bald Fade

This mid bald fade is a real work of art. Combined with a taper, the hair gradually achieves richness on the top. You can even style a V shape for the back if you want to give the hairdo a modern touch.

7. Side Part with Bald Fade

A high bald fade is ideal for men with scalp tattoos, but not only. Create a hard part, toss the hair on the other side, to reveal that impressive art. You can also opt for a comb-over, or you can build a mohawk.

8. Caesar’s Haircut

This hairstyle is a combination of styles: a bald drop fade and an old-school Caesar’s haircut. The two perfectly blend and create a fashionable hairdo that will suit most men in 2024.

9. High Top with Comb Over

bald fade mohawk

A bald fade with a mohawk will instantly transform you into a real badass, a real girl magnet. Use a rounded brush and blow-dry your hair upwards and on the back to create that gorgeous curved shape.

10. Scandinavian Haircut

As we previously said, bald fades work with all sorts of haircuts, especially with an undercut, a one-sided back-combed top hair, and a well-defined beard. You will look neat and perfectly groomed, and your natural ginger blonde hair will undoubtedly stand out.

High Bald Fade

11. Blonde Dreadlocks with Bald Fade

Bald fades have a significant role in this hairstyle with dreads. While the locks are long, blonde, and get all the attention, the sides are bald and make anyone admire that intricate top.

12. Bald Undercut for Curly Hair

Having a curly hair can be a blessing or a curse, but you can easily arrange it with a bald fade for the sides and back and a rich top. Make sure you use a leave-in conditioner and special shampoo for curly locks if you want your strands to keep their shiny texture. 

13. Man Bun

Man buns look so sexy and manly, especially if paired with a bald fade and a long beard. The fade has the role of disconnecting the beard from the top, creating that badass look most women adore.

14. Sleek Comb Over with High Bald Fade

The top comb can delimit taper bald fades over with a razored hard part. Use a wide-tooth comb to create that neat appearance and make sure your beard looks as perfect as the upper part.

15. High Faded Buzz Cut

A buzz cut will look spectacular with bald fade with waves. For the sides and back, keep the scalp hairless and maintain a short top with a well-defined forehead. If you have slightly curly hair, those waves will naturally form.

Taper Bald Fade

16. Slick Back Bald Fade

Slick Back Bald Fade with a Beard

The combination of slick back and taper bald fade looks incredible on men. It is ideal for men with an oval face shape.

17. Short Comb Over

bald fade for short hair

A bald fade for short hair will look marvelous, especially if you go for a short comb-over. The hairstyle will be suitable for any occasion, even if we’re talking about days at the office, meetings, events, or nights out with the boys.

18. Twisted Braids for Afro Hair

A bald temp fade will work for hand in hand with those gorgeously braided twists. Create a perfect contour for the beard and forehead and pin all those long knits and dreadlocks in a large bun on top of the head.

19. Curly Taper Bald Fade 

Curly Bald Fade with a Beard

This curly hair with a taper bald fade combination is simple yet stylish. The curls give a textured appearance to top hair. It is ideal for oblong face shape.

20. Mohawk Bald Fade with Beard

When combined with bald fade and beard, Mohawk gives an edgy and stylish appearance to men. It is ideal for oval face shape.

Bald Fade for Black Men

21. Bold Afro Fauxhawk

bald fade for black men
Instagram / teedex_official

A short fauxhawk goes perfectly well with a skin fade along the sides and is effortless to maintain with kinky afro curls. Top off the look with a sharp line up for a neat appeal. Hand-tousle the top and you are ready to go.

22. Short Afro Hairstyle

bald fade haircut for black men

This bald fade haircut is perfect for black men with coarse, thick hair. A short haircut is low maintenance and needs no styling at all. Make sure you wash those African American coils with a salt-free shampoo.

23. Mid Bald Fade for Buzz Cut

bald taper fade

Opt for a bald taper fade for the nape and temple hair. This way, you will create a disconnection between the chin curtain beard and the buzz cut. This military hairstyle will make you look sharp and stylish all day with no effort.

24. Dreaded Braids with Beard

Side blad fade and Dreaded Braids with Beard

Braids are trending rapidly amongst men. You can combine braids and bald fade with a beard for a unique look.  It suits almost every face shape.

25. Box Cut

Box cuts are ageless hairstyles that don’t seem to fade. They are as fashionable as they were in the ’40s when military men used to wear them. Now they are highly popular and are an excellent match for bald fades.

Bald Fade With Beard

Bald fade withbeard is considered one of the most stylish and innovative hairstyles by hair professionals and hairstylists. Beards play an essential role in the grooming of men.

Different beard styles can accompany the bald fade haircuts. Get inspired and own an edgy customized look with the below bald fade with beard styles.

26. Bald Fade with Faux Hawk and Beard

 Bald Fade with Faux Hawk and Beard

It is one of the edgiest bald fade combos with a beard and faux hawk. It is for oval face shape.

27. Pompadour Bald Fade with a Beard

bald fade with pompadour and beard

Pompadour is elegant and looks perfect with the combo of bald fade with a trimmed beard. This haircut looks great on men with oval face.

28. Undercut with Beard

Disconnected Undercut looks fantastic when combined with a bald fade with beard. It is ideal for an oval and oblong face shape.

29. High Top + Bald Temples

A bald temple fade with a pompadour will get you noticed wherever you’re going. Lift your top and orient the tips to the back. Opt for a short stunning beard and a mustache that frames your mouth.

30. White Collar Haircut

A faux hawk with a bald fade will keep your top long and with lots of styling possibilities. Use hair gel to lift those strands and create a small mohawk that is perfect for parties, dates with glamorous girls, and even days at the office.

Bald Fade with Waves

If you are keen on these waves, here is a quick lowdown on some of the best combinations with a bald fade. The fade here adds contrast as well as creates just the right canvas to showcase the waves in the best possible way.

31. High Bald Fade With Waves

bald fade with waves

In this bald fade haircut, the waves are concentrated only at the top of the crown. As the waves are limited, maintenance of this style is fairly easy, and it brings out the contrast brilliantly.

This style works well in casual as well as formal set up quite well. That also enhances the charm of this style to a large extent.

32. Temp Fade on Waves

bald fade on waves for men

The distinguishing factor of this look is the distinct taper at the ends. In many ways, it is this tapering style that brings out the USP.

It not only changes the overall look but also offers an easy-to-achieve variation. It is comfortable, convenient, and practical. This is a type of style that will always ensure appreciation and admiration.

33. Artistic Designer Shapes

low bald fade wavy hair with design

But if the basic bald fade bores you, this look on thick wavy hair with artistic shavings is sure to floor you. Whether you love planets or geometric patterns, you can choose to have just about any type of shape in the fade region.

The length of the fade can also be adjusted as per your needs. Instead of the regular high fade, you can choose to have a lower length for a more striking impact on the whole.

34. Fade on 360 Waves

low bald fade with dyed 360 waves

The 360-degree waves cove the region left by the low bald fade. But what really distinguishes it is the intelligent use of a bright hair color shade.

It does not just reiterate the waves in the right light but also enhances the contrast of the bald fade. That is what makes this style all the more striking.

35. Bald Fade with Part

bald fade waves with line

The faded haircut with line brings out the much-needed variation in this style. It is both subtle and creative in one breath. The bald fade on waves gets accentuated with the line.

This also adds a subtly stylish touch to the overall hairdo and creates a lasting impression.

Bald Fade with Hard Part

36. Sleek Comb Over

Give off army vibes with this slick and simple look. The sides are buzzed to contrast with the longer top. Shave the side parting to recreate this hard parted look exactly. Finish off by styling the top in a comb over for a sleek appeal. 

37. Curly Top

curly hair hard part with bald fade
Instagram / drucutz10

Black men can take part in the bald fade trend too by shaving their sides with a curly top. Carve a shaved slit on one side to create a prominent side-parted hairstyle. This look is ideal for laid-back men who don’t want to spend much time styling their hair. 

38. Hard Part with Razored Design

There are no limits when we’re talking about the designs you can create on a bald fade. Style a hard part and toss the top hair on one side, revealing the gorgeous design on the other.

39. Pompadour with Bald Fade

Style a majestic pompadour for the top hair and a bald fade with a part that creates a great contrast between the sides and the rich top. Keep a short thin mustache and a goatee beard if you want a masculine look.

40. Hard Part with Comb Over 

bald with comb over and beard

It is a very classic bald fade hairstyle with hard part. It is ideal for oblong face shape.

Bald Fade for Long Hair

41. Deadly Dreadlocks

long hair with bald fade
Instagram / kakeupuno

Among the coolest bald fade haircuts for men lies this deadly look that is not for the weak-hearted. The sides are faded with a razor-sharp line up while the top is significantly long and dreaded. The twisted dreadlocks are tied to sit on the top of the head.

42. Man-Bun with a Bald Fade

 Man-Bun with a Bald Fade and Beard

Man-bun with a beard and bald fade adds masculine factor in men’s appearance. However, it suits any face shape but the main factor that matters is the hair length and thickness.

43. Curly Man Bun

Bald fades with long hair are hairstyles that can make any man look cool and ready for action. Gather all that long top in a bun, in the center of the head, and keep it quite lose so that the hair texture remains visible.

44. Box Braids with Beard

Section your long top hair in multiple squared parts and knit your rich Afro hair. These braids will look stunning with a bald fade on the sides and nape area while the knits are being tied up in a big top bun.

45. Samurai Bun with Low Bald Fade

It is a traditional Japanese hairstyle that you can wear with a low bald faded bun. Beard enhances masculinity. It is an ideal look for men with oval, oblong, and square face shapes.

Bald Fade Vs. Drop Fade

Difference between Bald Fade and Drop Fade

A bald fade is a seamless transition from long hair on top of the head to bald around the neck. The fade is typically symmetrical in length all around the head, with longer hair on top and shorter hair on the bottom. 

A drop fade is not the same as a bald fade. A drop fade is not an even length all around the head and is usually lower towards the back of the head and the hairline outlining the face. 


Here are some common questions about the bald fade hairstyle.

Is a skin fade and a bald fade similar?

Yes! Both skin fade and bald fade mean the same thing and can be used interchangeably. This title refers to a haircut that seamlessly transitions from skin to longer hair. 

How long does it take for a bald fade to grow back?

This depends on the person. Typically, hair grows about one half-inch every month. This length varies depending on age, diet, general health, etc.

Where should I start my bald fade?

A bald fade starts at the bottom of the scalp where it meets the neck. The lowest section of hair will be bald, blending in with the skin on your neck.

Bald fade haircuts can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and are great ideas for both long and short hair. You can maintain a long top hair that can be styled in a Pompadour or combed back, while those sides are bald faded with a razor. Ensure that the hairstyle fits your facial bone structure because you don’t need a hairdo that doesn’t work to your advantage!