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22 Edgy Mushroom Haircuts for Men Who Want to Stand Out

If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, there’s a good chance you got a haircut with a longer top and shorter sides that looked like a mushroom at least once. You got it right? We’re talking about the infamous mushroom haircut.

While having a glance at those old photos might make you cringe, what if I tell you that this style is something you’re actually going to love?

Well, this isn’t the mushroom haircut we all remember. This time, you can rock the classic look or mix it up, styling it to perfection with a modern twist.

Top Mushroom Haircuts for Men

Mushroom haircuts, also known as bowl cuts, are back and more versatile than ever. Now, you can add a fade, play with length, or even a mullet. Let’s take a look at the modern mushroom hairstyles.

1. Caesar Inspired Bowl Cut

male mushroom haircut for thick hair

This mushroom hairstyle has short and even-length hair all around the head with a fringe. The horizontal fringe stays straight on the forehead.

2. Long Fringe

mushroom haircut for Asian men

The long hair up to the ears and eyebrows gives a large mushroom shape. The long fringe that falls over the forehead makes the haircut most attractive and gives a slightly tousled wavy texture.

3. Choppy Layers

mens mushroom haircut for blonde hair

This mushroom haircut has a layered texture with choppy bangs that fall over the eyebrows giving a mysterious look. It looks good on a long face, and the bangs draw attention to the eyes.

4. Messy

mushroom haircut for black men

While most of the mushroom cuts are clean cut, this one is slightly messy. The flyaways give the hair a puffy texture and work great with medium-length hair.

5. Bowled Edgar Cut

short mushroom haircut for men

You can get a structured look with this haircut. The evenly trimmed hair around the head gives a circular shape, resembling a bowl placed upside down. You can also customize it with variations in length and texture.

6. Layered

layered mushroom haircut for men

This haircut has a distinct layer of hair, giving a sleek yet voluminous appearance. You can get the messy look by tousling the hair randomly or just combing using your fingers. It gives a carefree vibe for an informal outing.

7. Uneven Choppy Mushroom + Wavy Fringe

choppy mushroom haircut for men

The uneven, choppy length on top gives a dynamic appearance by combining the long fringe that falls gracefully over the forehead.

Further, the trimmed lined sides add contrast to the tousled top. This haircut works particularly well for those men who have wavy hair.

8. Blonde Highlights on Bowl Hair

mushroom haircut with highlights for men

This bowl cut features forward sweep hair all over the head with shaved sides that are covered by the long hair. Blonde highlights are added to make it more edgy, which shines through the swept-forward layers.

9. Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical mushroom haircut for men

This mushroom hairstyle has curved sides with long bangs, creating an asymmetrical look. Parted in the middle, the long bangs resemble the two-block style. This rare combination is good for men who want a distinctive appearance.

10. Bowl + Low Undercut

men's mushroom haircut for brown hair

This is a classic mushroom cut combined with a low undercut. The bowl shape creates a contrast between the longer front that remains one inch above the eyebrows and the trimmed sides.

11. High Bowl Cut with Faded Sides

colored mushroom haircut for men

The distinct high bowl shape on the top creates a clean look. However, expertly faded sides gradually make the transition from short hair at the bottom to longer hair on the crown. It is almost similar to Edgar cut.

12. Curly Mushroom Undercut

curly mushroom haircut for men

The curls on the top beautifully blend with the charm of the undercut. It features a mushroom shape on the top and gives a natural volume.

This hairstyle is ideal for men with curly hair who don’t want to cut the locks short but want to keep them away from the face and ear.

13. Choppy Fine Hair

male mushroom haircut for men with fine hair

The choppy cut gives an illusion of thicker hair for men with fine hair types. Looks good on an oval to square-shaped face; it adds a modern touch to the overall look.

14. Undercut with a Thin Braid

bearded guy with mushroom haircut

This unique hairdo has a mushroom silhouette on the top and short sides that differentiate the top part. However, the thin braid that begins from the crown makes this style exceptional.

15. Asian Mushroom Cut

Asian guy with mushroom haircut

Unlike a regular mushroom cut, this style is specifically customized to cover both the ears and eyebrows. The end result is a hemispherical mushroom-shaped hair. Men with thick straight hair can copy this style easily.

16. Messy Wavy Mushroom

messy mushroom haircut for men

This hairstyle effortlessly blends a relaxed and tousled appearance of classic mushroom-shaped hair. The intentionally messy look adds coolness vibe giving a laid-back yet stylish appearance. It is perfect for men who want a low-maintenance relaxed style.

17. Wavy Bowl Cut + Trimmed Sides

mushroom haircut with shaved side

The trimmed sides emphasize the contrast with the structured wavy top. However, medium-hold hairspray is required to get the tousled texture. While the bowl cut gives more body to the hair, the hairspray makes the hair less unruly.

18. Mushroom Red Head + Low Taper Cut

redhead guy with mushroom haircut

This mushroom style on red hair is ideal for men who want more subtle options on shorter hair. The top section is blended with the taper fade to create a modern and clean take on the bowl cut.

19. Sharp Lined Bowled Cut

mushroom haircut with razored line for men

A bowl cut is best suited for men with thick hair. This style features a precisely trimmed bowl shape on top and sharp lines along the edges. The designed lines add boldness and precision to the overall design.

20. Uneven Crops + Short Sides

men's mushroom haircut for dark blonde hair

Although the hair is cut unevenly, it is carefully styled and merged with the classic appeal of a bowl cut. The intentional unevenness sets this style apart from other mushroom haircuts and creates individuality for any man.

21. Two Block Bowl Haircut

middle part mushroom haircut for men

This haircut aesthetically combines the two-block cut and the timeless appeal of the classic bowl cut. Apparently, this style keeps the top section longer and fuller while the sides are shaved and covered with the length of the top.

22. Colored Mushroom Hair with Shaved Sides

mushroom haircut for men with colored hair

Among all the mushroom haircuts, this one gives a daring and vibrant look. While the shaved sides give edginess, the addition of lively colors makes this style unique, as it seems to breathe life into the hair.

Mushroom haircuts in recent days indicate that someone wants to embrace the change without sticking up regular styling options. Men can show their creativity by trying different mushroom cuts according to their hair type and face shape.