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11 Best Nappy Afro Fades to Try in 2024

The word “nappy” was once used to insult people with Afro-textured hair.

However, the term has been reclaimed by African-American men and women who want a quick way of referring to the unique characteristics of their hair.

A nappy afro fade is thicker and wirier than most other hair types. It can also become very dry and brittle. However, these qualities can also make it easier to manipulate into interesting shapes and styles, such as the nappy high top fade. It’s more popular among men with Afro-style hair.

What Is A Nappy High Top Fade?

A nappy top fade hairstyle has a lot of height but not a lot of width.

On the other hand, a fade gradually becomes shorter further down the cut. The two styles can be combined in nappy hair to create a cool look.

Best Nappy Afro Fade Hairstyles

Low Fade

nappy afro with low fade

A low fade is often gradual so there’s a gradient as the hair thins out moving toward the ears. It creates a very cohesive nappy afro fade look from top to bottom.


High Flat Top Fade

nappy high top afro fade

A nappy high top with a high fade is often less gradual than lower variations. In some places, you can distinctly see where the hair gets thinner. The hairline is also squared, which is common in black hair trends.


Nappy Afro Taper Fade

nappy afro taper fade

The taper fade starts near the temple, but their hair stops fading out once the natural hairline is reached. On top here, the hair is wide with dreads protruding forward, up, or back depending on their placement along the head.


Burst Fade Mohawk

nappy afro hair with burst fade

A burst fade is one of the more gradual styles, and it takes the shape of a semicircle on the side of the head.

Here the fade starts high up. On top of the head, a thick section of hair extends from the hairline to the nape in a rounded shape.


Fade with Design

nappy afro fade with design

A nappy afro fade with a design on the side can set you apart from your peers. Choose a design that brings out your personality.

Let the hair on top have a lot of texture and separate clumps of curls and coils. A squared hairline keeps you on trend.


Mini Dread + High Top Fade

nappy high top fade hairstyle for men

Here’s an example of a high fade that does have that more gradual transition from hair to skin. The most exciting part of the nappy afro look is on top of the head, with lots of twists and strands protruding in various directions along the head.

Hairstyles for Taper Fades Looked Fly AF


High Nappy Fade with Side Line

Nappy high fade with side lines

Looking for another way to stand out? Getting a simple line shaved into your hair is a great way to do so. Most fade is around the temple area and happens beneath the line.

On top, a nice thick head of hair is styled slightly forward and gets thin towards the back.

Stylish Skin Fade Haircut Variations


Shaped Nappy Hairstyle with Line-Up Fade

Shaped Nappy Hairstyle with Line-Up Fade

Line up fades are some of the most cohesive looks that’ll make people do a double take and be very impressed with your hairstyle.

The top is shaped very nicely to form a smooth curve without a lot of texture visible in the hair.


Nappy Style with Short Fade

nappy high top fade

A fade doesn’t have to be the main focus of your afro haircut. It can simply be a great way to thin out the sides and fade them out to skin.

Here there’s a lot of volume on top of the head that goes from the hairline to a couple of inches above the nape of the neck. Plenty of separated coil clumps are visible at the top of the hair.


Hair-Raising Dreads 

nappy high top fade

Want a way to protect your hair? Very short and loose dreads are an excellent way to do that. Focus these on the hair on top of your head while letting the sides taper faded out to the skin.


Nappy Hair + Curved Tramline

nappy high top fade hairstyle for black boy

Shaved lines don’t always have to be on the side of your head. This tramline is in the front and nicely complements the tall, thick sections of nappy afro hair styled straight up.

Rocking Fade Haircuts for Men

Nappy high top fade hairstyles offer the best of both worlds. Guys can use these two distinct styles to create a really interesting new look.