5 Pastel Balayage Hairstyles Are Trendy in 2022

Pastel balayage is a wonderful way to introduce pretty pastel shades into your hair without bleaching every single strand or making an all-over hair commitment—although you can opt for that, of course.

Light, ethereal colors are angelic and magical. You end up looking like an otherworldly creature from Harry Potter or the Hunger Games, and who doesn’t want to rock that kind of aesthetic?


Pastel Balayage Hair

Eager to do something brand new with your ‘do? Tired of the same old boring tresses and your same old boring hair color? Pastel balayage can jump-start your personal style and give you the confidence and inspiration you need to strut your stuff like you’re the queen of the world.

A new hairstyle always puts a little pep in your step, but pastel hues imbue you with the knowledge that you are mythical, magical, and one-of-a-kind.

1. Cotton Candy Streaks

Cotton Candy Pastel Balayage Hairstyle for girl

The most entertaining part of taking the plunge and getting pastel balayage hair is definitely choosing which pastel shades you want. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you have to limit yourself to one or two hues. The balayage process makes it easy to paint on several colors, and there’s nothing like a pastel rainbow.

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2. Pastel + Ice Blue Tones

Blue Pastel Balayage Hairstyle for women

Are you an ice queen? Then, honey, you better make your hair work for you. Frosty shades of pale blue, lilac, and gray create a cool, icy coif of pure perfection. Forget about Elsa and her fabulous tresses, y’all—she’s going to have to let it go and make way for the new reigning queen.


3. Pastel Purple Meets Pink

Pastel Purple Balayage Hairstyle color idea

This delicate ombre, which features the palest violet transitioning into an equally precious pink, is a classic example of pastel balayage hair. It’s feminine but so very fierce. It’s a great idea to mix two or more shades if you’re going for an all-over balayage.


4. Pale Pink Tips

Pastel Balayage Hairstyle for women

Pink is unquestionably one of this year’s most popular colors. This is a bit lighter than the trending shade known as millennial pink. Consider this millennial mauve, if you will. Because it typically begins with an ashy blonde bleach job, it tends to appear almost natural.

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5. My Little Pony Locks

Pastel Balayage Hairstyle you love

Of course, the purpose of pastel balayage isn’t to look natural; it’s to look magical. Fantasy hair means what it says —you’re going for fantastical colors that most people have only dreamed of wearing. The main aim of splashing out with pastel balayage hair is to resemble a unicorn, a mermaid, or My Little Pony.

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That’s not a dig, either. Pastel balayage is whimsical, lighthearted, and so pretty. It brightens the day, whether you’re wearing it in your hair or see someone else stepping out with unicorn hair. What’s your pastel passion?