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55 Short Bob Hairstyle Trends To Keep for 2024

Are you determined to make 2024 your year? Start it off with a great new short bob hairstyle! Short bobs come in many lengths, from chin-length to neck-length, and are filled with details. Choose to have short layers to create volume, wear hair straight or permed, or add a colorful ombre.

Classy Short Bob Hairstyles

Short bobs are ideal for women who like having short hair but want a new way of wearing it, or for women who have never had short hair and need a way of easing into the new length. These 55 hairstyles will have you looking amazing all year!

1. French Girl Bob

short bob haircut with bangs

Flaunt your jawline and neck with this modern French bob with bangs. The bangs are grazing the eyebrows and add softness to the look. Add bouncy waves to frame the face. This look is easy to care for.

2. Long Front Fringe

short choppy bob

This chic short hairstyle is created by adding an asymmetrical long fringe. The chin-length long front fringe is side-swept and covers a part of the forehead with the sides chopped down to ear length.

This asymmetrical style is ideal for anyone who wants to add a little edginess to their bob.

3. Thick and Curly

short curly bob

Women over 50, who are not afraid to cut their hair short and express themselves, can go for this curly and short bob haircut. The hair is layered to enhance the natural curls which creates this flattering shape. Finger-comb the hair with a subtle side part.

4. Side-Parted Bob

short asian bob

Asian women can carry this side-parted bob gracefully on their straight and shiny black hair. Just make a parting at one side and cut the hair to jawline length.

The hair is shorter in the back and the sides are layered at a 35-degree angle with lots of texturizing.

5. Asymmetrical Look

short asymmetrical bob

Add a chic touch to your short bob hairstyle by combining it with an asymmetrical haircut. Dye your hair in an icy blonde shade. Add bangs and keep the strands longer on one side reaching the jawline. This style gives you a futuristic look.

6. Colorful Bob

short bob with highlights

This hairstyle reminds us of the autumn season at the first sight. Get a jaw-length bob haircut. With an auburn-brown base color add bright orange and yellow highlights at the swoopy front to accentuate the style. Pair it up with a yellow eyeshade to complete the bold look.

7. Carefree Waves

short messy bob

Carry a choppy short bob in a carefree way with this hairstyle. Chop down your hair and layer them to enhance the texture. Add waves that bounce in all directions. With a middle part that leans a bit towards one side, tousle your strands for a messy look. 

8. Layered Pink Hair

short dyed bob

Go pink this year with this cute angular hairstyle. It lies between a pixie cut and a short bob with an asymmetrical touch to it. Get a side part and keep strands longer on one side of the face. Add a lot of layers to complete this textured look.

9. Pixie Bob

short bob for women over 50

Here is another short bob for women over 50 who want to rock short hair. The front is long enough to cover a part of the ears while the back is neatly trimmed. Brush down the hair with a side part. This style is effortless to maintain.

10. Blue Balayage

short bob with middle part

Go bold with your bob in 2024 by rocking an unconventional bright color on it. Chop your hair into a bob and add a balayage with light and dark shades of blue. A silvery hue in between the top strands completes this short look. 

11. Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs

Brunette short bobs with short, choppy bangs give off a playful, perky feel. This style has plenty of movement and dimension and it will be easy to manipulate the texture.

12. Short Shaggy Bob

Short Shaggy Bob for Women

If your hair is on the thin side, a short bob with shaggy texture will help give the look of thickness. Allow hair to air dry and fluff up locks with your fingers.

13. Short Stacked Bob

Short Stacked Bob

This short bob features choppy layers that get shorter as you look closer to the back of the head. With longer more feminine strands up front and the shortness at back, it’s the best of both.

14. Asymmetrical Short Bob

Short Asymmetrical Bob

Short bobs that are asymmetrical look super sophisticated when hair is straightened. A deep side part and bangs that fall across the forehead help accentuate an oval face.

15. Short Inverted Bob

Short Inverted Bob Haircut

An inverted short bob features long hair up front and short hair in the back. Layers are more noticeable in the back, while the front pieces have a little curl at ends.

16. Short A-Line Bob

Short A-Line Bob

A short bob with bangs looks great on women with round faces. Pair the cut with bangs that are at their shortest right between eyebrows and let them grow longer closer to the sides of the face.

17. Short Blunt Cut Bob

Short Blunt Cut Bob

If you prefer a little less maintenance, a short bob with blunt bangs doesn’t require much upkeep. Keep bangs at least an inch above eyebrows and wear the hair straight.

18. Short Weave Bob

Short Weave Bob

A weave bob can have as much or as little detail as you want – this cropped bob features two colors that make it edgy: light green for the bangs and platinum blonde for the rest of the hair.

19. Short Bob Braids

Short Bob Braids

Heading out to a date or fancy event? A side braid is a soft touch of femininity and takes only a minute. Wear it tiny or go for a thick braid.

20. Short Sew In Bob

Short Bob Sew In

A short sew-in bob will give black women a cute layered hairstyle that will last at least six weeks. Keep it straight for chicness or get sparkly with a few clips.

21. Short Bob for Thin Hair

Short Bob for Thin Hair

Fashion your thin hair into this adorable platinum short bob. The hair is layered, framed, and texturized. The texture helps to give movement so that the hair is not weighed down.

22. Short Undercut Bob

Short Undercut Bob

Adding an undercut to a short bob is an easy way to get an edgy hairstyle. You can still be office-friendly but express your personal style, especially when you pull hair up into a bun or ponytail.

23. Short Bob + Side Bangs

Short Bob with Side Bangs

Mix edgy and feminine on a colorful straight short bob. Soft side bangs and pastel pink combine with the edgy hairstyle for a look no one else will have.

24. Short Pixie Bob Haircut

Short Pixie Bob Haircut

Pixie bobs meet the nape of the neck and feature plenty of layered piecey locks. It’s easy to comb the hair in multiple directions for volume.

25. Very Short Bob Haircut

Very Short Bob Haircut

Simple style is all in this short bob with blonde highlights. Hair is worn straight and tucked behind the ears for a professional look you can easily transition to evening.

26. Short Bob for Round Face

Short Bob for Round Face

Women with round faces should choose a short bob that will shape to the face. Keep hair at least chin-length for the best look and don’t be afraid to use hair creme to accentuate texture.

27. Short Tapered Bob

Short Tapered Bob

A tapered bob is known by its stacked layers which stop at the middle of the neck at the occipital bone. Keep it one color or play up your personality by adding highlights.

28. Short Bob Updo

Short Bob Updo

You don’t have to wear your bob down all the time! Pull up the top half of the hair into a pony or messy bob and secure with a colorful scrunchy for quick, super cute style.

29. Short Ombre Bob

Short Ombre Bob

Pink and blue ombre on a short bob is the pop of color you need in your life. Part hair in the center and let leave hair down for beautiful built-in style.

30. Short Feather Bob Cut

Short Feather Bob Cut

Adding feathered layers with subtle caramel highlights to a short bob gives a beautiful lift for hair that may be thick. Part hair at one side to see volume take over.

31. Short Razor Cut Bob

Short Razor Cut Bob

A short bob with razor-cut ends is achieved using a feather razor blade, resulting in a straight hairstyle characterized by wispy strands and piecey locks.

32. Short Crochet Bob

Short Crochet Bob

A short crochet bob is great for women looking for a stylish, protective hairstyle and not a lot of length. With regular upkeep, your locks will stay healthy, shiny, and luscious.

33. Short Permed Bob

Short Permed Bob

If your hair is thin and in need of some texture, opt for a short permed bob to give life back to it. It will last about six months, so you don’t have to worry about anything but your smile.

34.  Light And Airy

girl favorite short bob hairstyle

To provide such a perfect blow-dried body, create this look by curling the hair vertically and spraying with a dry texture spray.

However, be careful not to overload it with too many products. Otherwise, it will lose its naturally free movements.

35. Voluminous Short Bob

black color short bob hair for girl

If you don’t want to go for classic cuts because you think they’re to cliché, then this kind of short women bob hairstyles are custom made for you.

Best Sew In Short Bobs for Elegant Women

36. Disconnected Design

favorite short bob hairstyle for girl

Thinking creatively and stepping outside the norm can be key to achieving a truly successful and distinctive look. This short bob haircut stands out due to its unique textures and bold colors.

37.  Choppy Short Bob

brown color short choppy bob hair

Combining the chopped cut and the extremely attractive color gives you a young yet sophisticated look with a sleek finish. Moreover, these layers will give off the illusion of multidimensional tones yet a soft blend exists throughout it.

38. Short Wavy Bob

short wavy bob haircut for young girl

For this look, we recommend medium hair length. Otherwise, you would not be able to recreate the fullness that might not be present in shorter hair.  Moreover, these short women bob hairstyles are best suited for girls with oval or heart-shaped faces.

39. Short Layered Bob

Playing with your hair with layers is a risky yet daring step towards the top of the fashion chain. So, if you’re an adventurous girl who loves to rise up for new challenges and competitions, then this is the right hair design for you.

40.  Messy Short Bob

For those clients who come bickering about how much little time they have to take care of their hair styling first thing in the morning, this cut is the answer to all of their prayers. Because it is a great look for those in the professional world that still want to look up to date with the latest and craziest fashion trends.

41.  The V- Cut Bixie

V- Cut short bob hair for black women

What makes your bob cut edgier is sneaking a peek towards your scalp through a V-shaped trim. Moreover, this cut is pretty easy to maintain for girls with straight hair.

On the other hand, curly hair will require more effort. Yet, you will come to realize that it has been worth the trouble.

42. Straight Short Bob

For girls with a lot of fine hair, this is the style that probably suits you best. Because it will enable you to harness your hair’s volume and show it off like your newest achievements to everyone who dares to question your powerful designs.

What Hair Products Should You Use?

To perfect the art of these short women bob hairstyles you’ll need to use: (before blow drying)

  1. Thickening spray
  2. Styling cream

After Blowdrying, you’ll probably need some help from dry texture sprays to give the hair a tousled yet textured live look.

Short Weave Hairstyles In trend

43.  Vintage Bob

 short Vintage Bob haircut for girl

Defined lines and retro-inspired bands make up for the best bob haircuts out there. Whereas the slightly textured effect at the tips and edges gives it a modern yet sophisticated feel for women who wanted to be taken more seriously.

44. Short Black Bob

What makes this style so special is that women and girls of any age can pull it off. Especially when they have diamond shaped faces like Rihanna’s in the photo shown above as an idealistic role model. Moreover, it can be worn with minimal makeup to make sure the spotlight is solely focused on its uniqueness in style.

Short Bobs for Thick Hair

45. Pixie Bob

Some other designs need to be carefully treated to help keep their desired thickness. Otherwise, the hair will go too flat or soft and ruin the whole look.

46. Balayage Short Bob

short bob with balayage

Any girl can get this short bob hairstyle done. But, keep in mind that this look is easier to achieve for women with wavy or curly hair than straight-haired women.

47. Natural Bob

Go out ” Au naturel” which worrying about rushing out of the door without brushing your hair with this effortless short bob cut.

Short Bobs for Black Hair

48. Fun And Flirty

Combing choppy layers, wild textures, angled cuts, and breathtaking colors is tricky. However, if done right, it can guarantee you the ultimate short women bob hairstyles imaginable. In addition to that, it’s pretty easy to duplicate at home.

49. Short Blonde Bob

short blonde bob hairstyle

Adding texture to your hair is not the only thing that will make you look more stylish yet sophisticated. Because you’ll need a fuller look that manages to keep dynamic layers and the blissful feeling of having a lot of hair at the same time.

So, even though your hair is not long enough to the social norm, you can still look like the successful and serious businesswoman you had in mind.

50. Textured Short Bob

Although the short bob hairstyle is easy to style, maintaining its textured appearance requires regular trimming. If not maintained, your hair may grow out unevenly, leading to an unpredictable look until your next visit to the barbershop.

51. Short Angled Bob

This silver gray bob can go from straight and sleek starting off from the top portion reaching tousled and textured on your side bangs. So, how to recreate this modern madness?

  1. Curl the side bangs with at least a 1 – inch curling iron to obtain messy ringlets.
  2. Straighten the tops for a better contrasting textured look.

52. Short Bobs With Curls

Nice short bob haircut for girl

The great thing about angled cuts is that they are not tailored to a specific kind of client. So, if you’re a stylist with a client torn about her new look you don’t have to think twice about it! Thus, just get her one of these chic choppy cuts.

53.  Graduated Short Bob

short bob hair

For those who are not familiar with what a graduated bob is, it requires hairline length at the back of your neckline while the front portion gradually elongates to reach mid-neck. However, you need to care about the clean and precise line formed at the back of your neck. Because it is practically what defines the whole design.

Short Stacked Bobs

54. Short Bob for Women Over 50

In order to give the shape of the bevel of the bob, you will need a small round brush to make it happen. As well as some help from anti-gravity spray for fixation and volume enhancement. Finally, don’t forget the mighty shine finishing sprays for the glorious glow.

55. Short Bob with Highlights

short bob with highlights

Some bobs cannot fully light up and give us the result that opts for without a badass color to take our breaths at first sight. So, don’t hesitate in picking out a bold color for your highlighted hair strands. Because they are your key to standing out.

Inverted Bobs to Show Your Pride

In a nutshell, taking a look at the list above can definitely give you a glimpse of the versatility of short bob hairstyles. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get inspired by our digital catalog above and gain visions for your upcoming ravishing new look!