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35 Modern Short Grey Hair for Trendy Girls

Believe it or not, there is something incredibly attractive about grey hair. And although grey tresses are associated with aging and wisdom coupling them with short sassy haircuts takes things to a whole new level.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry as we have hand-picked 35 of the coolest short grey hairstyles to prove you wrong. Whether you are a mature woman trying to embrace her greys gracefully or a young girl who has decided to rock this chic hair shade, we are sure you will find something to suit your taste. Just keep scrolling!

What to Wear With Short Grey Hair?

Once you change your hair color, you need to think about changes to makeup and wardrobe. While it’s obvious that the makeup for gals with silver locks should be brighter to outline the youth and beauty, the wardrobe question remains open. Here are some tips to help you choose your next outfit.

Take Advantage of Black and White

If you don’t know what to wear, stick to black and white styles. Black top, white bottom, and vice versa is the perfect way to match your new hair color. Don’t forget that black and white look respectable but may lack a little zest. Spice up your style with some red heels!

Avoid Parrot Colors

If you are into bright and spicy colors that make you look like a rainbow, then short grey hair may not be what you should be choosing. Silver locks allow you to have a calm and quiet demeanor without sticking out of the crowd too much. If you must have a bright color in your wardrobe, stick to just one piece, such as shoes or bag.

Go For Red

Red looks perfect with black and white so it’s bound to outline your grey hair. Red dresses, shoes, and bags should become an integral part of your new wardrobe. Even if you thought that red doesn’t match your style before, it surely does now. Give it a try!

Check Your Closet

The stuff that used to look great with your old hair color and hairstyle might not be so amazing now. Take some time to check the closet and try on your favorite things. Perhaps you need to get rid of some of them or stuff them in the back to wait for you to change the hair color again.

Best Grey Hairstyles Ideas of Different Lengths

Best Short Grey Hairstyle Examples

If you think that short grey hair is for you, we prepared an exciting list for you to check out. These 35 options include different styles that you might want to try for yourself. Take a close look at face shapes and hair types of women on the photos. They can help you make the right choice for yourself.

If you are over 50, you can benefit from getting these exciting colors without going through too much bleaching. Gals with naturally silver hair now have a whole new world to take advantage of.

1. Gray Pink Pale Hair

short grey ombre hairstyle

A short grey ombre hairstyle with pink accents will suit your bob cut like a glove. Keep your roots in their natural shade, and you’ll capture everyone’s heart. 

2. Asymmetrical Bob

short platinum grey hair

Short platinum grey hair with mauve accents can make any girl with fair skin and blue eyes become a glamorous queen. Opt for a long asymmetrical pixie and get all the attention with red lipstick. 

3. Platinum Mauve Pixie

short silver grey hair

This short silver-grey hair can look both elegant and sexy. Short hair is trendy, easy to style, and it regenerates faster. Tousle your hair and get that messy aspect. 

4. Platinum Gray Highlights

short grey hair highlights

If you love exquisite nuances, get a short grey hair with highlights and dark roots. A pixie cut with long bangs tossed on one side, covering one of your eyes, will be quite a splurge for you. 

5. Black roots

Black root Short Grey Hair for girl

While black roots may look like a faux pas on some of the dyed hair, they appear amazing with short grey hairstyles. A silver bob with grey roots makes you look younger and more exciting so you can delay the touch ups.

6. Natural Beauty

short grey hair for women over 60 with glasses

Ladies getting on in years can opt for a low-maintenance look by chopping their fluffy curls into short layers all over the head. Leave the rest to the natural greys or accent the style with lowlights adding some depth to it resulting in a natural appeal that won’t be overlooked.

7. Highlighted Bixie

short grey hair with highlights

Not able to decide between a classic bob and a sassy pixie? Merge them together and the result is a stylish bixie! Cut the strands at ear length and add vivid highlights in a shade matching your greys, if present, to contrast sharply against the dark base shade. Stunning without a doubt!

8. Salt and Pepper Curls

short grey hair for black women

It is never a bad time to embrace your aging tresses. African-American ladies can ask for a short deva haircut for the curls to fall flawlessly around the face resulting in a perfectly round fluff on the head. Dye the entire mane silvery grey or opt for a salt and pepper look instead.

9. Mushroom Cut

short grey hair for women over 50

The shorter, the better! Make a style statement with a bold mushroom cut featuring rounded micro bangs extending towards the back. The key lies in dying the hair white blonde and adding fine stripes of black in between creating the perfect light and dark interplay. Eye-catching!

10. Inverted Bob

short grey hair lowlights
Instagram / frontroomsuite

Another modern short grey hairstyle for the trendy ladies out there. Ideal to add some volume to thin locks, an inverted bob is defined by stacked layers at the back that elongate gradually towards the front. Couple the look with a side-swept fringe and done!

11. Silver Streaks

short grey fine hair
Instagram / sassybiene

Create a lively appeal by chopping the tresses into a textured pixie with a long top and short sides. Paint the mane in a metallic grey tinge and spice it up with subtle platinum streaks. Not enough? Dye the tips dark grey and get ready to drop some jaws.

12. Purplish highlights on Gray

Short Purplish Grey Hair color

This beautiful short grey pixie looks even more amazing with the purplish highlights. Grey and purple look just as good together as silver and blue so if you want to add some oomph to your hairstyle, a purple highlight is key.

13. Gray asymmetry

Short Grey Hair

When you are thinking about dyeing your hair grey, you have to remember to keep up a hairstyle. Meaning a standard and boring haircut looks terrible with gray hair. This color requires something modern and stylish.

Glamorous Medium Curly Hairstyles

14. Bright & Short Grey Hairstyle

Adding just one bright strand to the gray hair can completely change the way your mane looks. Since purple is the most famous choice for women with silver hair, you can use it. But any other bright hair color will look just as well.

15. Purple hues

Purple Short Grey Hair color idea

Mixing gray and purple is always a no-lose option. If you are a little afraid of the way the short gray hair may impact your appearance age-wise, adding purplish hues is a simple way to put these worries to rest and enjoy the hairstyle.

You can also watch the below video tutorial:

16. A-line bob

Short Grey bob Hair for girl

Silver hair looks great with an a-line bob. If your hair is naturally graying and thinning, a wonderful way to make it look stylish is to get the right haircut. If you have slight waves, they can provide the much-needed volume.

17. Naturally grey

Short Grey Hair

If you have naturally graying hair, there is no need to do anything about it. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the style as it comes to you. The only advice we can give is to get a short haircut. A nice pixie will do just fine.

18. Color mix

Whitish gray locks with a lower layer of purplish or bluish strands can create a real masterpiece. On their own, these colors look ordinary but when mixed together you get a hairstyle that makes you stand out of the crowd.

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19. Gray and curly

Short curly Grey Hairstyle for over 40 women

Short gray hair may add some age to your face if you don’t know how to style it. Curls is a perfect way to remove the age off your appearance. If you have natural curls, you can readily experiment with all shades of gray.

20. White and gray

Short Grey Hair

Mixing white and gray is a great idea especially if at least one of these hues appears on your head naturally. A very short pixie with long bangs can give you a stylish look while keeping the maintenance to a minimum.

21. Rainbow shine

If gray hair seems boring to you, you can proceed to experiment with different hues. Honey blonde, brown, blue, and dark silver can look great as just one additional strand or as full-blown grey highlights. Give them a try!

22. Pixie style

Short Pixie Grey Hairstyle

No matter how many options you sort through, short grey hair looks best in a pixie. Add some volume by stacking the pixie in the back and reduce the age by adding bangs in the front. Your grey pixie will make you shine!

23. Dark gray

Dark gray Short Hairstyle

Dark gray is just as wonderful as the lighter shades of this color. You can enjoy the way it looks on your silver locks without trying to add highlights or any more colored strands. Keep it dark, keep it real. You can remove color from grey hair following this process.

24. Shortest hit

Short Grey Hair

The shortest pixies look amazing when gray, silver or white. If you are after lighter colors, make your hair even shorter. For older gals whose hair may be slightly thinning, this short stylish gray pixie is a wonderful way out.

25. Gray bangs

Short Gray bangs hairstyle for women

If you want short grey hair but don’t feel like bleaching and then dyeing the whole mane, you can settle for the bangs. It’s been proven that people notice only the front part of your hairstyle so why bother with the rest?

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26.  Gray Afro Hair

short grey hair

If you are a bold older woman who likes being in the spotlight, you can beautifully style that salt and pepper Afro hair with a mind-blowing hairstyle that has height and texture. 

27. Gray Curly Pixie

If you want to give your pixie hairstyle an elegant feel, use the wand to create some well-defined curls. For that undercut, you can also make a temple fade that will give you that urban sexy look. 

28. Tight Gray Curls

A sexy short grey hairstyle can be completed with a pair of glasses. Get a bob haircut and an ombre that keeps the natural color of your roots. 

29. Purple Gray Pixie

This pixie haircut is full of complexion thanks to that astonishing mauve gray nuance. Toss the long top on one side using quality hair spray, give your hairstyle height and dimension.

30. Pixie Cut With Undercut

short hairstyles for grey hair

Suppose you want a fabulous makeover, a pixie haircut with a marvelous wavy top. Dye those long strands in a platinum silver color and the undercut in black shade. Also, don’t forget about the accessories. 

31. Gray Hairstyle for Older Women

When you are an Afro American woman with gorgeous coils, you don’t need to hide those gray hairs because they will beautifully blend with the rest of your black strands. Use hair gel to give them more bounce. 

32. Gray Hair for Asian Women

As an Asian girl, a short bob haircut with bangs tossed on one side and layers, gray hair color will suit you like never before.  Make sure you also dye your eyebrows.

33. Gray Faux Hawk

A short grey hair with a faux hawk will amazingly suit those thick black-framed glasses. Play with purple and silver nuances if you want more depth for that high top. 

34. Gray Pixie for Women Over 60

short grey hairstyles

A short grey hairstyle is an excellent option for a woman over 60 who wants to capture all the glam. Layer your pixie and wear those bangs on the forehead and slightly tossed on one side. 

35. Pale Green Pixie

short grey hair

Who said you can’t look feminine with a short cut? Get a pixie with an undercut. Create a contrast between the long top that you dye in a silver color with metallic green reflexes and the short brown cut. 


Here we’ll discuss the most common questions regarding modern short grey hair.

Can young women dye their short hair grey?

Yes, young women dying their hair gray is a trend affectionately called “granny gray.” It is a widespread practice that came into fashion in the 2010s.

Many people say the trend showed up in mainstream fashion due to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s 2011 and 2015 runways, which featured grey hairstyles on the models.

Will grey hair look better in short or long lengths?

Grey hair looks good in short and long lengths, but the trend among young women tends to be shorter grey bobs.

Most people who dye their hair grey keep a shorter hairstyle, but it is common to use grey in balayage hairstyles, with the base color being dark brown or black.

Can I foil short grey hair?

Yes. Foil is a dying method used to give hair highlights and lowlights. If you want a more highlighted effect, you can foil-dye short hair to achieve the grey hair trend.

You can also use foil to dye your hair that is already grey to add highlight and lowlight dimensions. Keep in mind that grey requires maintenance, especially if it is not a natural grey.

If you still have doubts about the real beauty of short grey hair, we recommend going over the above options again. Your main goal is to get a suitable hairstyle and choose the shade of grey. Once done, you’ll be amazed at how stunning you look.