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31 Hypnotic Ash Grey Hairstyles to Rock in 2024

Ash gray hair is officially the trend you need to have your eyes on for 2024. While silver was one of the most popular hues last year, with the beginning of a new season, we’re ready to embrace the darker tone in the spectrum of grey.

How to Get Ash Grey Hair

women with ash grey hair

The always recommended method to achieve this color is definitely visiting a professional. There is always the option to do it at home. The process is not easy, and you will have to be very careful to properly use all the products. Start with the bleaching. This is a step that takes away the natural color, using chemicals.

It comes in different forms in stores, and it’s your choice which one you’ll choose. Ladies with naturally brighter colors will achieve ash grey hair much faster than the ones with brown or black. The lighter tones require only one bleaching, while the other ones might need to repeat it.

Once the bleaching is done, you will need to apply the toner. It’s a product that removes the yellow tones, which can cause the hair to be brassy. It usually has to stay on for 15-20 minutes, but make sure to follow the product instructions.

The final step is to apply the ash grey hair dye and wait. Shortly after, wash your hair and the brand new color will be amazing. A secret tip you might want to know is the red gold corrector. Add just a little bit to the bleach to achieve white color faster.

Watch The Following Video to Learn How to Dye Your Hair into Ash Grey Hair

How to Maintain Ash Grey Hair

how to maintain ash grey hair

The maintenance is not as simple as with natural hair color. The first thing you have to think of is that you will need to get regular touchups. If your hair is in a completely different hue, once it starts growing it will immediately show in the roots. The touchups can include a little refreshment in that area.

If you are willing to go through the whole ash grey hair color experience, make sure to get a shampoo and conditioner specifically meant for colored hair. Stay away from extremely hot water, because it can cause alterations in the hue.

Super-Chic Ash Grey Hairstyles to Try

Below are 31 trendy ash grey hairstyles for women to try this season.

1. Ash Silver Pixie

grey ash blonde hair

A grey ash blonde hair will look so great if cut in a pixie with choppy long bangs.

Ideal for: The color is an excellent choice for confident women who love taking care of their hair, applying masks and treatments. Take notice that this color is quite fastidious. 

How to Style: Create blunt layers for both sides and wear that fringe long on the forehead. Tousle the top if you want that messy appearance that will boost your sex appeal.

2. Ombre Bob Hairstyle

ash grey ombre hair

Both bob haircuts and ombres are relatively low maintenance and very chic and trendy. 

Ideal for: Bob haircuts are ideal for all women. Depending on how you style them, they can be suitable for all shape faces, and an ash gray hair color can also be pulled off by any woman. You just have to find the proper way to adapt these two to your skin ton and facial features. 

How to Style: Maintain your dark roots and develop an ash gray ombre. Straighten your hair and create bumps for the top if you need more volume. Fix it with some spray. 

3. Brown hair with Ash Gray Highlights

ash grey highlights
Instagram / hairsmith333

Ash grey highlights will give any sandy blonde or brown hair a touch of glam. It looks so great on long layered hair, and you will love your voluminous mane.

Ideal for: Women with long hair will adore this color mix. It takes courage, and you need to consider that these highlights need a retouch from time to time because the shade quickly loses its shine. 

How to Style: Wear your bangs on one side, and if you have a long mane, layer it, and create wide curls. You will get that stunning shampoo commercial look, and everyone will turn the heads to admire you. 

4. Half Up Half Down Silver and Purple Hair

An ash grey and purple hair will undoubtedly be a fabulous makeover for any bold woman who wants to impress. 

Ideal for: If you want to get out of your comfort zone, and want to feel more confident, blend some purple highlights through your silver strands.

How to Style: Create a half-up, half-down hairstyle. Pin the top and secure it with a clip. To give your mane more volume, you can curl your ends and those bright purple strands. 

5. Ash Gray Bun with Braid

ash grey hair bun
Instagram / bigblissweddings

Such a glamorous hairstyle will play an essential part at your wedding or any significant event you’re attending. 

Ideal for: If you are a bride, you need to shine on this big day, and you want a hairstyle that is chic and draws all the attention to you. 

How to Style: When you want to pull off this look, make sure your hair is long enough to be braided and rolled into a low bun. Decorate it with simple, beautiful white flowers. 

6. Ashy Pixie

ash grey pixie hair

Sexy, sassy and with a very cool vibe, this hairstyle will be the right hair transformation. 

Ideal for: The hairstyle is perfect for women who want a hairdo that is easy to style each morning. 

How to Style: First of all, get a bob haircut. The next change you need to make is the color, which you can achieve only by previously applying bleach. 

7. Multicolored Highlights

ash grey hair highlights
Instagram / xcellentbeautysalon

Are you thinking about mixing more colors and don’t know if it is a good idea? The answer is definitely yes!

Ideal for: Women with thick, gorgeous hair will love to flaunt this hairstyle. 

How to Style: Create layers and build an ashy gray color that will become the canvas for your teal and purple highlights. The look is young and has such a fresh vibe. 

8. Ashy Gray Bob

ash grey bob hair
Instagram / kateb_hair

Dark gray bob haircuts can flatter almost anyone!

Ideal for: A bob haircut gives you numerous opportunities, especially in the coloring department. 

How to Style: Opt for a medium bob with bangs tossed on one side and choose a gray color. Create simple and loose waves to gain more volume. 

9. Wavy A Bob

ash grey balayage hair
Instagram / hairloungenyc

Want to show off that amazing texture and highlights? Go for an A bob!

Ideal for: If you have long hair and need to reduce its length but still preserve some long locks, this A-line bob is ideal for you. 

How to Style: Blend more hues of grey and after getting the cut, you can use a wand to give your hair texture. Also, you can use non-heated devices to build those waves and curls. 

10. Twisted Ash Gray Braid

ash grey hair updo
Instagram / midashairmanagement

Twisted braids inspired by French knits are so romantic and cute!

Ideal for: This ashy gray hairstyle is ideal for both medium and long hair. 

How to Style: Use hair strands from each lateral to build the twisted braid on the center of your head. Once you reach the nape, create a bun or tuck under the remaining hair. 

11. Wedding Hairstyle with Curls

ash grey hairstyle with braid
Instagram / xoxotw

Long gray locks will look stunning, especially when you create an ombre!

Ideal for: The hairstyle is ideal for weddings where the bride wants a romantic, simple look. 

How to Style: An ash gray ombre will look fabulous if you also style some curls and add some extensions to make the hairstyle look fuller and with more volume. Decorate the wedding hairdo with flowers. 

12. Ash Gray Highlights

Give those gray highlights a touch of mauve to spice up your hairstyle.

Ideal for: Asian women will love this elegant hairstyle with a twist.

How to Style: Get a layered haircut with long bangs and side-swooped top. Create amazing ashy gray highlights with a tint of purple and curl the ends. 

13. Peekaboo Indigo Gray Hair

ash grey underneath hair
Instagram / hairsketch_randa

Peekaboo highlights and pieces are a real surprise!

Ideal for: Women with long hair will love flaunting their peekaboo nuances. 

How to Style: Keep the apex hair section in your natural hair color and dye the rest of the hair in a gray shade. You can also style an ombre, that is purplish around the roots and icy white at the tips. 

14. Indigo Bangs

ash grey and purple hair
Instagram / vinh_hair_artistry

Indigo and gray hair colors are such a great match!

Ideal for: If you have straight hair and love some highlights that really stand out, this hairdo is for you. 

How to Style: Go for bangs and sprinkle some vivid indigo highlights. On the sides, you can create chunky layers that reach the jawline. Get a blunt cut for the ends and add more highlights. 

15. Strawberry and Purple

ash grey hair color
Instagram / mujibeautycafe

Color combinations are highly appreciated and valued!

Ideal for: Those who adore combining colors will certainly love this hairdo. 

How to Style: So part your apex hair in two, and again, the nape in the other two sections. On one side, go for an ashy gray color and a pale strawberry pink, while on the other side, you pick a blonde nuance and a pale mauve. 

16. Thick Gray Highlights

ash grey hair highlights
Instagram / picasso__wallace

Gray highlights will beautifully lighten your dark hair.

Ideal for: If your hair is fine, than a blunt cut is exactly what you need to make it look thicker. 

How to Style: Get a long straight cut and create gray highlights on a black base. 

17. Chic Half-Up Half Down Style

half up ash grey hairstyle

Half-up hairstyles are so easy that literally, every woman can do them at home. Plus, they perfectly fit with the trendy ash grey hair dye.

Ideal for: You’ll be so happy to hear that ladies with all hair lengths can flaunt this fabulous half-up hairdo.

How to Style: There are so many ways to style it, starting with messy irregular waves, to a straight effortless topknot.

18. Fishtail Crown Braid

fishtail braid on ash grey hair

Putting your hair back in a fishtail braid is one of the best ideas you’ll ever see. The stunning multidimensional ash grey hairstyle also features hints of blue and silver hair, which makes it even better.

Ideal for: It’s great for short, medium and long hairdos.

How to Style: You might need help from a friend or a hairstylist to achieve the look. You can definitely try and do it by yourself if you’re skilled enough.

19. Slick Ash Grey Bob

 Slick Ash Grey Bob

Bobs are the most popular hairstyle at the moment, beloved by celebrities and beauty bloggers. The ash gray hair color will really elevate a simple and short bob such as this one.

Ideal for: Perfect for women who love a very simple, and easy to maintain mane.

How to Style: You will only need to dry your short grey hair with a large round brush in order to curl the ends to the inside. Ladies with straight hair can feel free to let it air dry.

20. Accessorize The Ash Grey Hair

long ash grey hair for women

Every single ashy gray hairstyle that you can think of becomes much more interesting and eye-catching by adding a single accessory.

Ideal for: Perfect for so many occasions. For an everyday look, you can opt for cute headbands, while for weddings and other glamorous happenings embellished bobby pins will do the job. Once spring comes, take out your floral headpieces.

How to Style: It doesn’t matter if your hair is long and straight or curly, as long as you have that statement accessory. Floral headbands look extremely cute with voluminous locks.

21. Ash Grey Ombre

Ash Grey Hair Ombre

Ombre will never get old! This coloring job is the perfect proof of it. The super-dark grey roots combined with an ash grey hair transition and light grey tips is what hair heaven looks like.

Ideal for: It’s a fun hairstyle that is great for women with black hair. They won’t have to touch up their roots as often. You can try ashy grey ombre on short hair too.

How to Style: Schedule regular visits to the hair salon to keep the ash grey hair vibrant and good-looking at all times.

22. Ash Gray Hair for Older Women

ash grey hair

As an older woman, you certainly want to look stylish and elegant even if your hair is starting to lose its pigment. 

Ideal for: The hairstyle is ideal for women over 50 who need a touch of glam. 

How to Style: Don’t cover your depigmented hair; let it blend with your natural mild brown tresses because it will create a fabulous texture. Wear the whole mane on one side. 

23. Wavy Pixie

ash grey pixie

Pixie haircuts are fresh and low maintenance hairstyles that require a small amount of time in front of a mirror, making them a popular choice for women of all ages.  

Ideal for: Teens or ladies who want to look younger, cool and chic opt anytime for a short haircut such as pixie cuts. 

How to Style: Just go for your favorite ash gray tone and arrange those bangs on one side. Tousle the whole thing, and you’ll have a gorgeous casual look.

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24. Curly Dark Ash Hair

ash grey balayage
Instagram / maymaysalon

An ash-grey balayage is elegant, provides texture, and is suitable for all kinds of events and moments. 

Ideal for: This hairstyle with loose curls, a middle part, and a perfect mind-blowing balayage will suit sexy women who are not afraid to stand out. 

How to Style: If you want to nail this exact shade, visit your colorist and ask for some ash gray tones. Use your curler or a wand if you want more volume.

25. Straight Ash Grey Pixie

short ash grey hair
Instagram / hairbymharjdayo

A short ash grey hair will look perfect on a woman who wants a low maintenance hairstyle. 

Ideal for: Pixie cuts with asymmetrical bags are the real deal for women with round faces. If you need to draw attention from those prominent cheekbones, this hairdo is a must.

How to Style: Get the pixie hairstyle and use your straightening iron to obtain that flawless hair and arrange it on one side. 

26. Dark Ash Violet Hairstyle

ash grey hairstyle

Every time you need to be in the spotlight, a trendy ash gray hair color will certainly help you achieve greatness wherever you’re going. 

Ideal for: If you have long hair, you have loads of styling opportunities and you can play with multiple shades, including dark ash gray and purple tones. 

How to Style: Wear your hair on the back and, using a thick curling iron, style loose ringlets. 

27. Pixie with Highlights

short ash grey hair

Edgy short hairstyles can make your life so much easier. Just take a look at this layered ash grey haircut. So chic and easy to rock.

Ideal for: If you are a fan of short haircuts, this is the best option for you. The layers give a fine dimension to the grey highlights.

How to Style: You will literally only need to wash and dry your hair with this hairdo.

28. Oversized Loop Braids

braided hairstyle for ash grey blonde hair

This season oversized braids are among the biggest trends in the hair department. The ash gray hair dye starts out with much darker roots and gradually becomes brighter.

Ideal for: Great for busy women who want to do something with their hair, but also want it to be fast and efficient.

How to Style: Place the braid wherever you like, the only thing that matters is that it’s big.

29. Messy Fishtail Half-Up

The French fishtail braid is one of our favorites because it’s so easy to make. Even if you are not a hair pro you will be able to do one on your own hair. This ash grey hairstyle looks much more interesting when it’s imperfect and messy.

Ideal for: We recommend this hairstyle for women on the go who still want to rock a fun, easy mane.

How to Style: Get two larger strands of hair from the front and start braiding them into a fishtail. Once you’re done add a cute hair tie and you’re ready to go.

30. Ash Grey Curly Hair

Ash Grey Curly Hair with Highlights

Highlights are so amazing because you can use them to upgrade every single hair color. If you feel like the regular ash grey hair dye is too boring for you, this is a very versatile option.

Ideal for: Great for women who are always interested in experimenting with new trends.

How to Style: Style the voluminous curls so that the ash gray hair highlights will really stand out.

31. Blue Undertones

wavy ash grey hair

There is always the option to escape a regular pattern and take the ash grey hair color trend to a whole new level. Aside from highlights, you can add hints of dark blue hair color, which will only be noticeable once the light hits your hair.

Ideal for: If you are not a big fan of basic hairdos, you will be in love with this mane.

How to Style: Style it whichever way you like, the coloring job is so gorgeous that you can display it in many ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about ash gray hair.

What color is ash gray hair?

Ash gray is a dark, smoky shade of gray. This hair color should have cool or neutral undertones when properly mixed and applied. The appropriate undertone is essential to giving gray hair an attractive shine without brassy tones.

Which skin tone suits ash gray hair most?

Cool or neutral skin looks best with ashy gray hair. On a cool or neutral skin tone, this hair color will brighten the face and accentuate features. On the other hand, ash gray hair may make a person with a warm skin tone look washed out and dull.

Is ash gray hair high-maintenance?

It can be a little high-maintenance. If it isn’t correctly cared for, your ash gray hair can become faded and yellow. Choosing a dark shade of gray like ash gray can help with this, as the darker tones can blend better into your natural hair color.

Is ash grey hair the same as silver hair?

Although there are many different shades of ash grey, it is not the same hair color as silver. The lighter versions do remind of it, but silver is much brighter and at times even glossier.

How to stop ash grey hair from fading?

The smartest way to do it is by using the proper shampoo and conditioner recommended by professionals. Also, don’t forget about getting an ash glaze from time to time.

Ash grey hair is such a trending dye for so many reasons. Aside from the fact that celebrities love it, the shade looks luxurious and unique. If you’re in love with it as much as we are, start out with a darker tone, and you can even upgrade it with highlights in time.