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55 Fresh Long Hairstyles with Layers

Long hairstyles with layers are popular for several reasons. They easily frame the face, thin out thick hair to make it manageable and low maintenance, and create gorgeous shape you won’t have to work at.

For all long hair types, both curly and straight or thick and thin, layers will give you a trendy new look.


Long Hairstyles With Layers

For 55 great ways to wear long hairstyles with layers, read on!

1. Long Layered Curls

long layered curly hair

Accent your gorgeous long curls with a fetching beaded headpiece. Parting hair in the center and draping this accessory over will give you a boho vibe worth of all those Instagram shots.


2. Long Thick Layered Hair

thick long layered hair

Layering thick hair is a favored technique to create manageable length without it being bulky. Whether you wear it straight or with beach waves, you’ll love the way layers frame your face when down.


3. Long Choppy Layers 

long choppy layers

Like the way straight hair looks but want to liven up the ends? Have your stylist cut ends to give it a choppy appearance. The layers combined with textured tips make for an easy style you can wake up and go with.


4. Long Face Framing Layers

When face-framing layers are added to long hair, dramatic curtain bangs appear. While a tousled look like this is gorgeous with only a center part, you can switch it up with a side part to experiment with how bangs fall across the forehead for softness.


5. Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs

long layered hair with side bangs

To experiment with your face’s dimension, try side bangs. You’ll part hair at the side to begin, then the stylist will cut in the layers to create the bang and shape the body. When you add highlights, focus them on side bangs to easily lighten up your face.


6. Long Layered Hair for Over 50

long layered hair for over 50

Just because you’re 50 or over, that doesn’t mean you can’t still rock long hair. Bring life to your locks by adding layers and part at the side. Feathered bangs will frame your face in a youthful way.


7. Layered Long Blonde Hair

layered Long blonde hair

Every girl should go blonde at least once in her life. Try adding several shades to layered hair for mermaid, beach babe vibes.


8. Long Layered Black Hair

long layered hair for black women

If your hair is black but needs length, add in layered extensions or a sew-in. These wavy locks with blunt-cut ends will protect your hair while it’s growing out and look super cute at the same time.


9. Long Layered Haircut for Curvy Faces

Long Layered Haircut for Chubby Face

Ever feel like it’s difficult to style your round face? Layers are a great way to shape your long hair so it frames your round angles. Let them lie flat as a center part or rake your fingers through the hair to brush hair off the face.


10. Layered Long Brown Hair

layered long brown hair

The best thing about layers is they’re built-in style. Play them up by curling hair and brushing out for soft waves; top it off with a cute fedora for timeless style.


11. Hot Pink Layers

long straight hair with layers

An ombre of hot pink and pale orange or light pink is a stunning combination that gives off tropical-punk vibes. Even just as highlights, the colors will certainly liven up your long layers.


12. Rustic Headband

long layered hair with headband

Never underestimate the power of an old-school handkerchief as a hair accessory. Pick your favorite color and wrap it around your head to give easy style to your mane.


13. Thick Waves

long thick hair with layers

If you have long thick hair, layers are your new best friend. Add them in all over to cut down on bulk, then part hair in the center to see your natural texture come back to life.  


14. Mid-Height Bun

updo with long layered hair

A bun secured at medium height is a timeless hairstyle. For a casual look, keep it loose with wisps hanging around your face. You can even add a streak of bright color on light hair for something special.


15. Textured Ponytail

long layered ponytail

Texture like this is admired by women who flip through hair magazines. Get it for yourself by making a loose low ponytail, then tightening it. Cover up your hair tie with a strand of hair.


16. Chunky Braid

braids on long layered hair

Romance and elegance is essential when it’s a romantic evening. Go for this low chunky and loose braid for special occasions. Layered hair will help give it that textured look.


17. Natural Waves

long layered hair for black women

Are you a Black woman with long hair? Opt for highlights in blonde or caramel to accentuate waves or curl. Wear it loose but parted off center for easy flattering style.


18. Teal Waves

long dyed hair with layers

Several shades in one color family are a guaranteed stunner of a style. This look, for example, combines shades of green and teal to make a long wavy mane with a heavy part look whimsical.


19. Waterfall Braid

long layered hairstyle

Any kind of braid added to long hair makes it look twice as beautiful. A waterfall braid along the side and back of your head will flaunt curly layers. You can even add flowered clips for detail.


20. Pink and Orange

long layered hairdo

Looking for a dramatic hairstyle? Combine color with shape! This orange pink mane pops with help from a round brush and a blow dryer. They make a swooped shape right at the front of the face while the rest of the hair is filled with luscious teased waves. 


21. Face Framing Highlights

long layered hair with money piece highlights

Instagram / melodyzazueta

If you tend to wear your hair down most of the time, you can do your part to make it look its most gorgeous by adding highlights along your face. For dark hair, go with blonde and vice versa.


22. Curtain Bangs

long shaggy layered hair

Instagram / brianaguilarhair

When you love the look of bangs but don’t want to commit to full-on fringe, curtain bangs are an easy, soft addition that can still be pinned back. Show them off in a loose long hairdo or up in a cute ponytail.


23. Straight Layers

If you’re a lady with naturally straight hair, don’t let it just hang there limply. Give it some shape and character with long layers. You’ll stun no matter how you wear your hair.


24. Wild and Curly

long curly hair with layers

Instagram / mouseybrowne

One of the challenges with having long and super curly hair is preventing it from looking like a bush. Luckily, layers help there. Make your first layer meet your eyebrows to give your mane definition.


25. Feathered with Fringe

long layered hair with bangs

Instagram / recklessroots

Feathered or wispy layers are another gorgeous option for women with long hair. This straight style gets a little wave with layers that curl in. The fringe stands out with half blonde, half brown.


26. Long Layered Shag

long layered shag

Instagram / ahhsavanya

To give a bit more shape to messy hair, have it layered and add choppy bangs. The layers will create sexy body that is easy to enhance by working style creme through with your fingers. The result will be a thick bedhead top and long layered locks.


27. Long Layered Hair for Round Faces

Long Layered Hair for Round Faces

Instagram / thehairfable

A round face looks its best when the layers of its long hair start at the jawline. This helps to elongate it. Leave the top half of the hair straight, or your natural texture, and curl the ends.


28. Very Long Layered Hair

very long layered hair

Long hair that is all one length can tend to look like it’s dragging down the face. To combat this, add layers which will keep ends healthy and make you more trendy.


29. Long Feathered Layers

Long feathered layers

Instagram / leahbillingsbyhair

Bring attention to your long layers by having them feathered. This process focuses on ends and cuts them in a way that they fan out. Start the layers around cheek level to create a beautiful curtain bang.


30. Long Layered Asian Hair

long layered asian hair

Instagram / halliedaily

Asian women tend to wear their hair long and all the same length. But layering will emphasize length and give beautiful shape that is low maintenance and easy to style.


31. Long Textured Layers

long textured layers

Instagram / nikkilee901

While wearing long straight hair with layers is a beautiful look in itself, wavy tresses are equally gorgeous. Hair will look thicker by using a curling iron to add in beachy waves, a great option for women with thin hair.


32. Long Razored Layers

Long Razored Layers

You can wear your long hair straight with a center part proudly and still feel like you have style by having your stylist razor cut the ends. This results in a trendy wispy look with thin ends, a fun contrast to thick hair.


33. Long Layered Brunette Hair

Long Layered Brunette Hair

Brunette hair or this deep burgundy is one color that looks great against light or pale skin. Make it more dramatic with layers, leaving your mane slightly messy and tousled with waves to dress it up.


34. Long Layered Balayage Hair

Long Layered Balayage Hair

Layering hair is one way to give your look quick style, but so is adding balayage. These shades of blonde lighten up the face and make spiraled waves pop.


35. Boho Look

long hairstyle with layers

It’s easy to give your long layers a boho look. Just add a pretty feathered headband or a few braids. Keep hair wavy or curly to continue the flower child vibe.


36. Straight Long Hair With Sharp Layers

Long Sharp Layered Hair Style for girl

Want to add layers and texture to your hair but frightened of losing your long length? Ask your hairdresser to blend subtle longer-length layers from between your chin and your tips, and create the illusion of texture by adding gentle waves to your hair with your straightening irons.

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37. Long Layered Hair with Bayalage Color

Bayalage Color with Long Layered Hair Style

Balayage Highlights are a great way to add extra texture to your hair, and they look great paired with a mixture of long and face framing layers. Ask your hairdresser to blend your color and layers together to create an organic, rich, and full feel.


38. Long Layers with a Side Parting

brown Long Layered Hair Style for girl

If you want to define your face shape and create a slick and smooth look then use your hair dryer and a round brush to pull your layers into the shape of your face. This is ideal for drawing attention to your features and minimizing round faces and square jawlines. Add a side parting to further soften angular face shapes and features.


39. Extreme Length with Layers

black color Long Layered Hair Style

If you have extremely long hair then layers will be essential from making your hair feel light and manageable, particularly during the summer months. Long thick hair can feel heavy, hot, and hard to style. By adding layers, your hair will feel much more lightweight and easy to style.

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40. Off-Center Parting and Curled Ends

black women curly with Long Layered Hair Style

Want to make your long layered hair look as healthy as possible? Run a glossy shine serum through your hair and then curl the ends using a curling wand to create bouncy and beautiful waves that will add volume to your ends. Shift your hair into an off-center parting to create a softer style that is flattering for any face shape.


41. Long Layered Hair With Bangs

Long Layered Hair Style

For a look that is reminiscent of Brigette Bardot in her heyday, combine voluminous layered blonde waves with heavy bangs. Tousle your hair into bed-head style curls for a look that is incredibly sexy and perfect for a girl’s night out.


42. Bouncy Layers With Flicked Out Ends

Long Bouncyv Layered HairCut for girl

One of the best things about adding layers to long hair is how healthy and bouncy they make your hair look. Emphasize this effect by flicking out your layers to create a fun crisscross effect. Ask your stylist for blunt cut layers in the mid and longest lengths of your hair, and use a texturizing wax at the end of each demi curl you create.

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43. Long Hair With Wonderful Waves

Wave Long Layered Hair Style

One of the most modern ways to wear long hair with layers, sweep your hair into a face-flattering side parting and create exaggerated waves throughout the length of your hair before backcombing the roots to create volume and height. To perfectly replicate this look as your hairdresser to add lighter highlights through the under-layer of your hair, and style so that these can peek out for dramatic effect.


44. Add a Vibrant Colour Injection

Long layered hairstyles don’t have to come in natural colors to be stylish and healthy. Inject a pop of candy pink into your layered hair and then curl to inject movement and volume for a look that is sure to attract attention for all the right reasons.


45. Emphasized Layers with Blunt Bangs

Blunt Bang with Long Layered Hair Style

Exaggerate your layers without affecting the length of your hair by choosing to have feather-like layers in multiple lengths around your face to create a frame. Pair these emphasized layers with blunt bangs for a timeless style that is universally flattering, particularly if you have a high forehead or oval-shaped face.


46. Two Tone Blonde Long Layered Hair

Blonde two tone Long Layered Hair Style

If you want to create a stark difference between your highlights and your natural hair then ask your hairdresser for a mixture of short layers and long layers, but don’t inject any graduated mid-length layers in between. This is a style that will look great both worn up and worn down.


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47. Long Layers with Rainbow Ends

Rainbow color Long Layered Hair Style

Want to make sure every single layer counts? This is a high maintenance layered style that is best achieved with the help of an experienced colorist. Ask for a graduated rainbow style, and for each highlighted strand to be defined by layers of varying lengths. Emphasize your look using curling tongs and hold in place with hairspray.


48. Long Layers Hair with Asymmetric Bangs

If you want to inject a modern and edgy feel into your long layered hairstyle without adding color or losing your length then why not add asymmetric bangs to your style? These will draw the eye, have a face-framing effect, and create a modern and futuristic feel. This is a bold look that definitely isn’t for the feint-hearted.


49. Cool Copper Waves

If you have long hair with blunt bangs then why not give your style a modern twist by adding a rich copper color and adding mid and long layers through the length of your hair. Adding curls will help you to define subtle layers, and a bold color such as this one is sure to attract attention.


50. Long and Curly with Subtle Layers

Long Curly Layered Hair Style for girl

Layers don’t have to just be for straight or gently waving hair. If you have a perm or naturally curly hair then you can still give your style definition and structure by adding subtle layers through its length. This will help to pull your style into your body, rather than away from it, creating a polished overall look.


51. Sleek and glossy layers for dark hair

This is the perfect hairstyle for the woman that wants to add body and volume to her long dark hair. Ask your hairdresser to add short layers to frame your face then leave the rest of your layers long before adding a gloss spray to the length of your hair to give it a healthy shine.


52. Long Layers for Thin Hair

Long Layered Thin Hair Style

If you want to inject movement and body into thinner hair then ask your hairdresser to distribute short, medium, and long-length layers throughout your long hair then blow dry to inject movement and body to your hair. By thinning out your hair in this way you make it lighter, and this will make it easier to create volume at the roots.


53. Long Layers with Extra Volume

Looking for a long-layered style with extra volume? Use a wide barrel brush to curl your hair, and change the direction of the curls to create a mixture of tousled and messy curls. This is a great style for wearing for a day or two, as it just keeps looking better the messier it becomes.

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54. Soft Layers with Long Integrated Bangs

The softer bangs and gentle layers of this style would be perfect for girls with oval or round faces, helping to soften the curves of the face. Add a texturizing spray through the ends of your hair to create a modern separation between your layers.


55. Ultra Long Layers with Highlights

Highlights with Long Layered Hair Style

If you’re nervous about chopping off any of your long hair then this is a great transitional style, ideal for experimenting with layers without having to lose too much hair. Add blonde highlights to create a rich and glossy style.