25 Prettiest Pastel Hair Colors You’ll See Right Now

Pastel hair already found its way to our hearts, and it’s not going to leave any soon. It got on our radar because it exuberates confidence and joy, and depending on the shade, it can become an option for any skin tone.

So, if you have really pale skin, opt for a shade that doesn’t make you look washed out.  A teal, blue or green pastel hair will gorgeously suit you while a cotton candy pastel look will work it’s magic for women with darker skin.


Pastel Hair Color Variations

One of the big perks of pastel colors is their versatility because you can play with the hue and enlighten it as much as you want. The opportunities are limitless, from watermelon pastels to pale teal nuances.

Even if pastel hair looks so brilliant, it comes with a downside. It is high maintenance, and you’ll need to refresh the color quite often. Besides that, if you want to obtain pastel shades, you will need to bleach the hair and go for a white or platinum blonde base. If done wrong, the procedure can irremediably damage your hair, so use our advice and go to a hair salon if you want to pull off these pale hues.

1. Pastel Pink Hair with Curls

pastel pink hair

When styling a pastel pink hair, it will look tremendously cool with dark roots. The nuance won’t make you look washed out, and those long bangs will gorgeously frame your features. Also, opt for waves and curls to gain more dimension.


2. Purple Pastel on Short Hair

pastel purple hair

Pastel purple hair is romantic and, at the same time, channels your rebellious side. A pixie haircut will be an excellent option for you if craving for a hairstyle that doesn’t need a lot of styling.


3. Long Pastel Teal Hair

pastel blue hair

When you are searching for a hairstyle that makes everyone say WOW, pastel blue will certainly have that effect on people. Cut the hair in a V shape and let that hue work its spells.


4.  Pastel Rainbow Hair

pastel rainbow hair

Pastel rainbow hair is one of the most vivid and full of life hair you will ever see. If styled on long hair, you get a mane that will never pass unnoticed. Opt for yellow, teal, red, purple, and pink colors and beautifully blend them.


5. Green Pastel Hair for Pale Skin

pastel green hair color

A pastel green hair can make any woman look mesmerizing, and if you go for this color, you’ll never want to replace it. Slightly wear the bangs on one side and opt for a few messy curls that will fall on your back in a cascade.


6. Pastel Lavander Hair

pastel lavender hair

Every time you see pastel lavender hair, you can picture yourself in the middle of a gorgeous flower field. If you have blue eyes, this color will suit you like a glove. Style a bob haircut and opt for curls that will give the mane dimension.


7. Pastel Orange Ombre Hair

Pastel orange hair is quite fastidious, and it requires your full attention and commitment. Go for an ombre and keep the roots in your dark natural shade. Complete the look with a pair of retro rounded glasses.


8. Pink Blue Pastel Ombre Hair

pastel ombre hair

When you think about pastel ombre, you never imagine it can look so ravishing. Start from a pale purple and end up with a blue shade for the tips. Style waves and tousle the hair.


9. Pastel Red Hair for Bobs

pastel red hair

Pastel red hair is ideal for women who want to make an unforgettable impression wherever they go. Get a bob haircut and style the tips inwards and outwards to obtain a classy yet sexy hairstyle.


10. Short Pastel Bob

short pastel hair

Get a short bob and opt for pastel red and pink hues. Draw a part on one side and wear the fringe on the other. You will get one of the most amazing short pastel hair colors, and everybody will complement your bold look.


11. Pastel Blonde Hair

pastel blonde hair

Pastel blonde hair might seem familiar, but if you take a closer look, you will see that it uses such fabulous hues of platinum and honey or champagne bright blondes. Style layers and part the fringe in the middle and to obtain a hairstyle that is ideal for women with round faces.


12. Short Pastel Peach Hair

pastel peach hair

Pastel peach hairstyles look so delicious, and it would be such a shame not to try this fabulous hue. Style a pixie haircut with bangs that can be tossed on one side, and the outcome will certainly be marvelous.


13. Pink and Purple Pastel Ombre Hair

pastel pink and purple hair

To recreate this fantastic look, all you need is a lot of confidence and the desire to explore the world of pastel and electric colors. Start with platinum blonde roots and create an ombre that will get you a gorgeous pastel pink and purple hair.


14. Pastel Rose Hair with Bun

pastel rose gold hair

When you want to look ravishing,  go for a pastel rose gold hair that can be tied up in a messy bun. Pull off a few strands from your bangs, temples, and sideburns to obtain an excellent face frame. Opt for an eye shadow that will make your eyes look hypnotizing.


15. Pastel Green Hair with Locs and Braids

pastel green and yellow hair

When you have pale skin, pastel green and yellow hair will undoubtedly make you look extraordinary. Style dreadlocks and braids and pin the top into a high bun. Spare your bangs and part them in the middle. Use an electric green shade for the eyeliner.


16. Pastel Silver Blue Hair

pastel silver hair color

Pastel silver hair makes a great team with short pixie cuts. Opt for an asymmetrical fringe that you can flip on one side. Lift the top hair to create a small mohawk, and you’ll get a gorgeous rebel look.


17. Pastel Unicorn Messy Hair

pastel unicorn hair

Pastel unicorn hair is something to go for because it will inspire happiness and confidence. Gest a short bob haircut and opt for three pastels: candy pink, blue, and teal. Use a straightening iron to make the hairstyle look flawless and chic.


18. Medium Long Pastel Pink Hair

light pastel pink hair

If you adore colors, play with more hues to obtain the perfect light pastel pink hair. Use fuchsia eyeshadow for the lids and glue a few colored sequins under your eyes. You will be the main attraction at any party or festival.


19. Pastel Teal Hair for Pale Faces

pastel teal hair

Pastel teal hair is an ideal choice for women with pale skin. A dark eyeliner line on your lid will draw attention to your ocean blue eyes and the hair will beautifully complete your look.


20. Pastel Pink Blue Curly Hair

pastel curly hair

This pastel curly hair is totally ravishing! Go for tight curls that will provide a lot of texture and volume and use more pastel color shades: candy pink for the top, watermelon hues and blue and purple shades for the tips.


21. Short Pastel Rainbow Hair

pastel grey and blue hair

Pastel blue-grey hair will work so well with some peekaboo rainbow highlights and an undercut. You can obtain a dreamy look by also applying some glitter on your temples and upper cheeks.


22. Deep Cotton Candy Hair

pastel cotton candy hair

Go for a pastel cotton candy hair, braid a few thin strands and use a crimping iron for a few other locks. Opt for a hippie headband on the forehead and tousle your hair to create a messy Woodstock inspired look.


23. Pastel Pink + Blue Balayage

pastel balayage hairstyle

When you have pale skin, blue eyes, and freckles, a pastel balayage hairstyle that uses vivid green and pink shades is a superb option for you. By keeping the roots in their natural shade, you won’t have to visit the salon every four weeks to refresh the color.


24. Pastel Highlights and Lowlights

pastel hair highlights

Pastel hair highlights will make you look really astonishing if you also style a few lowlights. Your bouncy curly hair will offer the mane texture and dimension and the riglets will have their own personality.


25. Pastel Yellow and Pink Hair

pastel hair color for pale skin

When you have pale skin, not all pastel colors will suit you, and by choosing the wrong one, you might end up looking washed out. Yellow and cotton candy shades are ideal pastel hair colors for this skin, and you can get a gorgeous look by mixing them on your long hair.

Celebrities adore pastel hair and you can see it in so many videos, appearances on the red carpet or events they are attending. To create this gorgeous hairdo, you will need to bleach your hair, but if you don’t want to damage the mane, there’s always an option. Wigs and weaves can help you obtain that look in no time, so what are you waiting for?

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