25 Best Rat Tail Haircuts That’ll Actually Make You Look Better

Rat tail hair is becoming more popular again because of their versatility. These unusual styles can be braided, permed, dyed or just left to hang loose. They are a very low maintenance hairstyle because they only require the wearer to keep a short section longer at the back of their haircut.


Rat Tail Hairstyles around the World

Rat tail haircuts are most popular in New Zealand and Australia but they have fans all around the world. International soccer stars can often be seen wearing their hair in a rat tail style. They were very popular in America during the 1980’s and the style is now making a comeback in the area.


#1: Hair Art

rat tail haircut for men

Amaze your friends with your hair art skills by cutting a rat shaped Mohawk into your hair. Leave your hair long enough at the back so that you can use your hair as the rat’s tail.

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#2: Brushed Back Hair with a Braid


Start by brushing your hair upwards from the roots to create volume and then brush it backward to give a fast-paced look. Plait your longer rat tail section into a thin braid.


#3: Layered Curtains with a Plaited Rat Tail

men cool Plaited Rat Tail hairstyle

Layer the majority of your hair so that the underneath is longer than the top sections. Roll the top sections slightly in a classic curtains style and then complete the look with a careful micro braid.


#4: Curly Top with Micro Braids

Roberto Baggio, Italy

Rat tail hairstyles still look great even with curly hair. Leave the top of your style curly but straighten the long portions at the back. Plait the back into lots of little micro braids for a cool hairstyle for men.


#5: Choppy Style


Style your hair with a choppy look by cutting in lots of different layers. These layers will help to give your hair the type of texture that people will just want to run their hands through.