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Spring Twists Vs. Passion Twists: What’s The Difference?

Protective hairstyles like spring twists and passion twists are gaining more popularity among naturalists and others who wish to wear their hair as is.

Styles like braids, twists and faux locs are just a few options to protect your hair and ensure it looks stylish, but spring twists vs. passion twists is a debate that keeps arising about protective styles.

Some braided hairstyles can be challenging, especially if you’re inexperienced in hair care. Luckily, twisted hairstyles are a little easier to achieve, and even the greenest of curlies can achieve stunning looks in a matter of hours.

We’ll discuss the differences between spring and passion twists: what are they, and how are they different?

Read on to learn more about these twist styles to see which one is right for you!

What Are Spring Twists?

spring twists

Spring twists are a protective hairstyle made with tightly coiled hair extensions. There are many similarities between spring twists and Senegalese twists, with the main difference in the tightly-coiled hair used in spring.

You can do this protective style on nearly any hair type; it is effortless to maintain, low-maintenance, and lightweight.

When you pull on a twist, the tightly coiled hair springs back to its original shape, hence the name. Plus, they really do look like tight springs, beautifully coiled.

What Are Passion Twists?

passion twists

Now that you’ve learned about spring twists, let’s dive into passion twists and how this unique and stunning hairstyle looks.

Passion twists are another protective hairstyle that emerged from the Senegalese twists.

The point of this style is to use textured hair extensions to create twists with a fun, messy texture. Passion twists lack the bounce of spring twists and are frizzier due to the type of hair used.

The ends are also left looser than spring twists, so they’re more prone to frizzing and may not last quite as long. This type of hair can be crocheted, meaning you can do it yourself.

What Do Spring Twists and Passion Twists Look Like?

Spring Twists vs. Passion Twists

Spring twists are true to their name and spring back into place if you pull on them. This hairstyle has tight curls, with a more natural look overall.

Passion twists, on the other hand, offer more of a boho vibe thanks to the textured extensions used in the twist.

As a result, passion twists have a messier and more voluminous look, with looser ends that may be prone to frizzing.

Key Differences Between Passion and Spring Twists

The main differences between passion and spring twists are the texture and durability. All in all, spring twists last longer but passion twists are bigger.

Spring twists are pre-twisted extensions that are tighter, giving you more natural-looking curls. You’ll install the spring twists by taking small portions of hair and braiding or twisting the hair in at the root and then twisting to the ends.

The spring twist hairstyle is extremely low-maintenance; make sure to keep your scalp moisturized since you won’t be shampooing it, sleep with a silk bonnet to keep friction on your hair to a minimum, and touch up frizzy edges as needed.

On the other hand, passion twists are pre-curled hair extensions that are a bit messy, giving more volume thanks to the thicker twist. Sectioning your hair into square boxes or triangles will make it easier to install passion twists.

Start a braid at the root of each section and use the latch hook to weave the passion twist hair through. Finish by twisting the extension through your hair from root to ends, just like spring twists.

After you’re done, you can choose to use a setting mousse to set the twists.

  Spring Twists Passion Twists
Cost Less expensive as less hair is used: On average, expect to spend $90 to $190. More expensive: On average, you can expect to spend $150 to $250.
 Weight Lightweight and easy on your hairline Lightweight but heavier than a spring twist
Durability Typically, these last between four to eight weeks with proper care On average, these last between six to eight weeks with proper care
Packs of Hair Required Often, six to eight packs of hair are necessary Usually, six to twelve packs of hair required
Texture Bouncy, soft texture Messy, curly texture

Spring twists are a minimal maintenance style, as you just need to trim the edges occasionally if they start to get frizzy.

With passion twists, you may need to add oils or products to tame some of the frizz due to the type of textured hair used.

If you want something that lasts longer, go for the spring twist. For a more voluminous style that may not last quite as long, get the passion twists.

When it comes down to the differences between spring twists and passion twists, it’s just a matter of taste and how long you want your hairdo to last. Both hairstyles are relatively low-maintenance, each offering a unique look.

If you prefer tighter, bouncier curls, then spring twists are the perfect style for you. But if you’re going for a messier, boho-type look, passion twists will give you just that! They’re thicker and give more volume, giving anyone a sultry, gorgeous look.

Regardless of which style you choose, you’ll enjoy a long-lasting style that will keep your natural hair protected.


Do you still have questions about spring twists or passion twists? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions below about spring twists vs. passion twists.

Which is better, spring twist or passion twist?

Neither style is better than the other—it simply comes down to preference! For a tighter, more natural-looking curl, spring twists are the way to go.

If you want more of a free, messy look, you should go with passion twists.

Can I use spring twist hair for installing passion twists?

Technically, yes. But if you use spring twist hair for passion twists, you’re pretty much just creating the spring twist style since you install both passion and spring twists similarly.

Using spring twist hair instead of passion twist extensions will result in tighter, bouncier curls.

Are there any similarities between passion and spring twists?

Yes! You install both passion and spring twists by twisting the extensions into your natural hair. They’re both low-maintenance, long-lasting styles that will protect your natural hair while providing you with a chic, fun look.

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