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Why Tease Hair for Balayage?

As the season’s change, you’re probably looking to switch up your color. Adding dimensional highlights to mirror Fall, Spring, or even Summer is a great way to boost your look without any serious commitment to drastic change. Balayage is definitely the most popular, if not arguably the best hair coloring technique for doing so. 

While this method typically involves hand painting, there is a new method of making waves and it’s all about teasing the hair before applying color.


What is Balayage?

Balayage hair technique

Before we begin explaining the latest celebrity craze of teasing hair before highlighting, it may be helpful to explain the balayage method. The word is French and means “to sweep” or “paint”. Balayage is a technique that creates a blended look on the hair with no harsh lines where hair has regrown.

Regardless of the color that you choose, it’s effect is always intended to look natural and grown out. The color that your stylist will balayage is typically just a few shades away from your base color so as she paints or applies color, the effect looks lived in and natural.

Balayage is perfect for the penny pincher or the babe that isn’t keen on subjecting her hair to regular monthly coloring. Of all techniques, it is likely the most cost-effective and gentlest on hair out of the bunch.


Why Tease Hair for Balayage?

Believe it or not, teasing hair is helpful for creating the desired natural effect from balayage. It helps most when applying color to hair. Through teasing, some hair is raised out and away from the scalp, so as the color is applied with a brush, that fuzzy line is created with no effort, blurring any harsh lines of demarcation.

This technique is known as ‘teasylights’ in the hair world and reveals more about the application than that of the balayage’s effect. Teased hair is one of the best ways for creating that effortless, sexy look that is making waves everywhere.


How To Tease Hair

How To Tease Hair for Balayage

In order to properly tease hair for applying balayage, your stylist will use a simple, familiar method. First, they will section your hair as they normally would for highlighting. After sectioning hair, they will further section hair into smaller, thin portions using their fingers. 

Then, using a comb, they will gently tease the hair with a fine-tooth comb from tip to root, leaving only a small portion of hair left out of the teased bunch. They may not tease every section of hair as they may not apply color one each section. 

Pro-tip: You should only ever let a stylist tease your hair. When done correctly, teasing should not create knots nor cause breakage on the hair.  In the hands of a knowledgeable stylist, hair should be just as easy to scrunch up with a comb as it is to brush back down. Your stylist should be teasing your hair from the tip to the root.

When done right, teasing hair for balayage is safe, easy, and super effective. Be sure that you’re working with an experienced stylist to ensure that they won’t damage your hair and that they know how to make this method work for balayage. We hope you love your natural-looking hair using the teasing method!


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