50 Best Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try in 2019

If you are a woman getting ready to shine on that special day, you must have looked through some half up half down wedding hairstyles for brides. The obvious advantage of such hairstyle is that it serves two purposes.

One is keeping the hair out of your face for most of the day and the second one is allowing some of your beautiful tresses to flow down and look great on the photos.

Once your special wedding day has come and gone, you can still use these amazing hairstyles for special occasions. Most of such styles are easy to make. They don’t require professional assistance and can be created in the comfort of your own home.


Amazing Half Up Half Down Hairstyles

Whenever you want a hairstyle that looks amazing and takes not too much effort to make, consider half up half down options. They are a great way to make your wedding hairstyle look amazing without being too complicated.

You won’t need to spend too much time dealing with your hair. These hairstyles are especially useful for brides whose hair is rather long and needs special care.

Keeping it neat and out of the way is not easy. For women with long tresses who don’t like long hairstyles, half up half down hairstyles can be a great choice.

Take a look at the 50 best half up half down hairstyles for your wedding day or any other special occasions.


1. Side Ponytail

half up half down ponytail

A ponytail might seem like an easy way out but it can really become an impressive wedding hairstyle. Sweep your tresses to the back of your head, tie them with an elegant elastic band and arrange it over one shoulder.

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2. High hair

half up half down wedding hairstyle

This half up high down wedding hairstyle will look amazing on the photos. Sweep your hair upwards to make a loose high ponytail. Create high hair on top and keep it together with a tiara.


3. Side strands

half step down tuning hair

Another simple way to go about a wedding hairstyle is to take two side strands and tie them into a ponytail in the back. Glam up this hairstyle with some beautiful wedding accessories and you are done.


4. Curl cascade

half up half down curls

One of the most popular half up half down hairstyles. You will need professional assistance for this one. The hair is swept upwards into a loose bun and the strands are curled and allowed to fall down your neck.

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5. Curl arrangement

 Curl arrangement half up wedding hairstyle for bride

This is a great choice for girls with medium-length hair. You can leave most of it down and just tie the front strands in the back. Curl and arrange some thin strands to make circles that look like an accessory.


6. Braided coronet

half up half down braid

If you want to make a real soft and natural impression, consider getting a flower crown and braiding it into your hair. The locks in the back will look as if they are a natural extension of the coronet.


7. Simple twist

half up half down twist

There is nothing more beautiful than natural simplicity. Don’t go overboard with accessories. You can create your own half up half down wedding hairstyle by twisting two front strands and tying them in the back.


8. Asymmetrical braid

french braid half up half down for beautiful brides

Simple braids are not a good choice for a wedding hairstyle while asymmetrical braids will do a great job making you look fantastic. Just one of these braids in the back of your head will make the guests sigh with awe.

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9. Braid extravaganza

nice Braid extravaganza hairstyle

If you have thick locks, you can make several braids with the front strands and arrange them as a crown on top of your head. If your hair is thin, consider getting a weave. The effect will be the same.


9. Runaround braid

wedding hairstyle for half up half down

Runaround braid does a good job holding the half up half down wedding hairstyle in place. The rest of the hair is left to fall down your back. You can diversify this hairstyle with flowers and accessories.


10. Complicated braiding


This hairstyle should better be trusted to a professional stylist and the result will exceed your expectations. It is a good choice for women with thick and curly hair that is hard to keep in place.


11. Small beehive

Small beehive hairstyle

A beehive is a great choice for the top part of your half up half down wedding hairstyle. Create a small beehive on the top of your head and allow the rest of your locks to stream down freely.


12. Tiaras


Tiaras are your best friends when it comes to the half up half down styles. They do a good job holding your hair in place. Consider leaving two strands hanging in front. They will give your image a romantic look.


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13. Large waves


Curls and waves are a must-have part of any wedding hairstyles. If your hair is thick and unruly or thin and damaged, large waves will save the day. Tie to wavy front strands in the back to keep the hair out of your face.

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14. Comb over

nice Comb over hairstyle

Comb over is a great way to keep your face and forehead open while allowing the hair in the back to be loose. Make a comb over and tie it together with the frontal strands in the back.


15. Hair basket


This is a hairstyle which is available to women with thick hair or to those brides who are ready for hair extensions. It looks really impressive and helps you flaunt your natural locks.


16. Special twist

cool twist haircut for women

Twisting your hair in the back so it looks special is a real art. If you are not sure you can achieve this half up half down wedding hairstyle on your own, ask a stylist to help you. Consider highlighting some strands too.


17. Impressive crown braids


Crown braids make a great “up” part of the mixed hairstyle. No matter how thick your locks are, you can make at least a couple of thin braids on top and then tie the front strands in the back to keep the hair neat.


18. Helpful accessories


You won’t need to go to a hair salon to make your locks look fantastic if you know how to use the right wedding accessories. A well-chosen headband will create a great mixed hairstyle all on its own.


19. Use the veil


A veil will be a great help with you half up half down wedding hairstyle. Clip it to the strands that are tied in the back and your image will be even more fantastic. Leave some strands curled and hanging in front.


20. Hair ties

Hair ties haircut for girl

Making a wonderful wedding hairstyle without any visible accessories is a real art. A simple ponytail will turn into an extravagant mixed style if you hide the elastic band by the bow made out of your own tresses.


21. Bird nests


If you like special hairstyles, these bird nests are for you. You will need a stylist to help you arrange the back part of your hair to look like large and deep circles that resemble nests.


22. Twist and turn


Crown braids are fun but crown twists are even better. Keep the hair tied and arranged to one side with the help of well-twisted strands. You will need a lot of hair gel to make sure the twists don’t fall apart.


23. Fun bun


If just tying the strands in the back of your head is not fun enough, you can go further by creating a bun out of them. If decorated with the right wedding accessories, this hairstyle will look very special.


24. Short hair idea

 Short hairstyle for girl

This half up half down wedding hairstyle is a good choice for girls with short hair. There is nothing hard about making a beehive on top and tying the front strands in the back. Well-chosen highlights will be a great addition to the style.


25. Braids and curls

 Braids and curls hairstyle for girl

Braiding the front part of your locks is a good way to keep the hair out of your face. Then the braids can continue to form a large and curly ponytail. The more curls you make, the larger your hairstyle will look.


26. Back and front

 Back and front haircut

When you sweep all your hair to the back, it won’t be visible in the pictures, so the stylists recommend bringing at least some strands to the front and over one shoulder.


27. A weave


In order to make your half up half down wedding hairstyle look most impressive, consider getting hair extension to make the down part more voluminous. This way you can get such a hairstyle even if your hair is short.


28. Curly vs Straight

Curly vs Straight hairstyle for women

Curls and waves are a must for a wedding hairstyle. But it doesn’t mean you need to curl all of your locks. Think about leaving the top part straight and curling the rest of your tresses. The overall impression will be fabulous.


29. Hair hug


The “up” part of this wedding hairstyle is easily achieved by pulling the strands from one side of the head to another and securing them with pins. Since neatness is vital, ask your stylist for help.


30. Braids and twists


There is no reason to opt for just one hair arrangement. You can use both braids and twist to create the most amazing half up half down wedding hairstyle. Make sure your stylist understands what you want.


31. Just one braid


If you want to diversify your hairstyle, make a braid to support the “up” part of your hair. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the strands you pull to the back. Simple braids look really cute.


32. Tough and beautiful

beautiful haircut for women

Looking for the most special hairstyle for your wedding? Bring your hairstylist this picture. It might take a long while to create this style but the results will be truly stunning.


33. Large accessories


If you are a fan of large accessories, such as headbands, consider this hairstyle. The headband will be holding your locks in place while securing your very special image.

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34. Natural waves

Natural waves hairstyle

If you have soft and natural waves, don’t hide them. Enhance them with hair gel and make a simple braid to keep the front strands out of your face.


35. Bows and flowers


Flowers are a compulsory part of every wedding so why not get some into your hair. Large faux flowers will make any half up half down wedding hairstyle look very special. Give a couple of them a try!


36. Delicate jewelry


Large accessories have a certain charm, however, delicate jewelry is becoming the choice of modern women. Pick the most impressive hair clip to keep the “up” part of your hairstyle in place.


37. Jewels and ties

Jewels and ties hairstyle

One of the most impressive ways to keep your hair up is to tie the strands to each other. Ask your hairstylist for this natural image and add some jewels to make it the most festive.


38. Double Strands


If you don’t feel up to braiding, you can just twist separate strands of your hair and pull them back to make the mixed hairstyle. Tie the strands with a large wedding accessory to brighten up your image.


39. Neat curls

Neat curls haircut for men

Curls are great material to play around with when you make a half up half down hairstyle for your wedding. Arrange your hair in circles and clip it to the rest of the tresses to make an amazing style.


40. 5-minute hairstyle


You don’t need to be a professional stylist to create this amazing hairstyle. Pull the side strands of your hair to the back, tie them with an elastic band and attach a veil. Voila! You are done.


41. Rose clips


A loose half up half down hairstyle is achieved by attaching clips in a form of flowers to the hair and pulling it a little backwards. This hairstyle is easily achieved at home. Just don’t forget to make curls.


42. Curl blast

 Curl blast hairstyle for girl

Making curls on top of your head is always a smart move for a special occasion hairstyle. The more curls you arrange on top, the more voluminous your hairstyle will look. Leave some strands hanging down too.


43. Easy twist


Hairstyles with twisted strands might look simple at first. They are easy to make but hard to keep neat. You will need a lot of help from clips and hair gel to keep this wedding hairstyle intact all day long.


44. Natural brunette


Natural looks are becoming more and more popular at weddings. So there is no reason to go all out with curls or crazy braids and twists. Simple natural hairstyle will make your occasion just as memorable.


45. Matching earring


If you are making a half up half down wedding hairstyle, it is a great occasion to sport matching earrings and hair accessories. Your ears will be open, so opt for the most beautiful jewelry.


46. French Crown Braids

Circling French braid haircut for women

A circling French braid is a wonderful way to keep part of your hair up for the wedding. The “down” part of the mixed hairstyle will be falling over one should and visible from the front.


47. Curly hair extensions


If your hair is not long enough to create an impressive hairstyle, attach a weave to make your locks longer. Curly weave will make your image more impressive and a bit more romantic.


48. Clip the curls

nice curls hairstyle for women

If you don’t know how to go about medium-length hair, go easy on it. Just make tight curls and clip them upwards to create an awesome wedding day hairstyle all the guests will love.

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49. Lateral comb over


The lateral comb-over is another easy choice for a bride who is always on the run. This hairstyle will look great on girls with long and straight locks who plan to wear a veil.


50. Fishtail Braids


When you sweep your hair backwards to open up your face, you can use the strands to create a nice and long fishtail braid. Consider different braid types that will make you half up half down wedding hairstyle even more impressive.


Half up half down hairstyles for brides are easy to make and look amazing. Pick the one you like best and try to make it on your own. You will love the way you look.