50 Best Half Up Half Down Hairstyles to Try in 2019

If you are a woman getting ready to shine on that special day, you must have looked through some half up half down wedding hairstyles for brides. The obvious advantage of such hairstyle is that it serves two purposes. One is keeping the hair out of your face for most of the day and the second one is allowing some of your beautiful tresses to flow down and look great on the photos. Once your special wedding day has come and gone, you can still use these amazing hairstyles for special occasions. Most of such styles are easy to make. They don’t require professional assistance and can be created in the comfort of your own home.


Different Half Up Half Down Hairstyle Ideas

Whenever you want a hairstyle that looks amazing and takes not too much effort to make, consider half up half down options. They are a great way to make your wedding hairstyle look amazing without being too complicated. You won’t need to spend too much time dealing with your hair. These hairstyles are especially useful for brides whose hair is rather long and needs special care. Keeping it neat and out of the way is not easy. For women with long tresses who don’t like large and complicated hairstyles, half up half down option is a great choice. Take a look at the 50 best half up half down hairstyles for your wedding day or other special occasions.


1. Side Ponytail

half up half down ponytail

A ponytail might seem like an easy way out but it can really become an impressive wedding hairstyle. Sweep your tresses to the back of your head, tie them with an elegant elastic band and arrange it over one shoulder.

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2. High hair

half up half down wedding hairstyle

This half up high down wedding hairstyle will look amazing on the photos. Sweep your hair upwards to make a loose high ponytail. Create high hair on top and keep it together with a tiara.


3. Side strands

half step down tuning hair

Another simple way to go about a wedding hairstyle is to take two side strands and tie them into a ponytail in the back. Glam up this hairstyle with some beautiful wedding accessories and you are done.


4. Curl cascade

half up half down curls

One of the most popular half up half down hairstyles. You will need professional assistance for this one. The hair is swept upwards into a loose bun and the strands are curled and allowed to fall down your neck.

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5. Curl arrangement

 Curl arrangement half up wedding hairstyle for bride

This is a great choice for girls with medium-length hair. You can leave most of it down and just tie the front strands in the back. Curl and arrange some thin strands to make circles that look like an accessory.