30 Endearing Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls

If your little girl is attending a wedding, don’t forget to give her a cute wedding hairstyle. Many parents get busy with their own wedding hairstyle but forget the little girl who needs a fresh hairstyle too!


Cute Wedding Hairstyles for Little Girls

wedding hairstyle for little girl

The end of summer comes bearing one joy, the start of wedding season. September and October are amongst the most popular months for weddings, and things are about to get busy as bride and groom to be’s around the world start preparing for their weddings.

Amongst the chaos of choosing a venue, a caterer, a band, a dress, and many other things, however, many things get overlooked. One such thing is little girls’ wedding hairstyles. We’ve compiled this list of 30 wedding hairstyles for your little girl to rock this wedding season.

1. Fishtail Braid With Flowers

 fishtail braid for little girl

An intricate fishtail braid looks elegant on little girls and is also a great way to tame healthy hair that is hard to keep away from the face. This little girl wedding hairstyle is easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of effort.

Fishtail braid tutorials can easily be found all over the internet as it’s a wildly popular hairstyle. Topping off the look is a bunch of nice flowers that suit the wedding theme. Just attach them to the top of the braid with bobby pins and turn a normal braid into a stunning wedding look.


2. Braided Updo

wedding hairstyle with braided updo

Another great yet simple wedding hairstyle for your little girl is the braided updo. This is fairly simple to do. Divide the hair down the middle, into two parts, and braid each part.

You can choose whatever style of braid you want, the one shown in the picture is a French braid. Once braided, the sides are brought to the back and pinned in the center. You can then pin an accessory or a flower over the area where the braids are pinned down, thus hiding it.


3. Classic Bun for Little Girls

wedding hairstyle with bun for little girl

The bun may seem like it’s too casual to wear to a wedding, but it’s really not. The sock bun, as shown in the picture, is a bun style that gives the appearance of a fuller bun. For an elegant wedding-appropriate look, wave the hair before putting them up into the bun. Pair it up with a cute ribbon or a flower crown.

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4. Braided Bun

wedding hairstyle with braided bun

This little girl hairstyle is a combination of the last two hairstyles, the braided updo, and the bun. Similar to the braided updo, divide the hair into two parts and braid it. Bring the braids to the back and wrap them around the bun you’ve already made.


5. Flip Ponytail

flip ponytail for little girl

An easy wedding hairdo for little girls is the flip ponytail. All you have to do is make a low pony, divide the hair right above the hair tie, bring the pony back up and put it through the divide you made. It falls back down, creating a classy look.


6. Side Pony With Braided Tail

This is a great twist on the normal side pony. Just make a few braids from the hair at the front of the head. Then pull them back into the pony and tie it up. To make this little girl wedding hairstyle even better, you can curl the hair in the pony.


7. Waterfall Braid

little girl's wedding hairstyle with waterfall braid

If your little girl loves keeping her hair open then this is a great way to style her hair. The waterfall braid shows the elegance of a braid while keeping the hair down. The braid itself mimics a waterfall because the strands of hair fall down and blend into the rest of the hair seamlessly.


8. Two Buns

Another adorable wedding hairstyle for your little princess is the two-bun look. This is especially useful for curly hair as it tames them down. Simply part the hair down the middle, and make each portion into a high bun. You can always accessorize with flowers to look more formal.


9. Free Fishtail Braid

Another great hairstyle option is the free fishtail braid. This is as easy as it sounds! Just make a fishtail braid and let it fall freely. There’s no need to do anything else to the hair! You can curl it or straighten it to make it appear more formal.


10. French Braid With Flowers

french braid wedding hairstyle for little girl

The last hairstyle for your little girl’s wedding appearance is a simple French braid paired with beautiful flowers. This hairstyle involves placing flowers in the braid while making the French braid. The result is a sophisticated look which compliments all kinds of wedding themes.



wedding hairstyle for little black girl

wedding hairstyle for little black girl



short wedding hairstyle for little girl

short wedding hairstyle for little girl



half up wedding hairstyle for little girl



wedding pigtails for little girl



medium wedding hairstyle for little girl



wedding hairstyle for little girl



braided wedding hairstyle for little girl




























Little girl’s wedding hairstyles are an important part of any wedding. Little girls usually play the role of flower girls. Even if they’re not part of the wedding party, who doesn’t love little girls dressed prim and proper for a wedding? But we know how stressful it can be for parents to pay attention to their own wedding duties and their daughters’ hairstyles. This is the very reason we made this list! We hope it helps you get your little girl ready for the next wedding.