Balayage Vs. Highlights – Choose The Best Technique

Balayage vs highlights, which one should you choose? If you are asking yourself this question, you need to learn some things about hair coloring. Balayage is a type of highlighting not a completely different technique. In this year, there are several highlighting trends that you may want to consider. They can help you understand which technique to choose.


French Highlighting

French Highlight hairstyle for girl

French highlighting is a common type of highlighting the hair for blonds. It doesn’t make drastic changes in your natural hair color but makes it a little lighter. This technique allows blond-haired women to get an effect of sun-bleached hair while looking very natural. This color makes your hair appear more voluminous and stunning. Special French hair cosmetics used for this highlighting don’t contain harsh chemicals and goes easy on your hair. The only downside is that it doesn’t work on dark hair color.



Shatush highlight blonde hair for girl

Here is another highlighting technique created specifically for girls with dark hair. Shatush can be done on blonde hair, but you’d need to use hair cosmetics with ammonia, which is very damaging for any tresses. Shatush is also an option for women with gray hair but only in case if less than third of your locks are gray. Shatush on dark hair is easily done using natural hair colors. As opposed to the French highlighting, shatush can be done at home.

Blonde Balayage Hairstyles



Balayage highlight hairstyle

This is one more French hair coloring technique, which is gaining popularity all over the world. It manages to achieve what all the other highlighting techniques can’t. It outlines the transition from one color to another.

  • Balayage is suitable for women of all ages. The originality of the hairstyle and the brightness of the image allowed Balayage to become a definite favorite. In order to get the best results, you have to talk to a professional and choose the right hairstyle.
  • Balayage adds your hair the appearance of extra volume. The highlighted locks look more natural due to the soft transition from one color to another. Most women leave the color of the roots natural and dye just the lower part of their hair. However, different dyeing for the top part is also popular. The best part about Balayage is that it suits both straight and curly hair.


More facts about Balayage vs. Traditional Highlights:

  • Balayage is a freehand painted onto the hair in large sections but Highlights are more carefully placed in a structured pattern.
  • Balayage is more easy to maintain because it is not done right from the root like Highlights.
  • Unlike other Highlights, choose only a few shades lighter than your base color for Balayage to avoid cartoonish look.
  • Balayage looks so natural and can be done in all hair types and lengths. But it is best for curly hair as you can use different colors on both thick and thin sections.
  • Balayage highlights look more artistic and add tons of depth and dimension to your hair as bottom sections of hair are left dark, where Highlights can look one toned or flat.


Now you can see that Balayage is just one of three popular highlighting techniques. Choose the one that suits you best!