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21 Trendsetting Braids with Beads Hairstyle Ideas for 2024

Braids with beads is an eccentric combo and it never goes out of style. During ancient times, African Americans used to adorn their hair with braided beads and cornrows. It’s one of the protective styles that not only shields your hair from damage and product build-up but also makes you look flawless.

Since then, you may have come across people who find their roots in African countries, twisting their hair with decorative beads. They feel a sense of pride and honor in their heritage, thus embracing the look.

Celebrities like Alicia Keys, Rihanna, and Beyoncé have sported the popular hairstyle with confidence. If they can rock braids, so could you!

How to Style Braids and Beads

how to style braids with beads

You can plait your hair by trying out various styles suitable for any types of braid ranging from Dutch braid to mesh braid. No matter which type of braid you wear, you can step up your braid game by spicing up your hair with cuffs, micro lock beads, flare beads, and many more.

The micro lock bead is the tiniest of all beads that can secure your hair pretty easily and hide in your hair if you’re going for a minimalistic look.

Flare bead is the longest bead that is lightweight and easy to use. It can hold up your hair without any problem. There are many colorful beads to choose from, and it’s totally up to you to decide which braids with beads style, will you choose.

A Guide on How to Put Beads on Braids

how to put beads on braids

There are different techniques through which you can insert beads in your hair. Below, we’ve listed down three easiest ways you could put beads on braids.

Method 1

One of the easiest and quickest beads hacks you could use is to buy a hair beader tool which is readily available in the markets. It makes the process a lot simpler and consumes less time.  The tool looks like a cord that allows you to insert beads at one end.

You’ll need

  • Hair Beader
  • Beads
  • Rubber bands

Step 1: Insert an array of beads of your own choice and in different combination into the beader tool. The bead you insert into the hair first will seat at the bottom of your braid.

Step 2: Add your braided hair into the loop of the beader and pull it through the beads present in the tool.

Step 3: Once you’ve pulled your braid into the beader, you want to clip the end of your braid by using elastic bands to secure and prevent the beads from falling.

And voila, you’re all set to rock your beaded plaits!

If you don’t have the hair tool, you can try out other alternative methods that might be a little hard for you to begin with. However, with practice, you can gradually master the skill of braiding your hair with beads in no time.

We’ve chosen another easier method that you’ll be comfortable with:

Method 2

You’ll need

  • Elastic Bands
  • Beads
  • Water Spray

Step 1: Braid your hair. If you’ve wide beads, make sure you make a thick braid whereas, for small narrow beads, a thin braid will do it.

Step 2: Twist the end of your braid.

Step 3: Spray the twisted end of the braid with water so that you can easily insert the beads through your hair.

Step 4: Slowly start inserting beads one by one and slide it to where you’d like it to sit. Secure your hair with an elastic band so that the beads stay in place.

Method 3

This method is by far the easiest method that only requires Aluminum foil. That’s right, you don’t need any tool for putting beads on the braid. Instead, you can make use of foil in your kitchen and use it as a tool.

You’ll need

  • Beads
  • Aluminum Foil

Step 1: Comb your hair to remove the tangles and braid your hair in sections.

Step 2: Once you’re done braiding your hair, wrap the ends of the braid with a small piece of Aluminum foil.

Step 3: Insert the beads over the aluminum foil.

Step 4: After successfully putting the beads, roll up the foil to make it into a ball so that the beads can stay in place.

Check The Following Video on How to Apply Beads in 3 Easy Ways

Trendy Braided Hairstyles with Beards

Now that you’re aware of the techniques, it’s about time that you should get some inspiration and try out 21 flawless braids with beads hairstyles that give the wow-factor.

1. Half-Up Braids + Beaded Fringe

braided ponytail with beads

Young girls who want to express their wild side can go for this look. Combine a plaited front fringe with a half-up hairstyle and add bright colored beads on the front creating a unique box braided look that will surely keep all the eyes on you.

2. Dark Red Magic

red braids with beads

Spice up those boring locks by entwining them while incorporating dark red extensions. The short braids bend around the face like a rounded bob. Finish off by adding wooden beads, hair cuffs, and wrapping thread around some strands for a bohemian appeal.

3. Braided Lob

blonde braids with beads

This braids with beads hairstyle idea is surely a trendsetter for 2024. African-American girls can for this chic lob by adding light blonde strands while braiding the hair to shoulder length with a center parting. The transparent and wooden beads on the ends take this look to another level.

4. Simple Side Part

side part braids with beads

There is no need to put much effort into styling the hair while recreating this look. Just opt for a simple side parting and plait the hair into jumbo braids using extensions if needed. The wooden beads, hair cuffs, and thread on random strands result in a carefree appeal.

5. Pop of Colors

braids with colorful beads

Here is another braids with beads hair idea for those who like to keep it colorful. Consider two shades of blonde hair extensions to achieve a highlighted effect on the braids while adding multi-colored beads at the ends. This lively look will surely turn around many heads.

6. Straight Back Cornrows

Fulani braids with beads

Cornrows are timeless and an ideal hairstyle to keep hair away from the face. Plait the hair into straight back cornrows falling on the shoulders. Jazz them up by adding transparent beads at the ends making them noticeable from a distance.

7. Box Braided Bob with Beads

braided bob with beads

Who says that you can’t accessorize your bob box braids with beads? This hairstyle looks effortlessly chic that can make you fall in love with your bob haircut forever. Cowrie shell beads will look perfect in one side of your hair.

8. Braided Bangs

braided bangs with beads

Inspired by Queen Cleopatra? Try out the braided bangs with beads and look classy. You can use a set of different beads for your front braids and let your hair fall over your shoulders.

9. Halo Braid and Beads

halo braid with beads

One of the versatile hairstyles that you shouldn’t miss on. Look like a princess with this simple yet gorgeous crown braid ornamented with beads. You can achieve this look with two simple braids and pile it on top of your head. Let a few of your side braids fall from each of the sides.

10. Braided Bun

top knot braided bun with beads

Channel your inner feminine power by tying up your hair into a top knot braided bun and spice up the look with funky colorful beads. For this look, you can use a few beads.

11. Pigtail Braids

double french braid with beads

Get some inspiration from Alicia Keys and let your hair do the talking. Add some golden bling to your braids with beads hairstyle, wear your favorite hoop earrings and feel beautiful.

12. Cornrow Braid with Beads

Style your braid on one side and dazzle your way with vibrant beads. This look doesn’t require beads to sit uniformly. Uneven beads will amp up the look.

13. High Braided Ponytail

Whip your hair back and forth by wearing a high braided ponytail and let your beads dangle. You can transform it into a high bun if you want to.

14. Bantu Knots with Beads

Tie up your hair into cute Bantu knots and add some beads to look chic. This beaded braid updo is perfect for every hair texture.

15. Bob Crochet Braid 

Look like a 90’s urban girl with crochet braids. Whether you’ve got short or long hair, you can easily pull off the look. The cuff beads will add a cherry on top.

16. Two Strand Twists with Beads

half tie braided hairstyles with beads

A simple yet casual braid hairstyle with beads that’s perfect for any occasion. You can achieve this look by half tying your hair and let the remaining part of your hair rest on your shoulders.

17. Faux Hawk Braid with Beads

One of the hottest hairstyles adorned on the hair of many celebrities on red-carpet.  Try out this iconic braids with beads style that will make you look drop-dead gorgeous and keep you in the spotlight.

18. Fulani Braids with Beads

A unique and fun hairstyle that allows you to braid your crown area.  Go for Fulani braids at the front and loose braids for the remaining section of your hair. Add beads to your braids to glam up the look.

19. Double Buns with Beads

Show off your braided space buns with this amazing and low-maintenance hairstyle. All you’ve to do is to part your hair into 4 sections, braid them and finally tie them into the two buns. You can add a few beads for a funky look.

20. Lemonade Braids

braided hairstyle with beads

Embrace and decorate your lemonade braids with beads. The beads weaved at the end of your hair will top off the look.

21. Beaded Spider Braids

swirl braids with beads

This edgy beaded braids hairdo is surely going to blow your mind away. If you’re looking for a bold yet flattering style, you can’t go wrong with swirl braids.

If you’re a person who wears braids on a daily basis, why not add some funky beads to compliment your look and make it your style statement? With these top braids with beads hairstyles, you’re guaranteed to look like a fashion diva on the ramp.